My Fornasetti Collection: Face Plates and Floral Candles

fornasetti face plates

My Fornasetti Favourites

My friends! I hope you are well and enjoying the sunny days! Today I want to share my favourite Fornasetti pieces with you all; from a fabulous diffuser Sphere, to face plates and beautiful floral scented candles in an array of sizes. I don’t smoke or drink, but I do buy Fornasetti! It’s a vice of mine and I LOVE it!! Anyway, today I wanted to share some of my favourites and tell you a little about why I love them so much! I also have a fun youtube video embedded, which I would love for you to watch!

fornasetti face plates

Fornasetti Face Plates

First up, I have to talk about the iconic Fornasetti Face Plates! I love these so much and with over 300 designs to choose from, narrowing down your favourites can be really hard! I have two and I’m desperate to buy more! I intended to hang these on my kitchen wall, but I realised after we finished the kitchen, I would need plenty more for them to really have the impact I want. So for now, they are stored in boxes until I buy the other four I need to display them. They are beautiful plates with a stunning print quality and super cool designs. there’s two small holes on the back of the plates where you can thread string to hang them from – so much nicer than the wire plate hooks. My favourite is the one above, Lina dressed as a deep sea diver. The other one is really fun too, in a much cheekier way! At £125 a pop, I need to save up before I buy the other 4, but when I do, they will look amazing in my kitchen!!!

fornasetti owl candle

Floral Candles

I have a big ol’ array of Fornasetti candles and I absolutely love them! Whilst there’s a selection of fragrances to choose from, I nearly always go for the Flora which is a beautiful blend of opulent lily of the valley, jasmine, tuberose & sandalwood. Design-wise, I never tire of the classic colourful floral face design which I think suits my home the best. I know others love the darker, more burlesque and surrealist designs, but I love delicate flowers and her pretty face. It’s a match made in heaven as these designs often come in the Flora scent, which suits me just fine!

Once you have burnt the candles down, you can reuse the pots to plant up cacti, store matches away, teabags, salt, sugar, hair clips… you name it! They are super handy to have around! I actually wrote a blog post about it here. Scent wise, if you are looking for something a little more deep, dark and smokey, then look out for the Regalo, which is notes of thyme, lavender, cedarwood, incense, birch, labdanum and if you love something a little more fresh and green, then the Giardino Segreto fragrance.

It’s my opinion that Fornasetti candles should be chosen as much for the wax scent, as the beautiful pot and vice versa. So choose carefully, they are beautiful ornaments and wonderful keep sakes. Also, I know they are a little more expensive than other luxury candles, but once burnt down, the pots are an ornament forever and if you decide you don’t want the pots, sell them empty on ebay, they can fetch a pretty hefty price!!

Watch My Fornasetti Collection Video!

Go Shopping!

And there we have it, my favourite Fornasetti pieces; face plates and flora candles! This post contains some press samples and affiliate links. As always, feel free to ask me any questions!