Fragrance: Eight & Bob ‘The Original’

eight and bob the original perfume fragrance review

Eight & Bob ‘The Original’

“Designed for both men and women alike, this classic scent is suitable for a modern-day aristocrat.  Rosy notes of Pink Pepper blended with the subtle spice of Cardamom and garnished with the zesty hint of Lemon, evoke a contemporary tone; while notes of Labdanum emit an intricacy reminiscent of the sweet, fruity, woody aromas of twentieth century Paris. Amber and Sandalwood undertones accentuate the warmth of this refined scent.” 

eight and bob the original perfume fragrance review


TOP NOTES: Cardamom, Lemon, Pink Pepper
HEART NOTES: Dried Wood, Labdanum, Violet Leaves
BASE NOTES: Amber, Sandalwood, Vetiver

Perfumer: Albert Fouquet

eight and bob the original perfume fragrance review

Eight & Bob ‘The Original’ Review

My friends, I’m back again and today I want to share a few thoughts on Eight & Bob ‘The Original’ with you all. As you might have guessed, I love a E&B; their fragrances are natural, fresh, elegant and high quality. They tend to be very easy to wear, refined and unique. Champs de Provence is one of the most wonderful mens fragrances you’ll ever fine and the fragrance made with and for Robert F Kennedy is also fabulous. Today we are chatting about ‘The Original’.

First of all, I have to chat about the packing, which is so fun and so unusual. It’s stored in a book, which a big perfume shaped hole cut out of the packages and inside the fragrance is stored, it’s a really fun and usual idea and actually, would look really nice on any bedside table or bedroom shelf. I also like the fact it’s mostly recyclable too!

As for the fragrance itself, Eight & Bob ‘The Original’ is a unisex perfume, however, I would say it feels a little more ‘feminine’ than ‘masculine’. On my skin, it’s a fresh, floral, powdery fragrance with a touch of sweetness, spice and woods. It opens with a wonderful burst of fresh lemon and pink pepper which is exciting, uplifting and also… tantalising! Which isn’t a word I generally use, but it’s an addictive and pleasing blend of spice, citrus and also something a little delicious and unusual like heliotrope. On the dry down, the woods, green notes and sweet violet emerges. The Labdanum is pine like, the violet leaves are green, powdery and sweet and the dried woods are warm and comforting. On the base is sandalwood which mixes with the dried woods, amber which mingles beautifully with the woods and violets and vetiver which adds to the green notes at the heart.

Together it’s a warm, woodsy, dry, slightly sweet, nostalgic, floral, delicately spicy fragrance. It’s soft but present; reminiscent but unique. It’s comforting and easy to wear, and somehow reminds me of fresh laundry, country gardens, vintage dresses, posies, antique furniture and herbal teas. It’s unlike any other fragrance I know and I absolutely love it, it’s perfect for summer, wonderfully fresh and lovely and generally a pleasure to wear. As for the quality of the ingredients… sublime!

Eight & Bob ‘The Original’ is out now and available from Eight & Bob and Look Fantastic. Also, if you do buy this or anything else from Look Fantastic, you can use the code BEAUTY10 for 10% off everything on site. This post contains affiliate links and press samples.

  eight and bob the original perfume fragrance review