My Friends! It’s Time To Chat About Our May Favourites!

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My Friends! It’s Time To Chat About Our May Favourites!

May and early June have been kind of weird, am I right?! Lockdown is starting to feel a little more normal, but at the same time, the streets getting busier have made me feel really weird and nervous. Also, it’s been a hard month with the news, I have gone quiet on social media so that I can share the voices of others and retweet everything helpful and informative that I can. I’m trying to learn, I’m trying to understand and I’m trying to speak up, although I’m forever nervous of speaking for people and saying the wrong things. Anyway, these are my favourite things this month and I hope moving forward we can all learn.

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Favourite Podcasts

Since we are still in lockdown, I’m spending more time with my podcast friends than real friends… and when I say ‘podcast friends’ what I really mean is ‘podcast hosts who have no idea I exist but I’m fine with that’. Anyway, this month I have been very grateful to You Must Remember This, The Alarmist, Family Secrets, This Is Actually Happening, Lizard People, Endless Thread and The Bechtel Cast. If you need some podcast friends too… go subscribe!

Teapigs Cold Brew Flavours peach and mango review cold brew 2020

Teapigs Cold Brew

I blogged about these Teapig Cold Brews earlier this month, so forgive me for talking about these again, but man-oh-man, I LOVE these! Plus I’ve drunk loads more water this month which feels good! My favourite flavour is Apple & Cucumber and it’s SO refreshing and lovely!

Sudio Tolv Wireless Earbuds

Sudio Tolv Wireless Earbuds

As you might have noticed, I’m a podcast addict and I’m forever wearing headphones. I toyed with the idea of buying apple airpods (is that what they are called?!) for ages, but I always avoided it because I don’t personally think Apple have nailed their sound quality. So, anyway, I wanted wireless headphones for ages and I am absolutely obsessed with these super cute pink Sudio Tolv Wireless Earbuds. They are REALLY easy to use and set up and they charge in their little cases. I love them and I’m so happy with them!

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My Loft

This month I have been loving my loft! No really, it’s been a fun project getting boxes from the loft and clearing them out! When we packed up and moved here four years ago, we had SO much renovating to do that everything stayed in boxes and eventually we just shoved them up in the loft. I set myself a little project to try and sort through some of the boxes, especially of kitchenware and I’ve SO enjoyed finding all my colourful crockery and mugs.


Rainbow Fireplace

My rainbow fireplace has made me very happy this month! I blogged about it here, so I’m so sorry if you have seen it before, but it makes me so happy and I really love it, especially in the morning when the sun shines through all the glass. It’s really pleasing and cheerful!

Lumity Cleanser 4 in 1 cleanser

Lumity Cleanser

Skincare wise the product which has stuck out to me the most this month has to be the 4-in-1 Lumity cleanser. You can use it as a make up remover, cleanser, deep cleansing mask and exfoliator. It’s packed full of 31 botanicals and it slightly warms your skin as the botanicals start to work their magic. I’ve been using it a couple of times a week for a deep cleanse and exfoliate as I have fairly dry and sensitive skin, so it’s too much for me every night, plus it will last longer used less frequently and I absolutely love the super potent, super nourishing and super luxe. Stunning!

gordon the black labrador


Gordon is forever my favourite. When they say dogs are living their best life in lockdown… I agree. He is pretty happy, just roaming around the house, smiling away and of course, going for dog walks and always at our sides. I love Gordon so much.


I did a video of my recent empties… click above and have a watch!

casetify gem case

Casetify Gems Case

OMG! I almost forgot to mention my Casetify Gems Case! I have been eying up this case for a sweet time and I’m SO happy I have it! Truly, have you ever seen a more lovely phone case? Now I just need to choose the perfect Popsocket to put on it!!! Also, if you are new to Casetify, they make super strong and super pretty phone cases, they really are the best!!!

Roadside Wildflowers

Now that we are able to drive a little further, we have been driving 30 minutes out of Margate to the woods and it feels SO good to get out, drive in the car and see some new scenery! It’s a true joy! Last weekend, we were driving to one of our favourite walks and I said ‘STOP!!!!!’ because I spotted the most beautiful wildflowers on the side of the road and I wanted to take photos. Like all good instagram men he dutifully pulled over and let me take these photos.

oliver bonas phases of the moon print

This Pride Month, Please Watch…

This month is Pride month and I urge you to watch Paris Is Burning, even if you have seen it before, watch it again. It’s an amazing documentary and it’s so important. And when you are done, watch The Death & Life Of Marsha P Johnson. You can find both on Netflix.

And there we have it.. I hope this post is of help, let me know what your favourites and i hope you are all doing ok and looking after yourselves.



  1. June 11, 2020 / 10:27 am

    So much joy in one post! I love the Sudio earbuds too aren’t they good?!x

    • fashionforlunch
      June 11, 2020 / 11:13 am

      I literlly have them in my ears right now! i love them!!!!!

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