Daisy Jewellery Review

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Daisy Jewellery Review

My friends, I’m back again and today I want to do a Daisy Jewellery Review! I bought my first piece of Daisy Jewellery around 7 years ago now; a small, but adorable initial ring. It was so cute and I wore it LOADS. Since I got engaged I’ve worn it less as I have basically stopped wearing all my rings – except my Cartier Love Ring and engagement ring, but I still have it in my collection and I still think it’s adorable. Anyway, Since that first Daisy initial ring, I’ve added a few pieces to my collection and I consider myself a bit of a Daisy Jewellery fan. I especially love the Daisy X Estee Lalonde collection which I wrote about a while ago. Anyway, today I want to dive deep into Daisy and chat about their prices, quality, design and sustainability. Let’s chat!

daisy london initial ring review

Daisy London Rings

As I mentioned, my first ever piece of Daisy jewellery was a ring. It’s so cute and delicate but also very sturdy. It looks cute worn alone as well as layered up with other pieces of jewellery. It’s comfortable and super affordable, the only problem is, sometimes you have to be careful as the letter part of the ring, the initial, is a little pointy and I think I once laddered my tights on it – oops!! I also found myself wearing it more in the summer than winter as the K caught on my gloves. But y’all know I’m super clumsy, so it’s to be expected!! Anyway, great ring! Highly recommend, especially for a younger lady.

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Daisy London Bracelets

The Daisy bracelets are a great gift. The are cute worn alone or layered up and they come in oodles of designs and colours. They also fit every size wrist and are really comfortable to wear, especially if you are buying for someone who does a lot of typing. I don’t know about you guys, but bangles which clang around when I’m typing REALLY annoy me!! They are a cute fun gift which wear well, in fact, they get better with age as they get a bit of a ‘worn in’ look which is especially lovely. Again, these are more of a summer and younger look, so if that’s you, they are adorable!

Daisy X Estée Lalonde Jewellery t bar and sun shield necklace

Daisy London Necklaces

Finally, the part I’ve been the MOST excited about sharing!!! Necklaces!!!! For me, the best necklaces are in the Estee Lalonde collection! They REALLY killed this collection, it’s stunning!!! They are on their second season now and I just love the vintage, collectable style pieces which look stunning worn alone or layered up. They feel very retro, but also modern and honestly, I love mine SO much!!!! The quality is really beautiful, nice and chunky and the chains are thick enough not to get tangled up. I particularly love the Luna, sunburst and the t-bar pieces. The price points are a little higher compared to other pieces in the collection, but 100% worth it! Invest with confidence!! This collection is for a slightly older audience, the 70’s references are more appealing to a slightly older customer compared to the rings and bracelets, also, because there is more 925 silver in these pieces, the price points are higher too.

Daisy X Estée Lalonde Jewellery t bar and sun shield necklace labelsforlunch


One thing I love about Daisy is their commitment to using recycled silver. This is such an advantage to me and honestly, I wish more brands would do it. Because silver is a precious metal, it’s rare it’s thrown away as it can always be sold for scrap, but what’s the point of that if it’s not used. Daisy rework scrap silver and use it to make something which feels fresh, modern, new, lustrous and beautiful. You can buy it without feeling guilty and you would never know it’s made from recycled metal to look at it, it truly feels luxury. I’ve also noticed over the years that Daisy have changed their packaging to move it to a more sustainable place too, which I’m totally in favour of and actually, it looks and feels more lovely now than it did back in the day when it was less sustainable!

Go Shopping!

…And there we have it, just a quick Daisy London review! I hope this post is of help to you and if you have any questions, please do let me know!