Five Reasons Why I LOVE Fornasetti Candles

Fornasetti Candle review

Fornasetti Candle Review

Hello friends! Today I want to share a few reasons why I LOVE Fornasetti candles and do a little Fornasetti Candle review with you all! I hope it’s of help and if you are thinking of investing, I highly recommend it!!

The Fragrances REALLY Fill The Room

It’s true, the fragrances REALLY fill the room, especially fragrances like Flora, Bacio and Scimmie. But to be honest, they all pack a real punch, even with our big rooms and high ceilings – which trust me, not all candles can do that!

If They Are Good Enough For Sketch London…

I first discovered Fornasetti candles when I was in Sketch London, I was sat in the parlour having breakfast and there was a candle on the windowsill next to me. It smelt divine and looked stunning and that’s when I noticed they were dotted around the entire restaurant! I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE Sketch and their decor and food really is the creme de la creme! So if these candles are good enough for Sketch… they are good enough for me!


The World’s Most Beautiful Candles

There are a LOT of really beautiful candles out there, but it’s my opinion that Fornasetti Candles are amongst the most beautiful in the world. Fornasetti was a surrealist artist and so every time you buy a piece of Fornasetti, you truly are buying art. Which is probably why they make such great investments – we’ll chat more about that later! Anyway, these candles not only smell stunning but they are beautiful objects for any home and really do transform every shelfie or tabletop. Cluster a few or dot them around your home, either way, they look amazing in every home and there are designs to suit every colour scheme.

When You Are Done With The Candles You Can Reuse The Pots

I’ve chatted about this before, but when you have burnt down the wax, you can reuse your Fornasetti candle pots around your home. They make great trinket pots, food storage, plant pots and so much more. Hell, you can even use them to drink your herbal tea or store away your vitamin pills! The options are endless – read my post on 12 ways to reuse your fornasetti candle pots! You can also watch the video below…

The Pots Retain Their Value … & Even Become Investments!

Whilst Fornasetti candles are expensive, they are the only candles I know which are so luxurious and sought after that their pots are almost as valuable as the candles themselves. If you search on eBay, you will find the empty pots selling for almost as much as the new and full ones. In fact, some older designs go for more than the current collection. It’s wild! These pots are investments in their own right! So if you see a Fornasetti candle you adore and you need a little nudge to buy it, just remember that it’s actually a bit of an investment! Speaking of which, if you look at the prices of other items that Fornasetti make, like plates, vases, chairs, etc, the candles are relatively affordable!!

What does Fornasetti mean?

Fornasetti is the known name of surrealist artist Piero Fornasetti. His artwork was reimagined into candles, homewares and luxury design items by his family and the brand is sold worldwide in stores like Liberty, Harrods, Amara and Selfridges.

What are Fornasetti plates?

Fornasetti Plates are decorative wall plates emblazoned with his unique designs. Whilst they can be used to eat off, they are usually used to adorn walls and plate cabinets. Look out for the limited edition designs which can be very collectable! You attach them to the wall by hanging them off string rather than traditional wall mounts.

Are Fornasetti Candles Worth The Money?

Yes, Fornasetti candles are worth the money. They are one of the most expensive candles on the market, but the scents fill the room beautifully and the pots can be as valuable empty as they are filled with wax!

Why Are Fornasetti Candles So Expensive?

Fornasetti candles are expensive, but their candles are made from soy wax which is more expensive to produce than parafin waxes. They are also beautifully scented with high quality essential oils which are heavily packed into the wax so the scents really fill the room fast! Also the pots are incredible quality and objects of art themselves. They can be reused long after the wax has burnt and you can use them for many uses including in the kitchen to store teabags, in the bathroom to store cotton buds or even as very fancy plant pots!

Go Shopping

…And there we have it, my Fornasetti Candle review and five pretty great reasons why you should indulge!! Enjoy! Also this post contains affiliate links.