Clean Reserve ‘White Fig & Bourbon’ Review

Clean Reserve 'White Fig & Bourbon' Review fragrance perfume niche

Clean Reserve ‘White Fig & Bourbon’

“Aromatically spiced. Richly textured. Light and deep notes come together in a complex play of opposites.”


Top Notes: Black Pepper, Dried Fruits, Italian Bergamot

Middle Notes: Red Tea, White Fig, Magnolia Blossom

Base Notes: Vetiver Bourbon, Papyrus, Cedarwood

Clean Reserve 'White Fig & Bourbon' Review fragrance perfume niche


My friends! Today I want to chat to you about Clean Reserve ‘White Fig & Bourbon’ from the Avant Garden collection. I love Clean Reserve for their fresh, clean, natural, sustainable fragrances, as well as their earth-friendly and fairtrade practices. Truly, a lot of brands could learn a lot from Clean Reserve! Anyway, today I want to deep dive into ‘White Fig & Bourbon’ from the Avant Garden collection, which is a little more rich, opulent and complex than their classic collection.

Clean Reserve ‘White Fig & Bourbon’ is a wonderfully contrasting fragrance. It combines boozy, sweet, spicy whisky, with fresh, clean, green, fruits and florals. With a dry down of woodsy, warm, dry, comforting accords of bourbon, vetiver and cedarwood. Unlike most whisky-based fragrances, Clean Reserve ‘White Fig & Bourbon’ is comparatively light and fresh; the bergamot, florals and fig lift the heavy whisky and it has the same translucent feel which a lot of Clean Reserve fragrances share, whilst still being an EDP. This is a whisky-based fragrance you could wear on a summers’ day, as well as a Winters’ evening, a rare treat! Speaking of which, this fragrance is much more ‘Bourbon’ than ‘Fig’, there’s is a hint of a green fig-iness to this fragrance, but instead of being obviously fig, it’s more of a hint of fig, alongside bergamot, florals and dried fruits. Funnily enough, I came for the fig and stayed for the whisky! However, if you are looking for a fragrance which has more dominant fig notes, I would love to recommend ‘Citron Fig’ which is truly a fresh, citrus-fig delight!

Anyway, it’s truly a wonderful whisky-based fragrance and if you love brands like Jo Malone and Atelier Cologne, then you must check out Clean Reserve, because their fragrances are wonderful. Clean, plucked-from-nature, beautifully blended and elegant. And if that doesn’t convince you, then just have a read up on all the amazing work they do to make sure their fragrances are sustainable and support the farmers they work with!

Clean Reserve ‘White Fig & Bourbon’ is out now and available from Space NK and priced at £129 for a 100ml. This post contains press samples and affiliate links. Also, you might want to read this fragrance about my fave Clean Reserve Fragrances!


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  1. August 5, 2020 / 10:09 am

    I loved the sueded oud scent from Clean Reserve! Need to look into the other scents x