My FIVE Favourite Pieces Of Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

vivienne westwood oat leaf necklace

My FIVE Favourite Pieces Of Vivienne Westwood Jewellery

Hello friends, today I wanted to share a quick post about my FIVE Favourite Pieces Of Vivienne Westwood Jewellery and answer a few frequently asked questions and the jewellery and it’s quality. I bought most of my Vivienne Westwood jewellery around 8-10 years ago, so a lot of the pieces I’m sharing have been long since discontinued, which makes them even more special to me! Oh and I also made a video sharing everything and my thoughts on each piece, so do give it a watch and hit subscribe on my YouTube Channel! Anyway, let’s chat all things Vivienne Westwood jewellery!

Vivienne Westwood Watch Sacred Heart Necklace

I almost didn’t buy this necklace as I remember it being fairly expensive, around £230, maybe a little more. But eventually I bit the bullet and went for it and I’m SO glad I did! I love this necklace and I’ve worn it so much over the years! It has a little tarnish on the bow part of the necklace, but you have to look super closely to see it and honestly, consider it’s around 10 years old and heavily worn, it’s looking AMAZING! I love this necklace and it’s great for Summer or Winter and looks lovely with pretty much every outfit. It’s a necklace which always gets a lot of compliments and even though I do need to get the watch battery changed, I still love wearing it. It’s just such a pretty and special necklace! I’m so glad I bought it all those years ago and I’ve never seen anything similar to it, which again, makes this necklace even more special to me!

Vivienne westwood apple brooch

Vivienne Westwood Apple Brooch

I LOVE this brooch, I bought it forever ago and if I remember rightly, there was a strawberry and a banana in the collection also. I only bought the apple, but I’ve spent the last 8 years wishing I bought the banana too! I love the playfulness of this brooch and the different shades of green crystals. It’s a super cheerful brooch for the summer and I love wearing it! Also, considering it’s around 8 years old, it still looks incredible! It has not a shred of tarnish on it and all crystals are in perfect place too! It’s just such a great brooch and I really do hope that one day I find the banana too! It’s been a long ol’ time, but if my memory serves, it cost around £65, which feels like an absolute bargain!

vivienne westwood heart orb brooch safety pin

Vivienne Westwood Safety Pin Orb Brooch

When I was at university there was a girl on my course who had a VW necklace with a safety pin orb. It was her prized possession and I was always not-so-secretly swooning over it! I always knew I wanted something with the safety pin orb and when this style was released I bought both the brooch and the necklace. I ended up selling the necklace because I found it flipped a lot and I never found it that comfortable. I never regretted selling the necklace, but I’m so glad I kept the brooch as I’ve worn it loads and always really loved it! I’m not usually a fan of purple and whilst I would have preferred a classic circle orb over the sacred heart, I still love this one so so so much! If I remember rightly it cost around £80 around 8 years ago.

vivienne westwood oat leaf necklace

Vivienne Westwood Oak Leaf Necklace

Much like I only wear the apple brooch in the summer, I only wear the Vivienne Westwood Oak Leaf Necklace in the Autumn and Winter. I love the chunkiness of the necklace and the bright, matte gold. Also the acorn is actually made of wood which is a really fun detail and around the edge of the acorn it says ‘Touch Wood’ which is kind of funny. It’s a fairly mid-to-long style necklace which looks super cute with a chunky knit and vintage style dress. I feel like this necklace was fairly cheap for it’s statement-ness, maybe around £85 to £110, I wish I could remember! I have never seen another one like it though and I am so happy I bought it all those years ago!

vivienne westwood pearl necklace watch pendant heart bone rings review

Bone Ring

I actually have two Bone Rings, which is crazy, but my favourite by far is the square bone ring. It’s made up of 4 little bones, joined together in a square and even though it doesn’t look comfortable, it really is! I’ve worn this ring SO many times over the years and I still love it so much! When I first got the ring, I lost a crystal VERY quickly and the girl in the shop was being funny about helping me and eventually I got bored and just wore it with the missing crystal facing the back. But I don’t mind to be honest, it’s not that obvious and I still love this ring so much! I think I got this ring around 10 years ago and if I remember rightly, it cost around £180, which felt like a lot at the time, but price per wear, it’s a winner! Also, this ring came with and without crystals, but I have the crystal version. I think it’s a fairly hard style to find, but it might be something which comes up once in a blue moon on the pre-loved market. Oh and I got the size S ring, which is unusual for me, I usually got the VW rings in a M, but I guess with it being a square you get a little more space at the edges.

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Is Vivienne Westwood Jewellery real silver?

In my experience, some Vivienne Westwood jewellery is real silver, mainly the rings and the odd necklace, but most of it is brass with rhodium plate. Rhodium is a really high quality metal so as you can see my jewellery still looks amazing quality and condition even after around 10 years and it is nickel free. The pieces which are real silver are hallmarked with the VW hallmark, so do look out for that, but in my experience, most of the necklaces are not silver and most of the rings are. The earrings are generally not real silver either, nor are the brooches. All of it is great quality and will last for a very long time if you look after it!

Do Vivienne Westwood Necklaces Tarnish?

In my experience, Vivienne westwood make great quality costume jewellery. Every piece you can see in this post is around 8-10 years old and there is only a tiny amount of tarnish on the one necklace which I wore all the time. However, I would advise you to look after your jewellery, I wore my rings in the shower, but none of the other pieces and I wouldn’t wear it in humid climates or to the beach either as salt water and high humidity is the worst for costume jewellery. Also, if I know I won’t be wearing an item for a while, I might put it in a small sealed jewellery bag to keep it extra safe.

How can you tell fake Vivienne Westwood jewellery?

In my opinion, fake Vivienne Westwood jewellery is one of the easiest to spot. The orbs tend to be a slightly ‘off’ shape, the pieces often look tarnished, the crystals will look a bit cheap and not quality the right size and they will generally lack the finer details and the look of quality. Also, if the fake jewellery comes in a box – which it often does, you will see the logo isn’t quite the right font either. I’ve noticed there is a LOT of fake Vivienne Westwood jewellery on eBay and if you do see something which you are not sure about, feel free to DM me on instagram and I will let you know what I think of it. I’m not an ‘expert’ not have I worked for the brand, but I am very knowledgeable of the brand and I own enough VW jewellery to be able to spot the real from the fake! I’m @labelsforlunch if you need me!

Generally I would advise you to look closely to see if the orb and logo look right, or if they look a bit ‘off’ and I would also see if there are any missing crystals, bad tarnishing or just general look of ‘cheapness’. True Vivienne Westwood jewellery doesn’t look ‘bling’ it looks well made and quality.

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I hope you like this post, if you have any questions, please do let me know! Also, this post contains affiliate links.

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