Let’s Chat June Favourites!

birthday biscuit

Let’s Chat June Favourites!

My friends! It’s June! How are you doing? This month it was my birthday, it was nice, but let’s be honest, it’s weird having a lockdown birthday!!! Anyway, lockdown is easing, things are slowly getting back to normal, but it’s still a weird ol’ time.

pink drawers upcycling project pink door london face furniture


This month I have been loving ‘The Alarmist’ which is a GREAT podcast, part history, part comedy and a lot of fun. I’ve also been loving ‘The Bechdale Cast’, which is a really great feminist film podcast. Aside from that, I have also been loving the two part series on Britney Murphy on ‘Spinsterhood’ and ‘This is actually happening’ is always worth a listen too!

Kiehl's X 'Just Like Us' Charity

Kiehl’s X ‘Just Like Us’ Charity

This year sees Kiehl’s join forces with Just Like Us charity. Just Like Us are an LGBTQ+ charity who work with young people. This year they will be pledging £20,000 to support their work. Look out for the limited edition pots of their iconic Ultra Face Cream.


Lavender & Lillie Candle

This month a Lavender & Lillie Candle dropped through my letterbox and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!! I adore the beautifully designed pot and fancy lid, but it’s the smokey, leathery, woodsy fragrance which really got me hooked! It’s inspired by Tanzania; Mysterious, exotic, earthy and smokey. It’s truly wonderful!


Sachajuan Hair Care

My kind friends at Sachajuan Hair Care sent me a top up of my favourite Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner and I’m SO grateful because this hair care is honestly the best!!!! If you are looking for a great hair care range to dive deep into, I cannot recommend Sachajuan enough! Both me and my mum are obsessed with it!

Counting Down The Days…

I’m truly counting down the days until I can reopen my Airbnb, it’s been closed for MONTHS thanks to COVID. I’ve missed having guests and if truth be told, I’ve missed the income because I’m freelance and I’ve not had much work lately – let’s be honest, none of us have! So I can’t wait to greet guests again like the good ol’ days!!

Galaxy Brownies

Galaxy Brownies

This month I worked with Galaxy on their amazing brownie mix! It’s safe to say, I’m obsessed and I’ve had SO much fun making their super easy brownies and customising them with my own extra treats. They taste SO much better than any brownies I could make from scratch and they are super fun and fast to do! I can’t wait to make my next batch and see what I put in them next time… I’m thinking chunks of Mars Bars and pecans! Trust me, it’s SO much fun!!! (PS. It was an ad, but this isn’t part of the campaign, I’ve been hooked on pimping their brownies!)

Kavel rafferty print artist

Kavel Rafferty Art Print

This month, local artist Kavel Rafferty gave me this stunning astrology themed Art Print. I love it so much! It’s perfect for my office and it’s so bright and beautiful!

le creuset mugs rainbow

Coffee… Coffee… Coffee…

Every single day I feel SO grateful we invested in a Nespresso Machine last christmas, it’s honestly one of the best things we have ever bought and it’s given me SO much joy. Especially during lockdown. I have my oat ‘milk’, honey and pods and it’s the dream team for lifting me up every day!! Thank God for coffee and coffee machines!!!

gordon the black labrador


Gordon is always my favourite!

And there we have it! My June faves, I’m so sorry it’s a little shorter this month, it’s felt a little like groundhog day this month if I’m honest!