Let’s Chat About The Jo Malone London ‘Spring Blossoms’ Collection

jo malone london spring blossoms collection

Jo Malone London ‘Spring Blossoms’ Collection

My friends! Today I want to chat about the brand new Jo Malone London ‘Spring Blossoms’ Collection. This is a limited edition collection which is released every Spring / Summer and features a collection of bright, floral-filled, blossom inspired fragrances! Sometimes we see releases of much loved blossoms and others we meet new blossom varieties to fall in love with. This year Jo Malone have released a limited edition collection of Orange Blossom Home Fragrances, Omsanthus and Silk Blossom Colonges, as well as two brand new fragrances; Yuja Cologne and Waterlily cologne. Let’s discuss!

jo malone london spring blossoms collection

Jo Malone London ‘Yuja’ Cologne

Jo Malone London ‘Yuja’ Cologne is made up of notes of Yuja, Clary Sage and Fir Balsam. On first spritz this fragrance is green, herbaceous, resinous and pine filled. It’s fresh with bright citrus and green notes, and it’s truly stunning. However, on the dry down it totally changes direction and becomes more of an orange blossom-style fragrance with slightly sweet and addictive orange. The first mist is very different to the dry down, so if you love fragrances like Orange Blossom and Sweet Nectarine & Honey, I think you will love this one, it’s fruity, blossom-y, slightly sweet and really addictive. To me, Yuja feels like a more youthful fragrance, where as Waterlily feels a little more mature and elegant.

Jo Malone London ‘Waterlily’ Cologne

I adore Jo Malone London ‘Waterlily’ Cologne, this fragrance is right up my garden path! It is a divine blend of neroli, waterlily, jasmine and white musk. It has a real aquatic floral feel and reminds me of roses, jasmine, lily, violets and gardenia in water. It has a bit of a vintage twist and it’s truly divine. If you like fragrances like Red Roses, Wild Bluebells, Poppy & Barley and Vintage Gardenia, then I think you might like this one too! This could also make a potential wedding fragrance too… just saying!

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And there we have it! The Jo Malone London Spring Blossoms Collection! I hope you like and please remember this collection is limited edition and could sell out fast. Also, if you have any further questions, please do let me know, I’m always happy to help! This post contains affiliate links and press samples.

jo malone london spring blossoms collection