The BEST Clean Reserve Fragrances!

Clean reserve smoked vetiver perfume

The BEST Clean Reserve Fragrances!

Hello Friends! Today I want to chat the the best Clean Reserve Fragrances and answer some frequently asked questions about the brand too! I’m a big Clean Reserve fan and I have a lot of love for their natural, fresh, sustainable fragrances, which is why, today I want to dig a little deeper into the brand! My friends, I think these are the BEST Clean Reserve Fragrances!

Clean Reserve ‘Citron Fig’

Clean Reserve ‘Citron Fig’ is the fragrance which really made me fall in love with the brand! This scent is a true summer stunner! Filled with zesty fresh notes of fig, ginger and lemon with a touch of cardamom, mint, cedarwood, sandalwood and musk. It’s a fresh, uplifting, clean, lemon-fig based fragrance which insights pure joy! I love this one and if you love fragrances like JML’s Lime Basil Mandarin, then please do try this one!

Clean Reserve ‘Sueded Oud’

I love Clean Reserve ‘Sueded Oud’ for it’s quiet, fresh, clean twist on oud. It’s deep, smokey and luxurious, but it has a lift and a freshness which I adore. A lot of oud fragrances can be quite rich and also hard, where as this one is more creamy and translucent. It’s the perfect oud for summer and it’s truly wonderful with it’s smoky accords, jasmine and a mix of accords which remind me of frankincense, musk and sandalwood.

Clean reserve citron fig perfume review

Clean Reserve ‘Smoked Vetiver’

Another fragrance I love is Clean Reserve ‘Smoked Vetiver’, which actually works really beautifully combined with ‘Sueded Oud’, if you like to fragrance layer. This smokey twist on vetiver contains notes of vetiver, myrrh and cedarwood and it’s dry, herbaceous, smooth, grassy and woodsy. It’s lighter and softer than fragrances like Miller Harris’s Vetiver Insolent or Roja’s Vetiver, which makes it perfect for a lighter, cleaner, more no-fragrance-fragrance wearer and if you do want to amp it  up for the evening, then combine it with ‘Sueded Oud’ for a bit more of a punch!

Clean Reserve ‘Sweetbriar & Moss’

I’m always a fan of rose based fragrances and Clean Reserve ‘Sweetbriar & Moss’ is truly wonderful. It contains notes of jasmine, rose, lychee, mandarin, amber, vetiver, moss and woods. It’s slightly more complex than some of the other Clean Reserve fragrances and also more expensive, but it’s truly worth the extra spend. Also within the Clean Reserve collection there is ‘Blonde Rose’, which is nice, but a but more of a white floral and I personally prefer the earthy rose greenness of ‘Sweetbriar & Moss’. Also, the other three fragrances could be categorised as unisex, where as this one is more feminine.

clean reserve perfumes best sweetbriar & moss review fragrance

What Is The Best Clean Fragrance?

It all depends on your taste, if you are looking for a very ‘no fragrance fragrance’ I would say check out Rain, which is soft aquatic and lovely. If you like something a little more feminine and opulent, the ‘Sweetbriar and Moss’ is wonderful and if you want something more zesty and uplifting, Citron Fig gets my vote! However, the collection is pretty vast these days, so the best thing to do is have a sniff around a store next time you are in town as you might unearth a fragrance you never considered!

clean reserve perfumes best sueded oud review fragrance

Is Clean Reserve Vegan?

Yes! Clean Reserve fragrances are 100% vegan and proud of it!

Is Clean Perfume Cruelty Free?

Again, Clean Reserve fragrances are 100% cruelty free.

Is Clean Reserve Sustainable?

Yes! Always! From their fragrance ingredients to their eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing. Also Clean fragrances are free from phthalates, artificial dyes, preservatives and gluten.

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…And there we have it, the best Clean Reserve fragrances, I hope you like and let me know if you have any favourites! Also, this post contains affiliate links and press samples.

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