Near Or Far, Celebrate Your Dad This Father’s Day! (Gift Guide)

le creuset mugs rainbow

 Near Or Far, Celebrate Your Dad This Father’s Day!

Hello friends! With Covid in the air, not all of us will be lucky enough to see our dads this Father’s Day. However, there’s still time to pop something in the post or hand deliver a little something-something to say ‘Thanks Dad!’. So today, here’s a Father’s Day gift guide… enjoy! Oh and I’m my experience, dads love a ‘useful’ consumable item, so some of these items are every day luxuries that he will enjoy using but might not seem like your typical gifts. But trust me, he’s into them! Ok! Let’s go!



My dad is forever in the garden, on dog walks, cleaning old farm yard machinery… yep! It’s a hobby of his! Anyway! He’s a bit fan of a nice hand wash and the ECOOKING hand washes are lovely! The branding is perfect for dad and there’s a classic version as well as an exfoliating version to choose from. Personally I love the exfoliating version! Also with the pandemic… a new hand wash never goes a miss!

muck boots muckmaster

Muck Boots

Forgive me for recommending these AGAIN but my dad is the biggest fan of these and wears them alllllll the time so they are always at the top of my list for birthday, Christmas or Father’s Day gifts! If you dad loves a dog walk, or a walk in the woods or outdoor pursuits, then trust me, the good old muckmaster Muck Boots are amazing!

one piece fathers day


This is truly one of those ‘don’t judge it till you try it’ gifts! I have one and I love it, my boyfriend has two Onepieces and he also loves and it and my dad always jokes he would also like one… so maybe now is the time! Alternatively, this fancy Hawaiian inspired short jumpsuit is fun too! 

bulldog skin care review affordable

Bulldog Skincare

Again! Apologies for shouting out Bulldog again! But what can I say! My dad, boyfriend and brother are all big fans and thanks to it’s super affordable prices and great quality natural ingredients, it’s a great gift for any dad this Father’s Day!

elemis bath soak

Elemis Bath Soak

This is one of my personal favourite bath products and guess how I discovered it? My boyfriend! That’s right! He had been using it for years and I discovered it via him! I love it so much I gave my mum and bottle and my dad ended up being a fan too! Who knew! It’s a deeply relaxing and soothing muscle soak and filled with botanicals! It’s truly the best! Perfect for dads who do sports, work long hours or just like a long soothing bath when no-one is looking!



I bought my first SpaceMask years ago and I was instantly hooked! I remember vividly being not-quite-ready for bed, the light was still on and I wasn’t even under the covers and I put a SpaceMask on and lay down on the bed. I woke up in the morning, cold, still wearing make up and the light still on! Such a fail but also such a testament to how well these work! I give a couple to my boyfriend every time he travels to Seattle for work and they are perfect for the flight and sorting out his jet lag when he arrives. If you dad travels with work… get him some!

Carolina Herrara ‘Bad Boy’ Perfume 

This fragrance is more than just a fancy bottle! It’s a sassy masculine fragrance filled with notes of bergamot, pink pepper, sage, tonka, cocoa and cedar wood. It’s one for the cool, young dads, rather than the older farmer-style dads, but Carolina Herrara ‘Bad Boy’ Perfume is really fun! This is the kind of fragrance you might buy for your partner on behalf of your children or in my case, on behalf of Gordon, our Black Lab! 

Barbour Top navy blue

Barbour Top

Another fail safe gift. A little Barbour! There’s oodles to choose from but personally I would recommend a polo top, belt or a cable knit jumper… actually that might not be very useful for a while! So stick with a top or belt! My dad wears these all the time and he loves them!

gillette razor limited edition razor

A Fancy New Razor 

The tag line and theme song we grew up singing was right, even after all these years, Gillette REALLY is ‘the best a man can get’ and all the men in my family use them. A new razor is a great gift as it’s the kind of item which get used a lot and replaced infrequently. Like I said, dad’s love a useful gift and I’m sure he will love a new razor, oh and the snazzy handle you see? That’s because it’s a limited edition 3D printed one from the Razor Maker range! It’s cool right?! And it comes in a gift box with five Fushion5 ProGlide blades. 


Kiehl’s Close Shavers Squadron Shave Relief Cream

To go with the fancy new razor, maybe a little post-shave cream! My dad has sensitive skin and I’ve heard amazing reviews of this, so I’m planning on giving it to him for Father’s Day along with the razor to see if it helps. I’ll report back and let you know how he gets on with it, but I’m confident it will be good because my boyfriend has seen great results with Kiehl’s skin care, so I’m excited about this Kiehl’s Close Shavers Squadron Shave Relief Cream.



For a more traditional spicy woodsy fragrance, DSQUARED2 ‘Wood’ is a great choice! It comes in three sizes, so there’s an option for every budget and it combines a blend of Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin, Cardamom, Ginger, Violet, Woods, Vetiver and Ambox. It’s a fragrance my boyfriend loves  this fragrance and it’s perfect for a more traditional dad who likes a spicy woodsy fragrance with a fresh twist! It’s truly lovely! 

le creuset mugs rainbow  fathers day gift guide

A New Mug 

The humble mug is always a great gift. Choose something lovely and luxe, not a ‘World’s Best Dad’ £2.99 job, no offence, it’s just he’ll probably never use it! My personal faves are Le Creuset mugs, I have the rainbow (and some extra shades!) and plenty of the espresso cups too. But if they aren’t your dad’s thing, then I would love to recommend Sophie Allport mugs too, which always go down well in our household! 

…And there we have it, my fathers day gift guide, I hope it’s of help! Right! I’m off to the post office to send my dad a little something something! Also, this post contains some press samples and some affiliate links. 


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