TEN Best Jo Malone Fragrances For Men!

FIVE Best Jo Malone Fragrances For Men

Best Jo Malone Fragrances For Men

Hello friends! Today I want to share my ten BEST Jo Malone Fragrances for men with you all. As you might know, I’m a HUGE Jo Malone London fan and I’m often asked which is my favourite (Red Roses) as well as which fragrances last the best (see this post) and recently I was asked which is my favourite for men and that’s when I realised… I’ve never EVER talked about my favourite Jo Malone fragrances for men. So today, I’m going to do a deep dive with my top ten recommendations, however, please do remember, all Jo Malone fragrances are unisex, so if you spot your favourite here, don’t worry, you haven’t been wearing the wrong fragrance! Also, I’ve tried to mix them up and find something for every palette, I hope it helps! Let’s go!

TEN Best Jo Malone Fragrances For Men

Jo Malone ‘Grapefruit’

Jo Malone ‘Pomegranate Noir’

Jo Malone ‘Amber & Lavender’

Jo Malone ‘Wild Fig & Cassis’

Jo Malone ‘Wood Sage & Sea Salt’

Jo Malone ‘Myrrh & Tonka’

Jo Malone ‘Whisky & Cedarwood’

Jo Malone ‘154’

Jo Malone ‘Black Cedarwood & Juniper’

Jo Malone ‘Amber & Patchouli’

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What’s So Special About Them?

Jo Malone ‘Grapefruit’: This cologne features notes of grapefruit, rosemary and moss. It’s inspired the grapefruit groves of the Spanish coast. It’s fresh, tangy, citrus based and uplifting. If you like Jo Malone’s iconic Lime Basil Mandarin but you want something a little less ‘known’, then this citrus beauty could be the fragrance for you! I think it’s massively underrated and it combines beautifully with LBM and Wood Sage & Sea Salt if you want to give it a little extra depth. A lovely for men as it is for women, it’s known to be a fragrance Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, combined with the classic Lime Basil Mandarin. It’s a truly unisex fragrance.

Jo Malone ‘Pomegranate Noir’: Both fruity and sexy, this fragrance is dark, juicy, rich and exciting. It contains notes of pomegranate, lily and guaiacwood. One of my personal favourites from the entire Jo Malone collection and a huge favourite of my boyfriend’s too. If you like heavier, more intense fragrances which are a little more daring and sensual, then this is the one for you! It’s probably the most loved Jo Malone fragrance for men and a great one for sharing between partners too.

Jo Malone ‘Amber & Lavender’: A classic male fragrance and the only one of the fragrance I would classify as male rather than unisex. This refined favourite of the collection includes notes of petitgrain, lavender and amber. My boyfriend loves this one, but possibly my least favourite of the edit, probably because it’s the only one I can’t share. It’s masculine, elegant and classic.

Jo Malone ‘Wild Fig & Cassis’: This online exclusive was recently re-released and I’m SO happy! My boyfriend and I used to share a bottle of this fragrance and I’m itching to buy a new bottle. It contains ‘green’ notes of wild fig, pine and musk. It’s juicy with cassis and green with fig. A wonderfully warm, Tuscan inspired fragrance which is a true summer delight.

Jo Malone ‘Wood Sage & Sea Salt’: Inspired by the British Coast, this windswept, mineral based, soft woodsy fragrance is a favourite with the super chic ‘no fragrance fragrance’ wearers. It contains notes of ambrette seeds, sea salt and sage. It’s fresh, aquatic, coastal and breezy. Truly unique and a wonderful fragrance to combine with others in the collection to add a slightly salty note. This is a fragrance for a man who likes a very subtle, natural and aquatic fragrance.

Jo Malone ‘Myrrh & Tonka’: Another favourite of mine, a stunning dark and mysterious fragrance from the Cologne Intense collection. It features notes of lavender, myrrh and tonka bean with accents of vanilla and almond to give it a really addictive, sensual quality.

Jo Malone ‘Whisky & Cedarwood’: Part of the Huntsman collection. A boozy, dark and sexy fragrance featuring accords of whisky, pimento and cedarwood. This is a fragrance for a man who likes a power scent.

Jo Malone ‘154’: This fragrance is named after the building number of the first ever Jo Malone boutique in London. An iconic masculine fragrance of the brand featuring notes of mandarin, grapefruit, lavender, basil, nutmeg and vetiver. It’s a fragrance which is loved by many, but not spoken about as often as it deserves to be.

Jo Malone ‘Black Cedarwood & Juniper’: Originally released as part of the London Rain collection, this mysterious aquatic fragrance is woodsy, fresh and slightly spicy. Contains notes of cumin, juniper and cedarwood.

Jo Malone ‘Amber & Patchouli’: Another fragrance from the Huntsman collection; strong, sensual and heady. Featuring notes of sensual, smooth and addictive amber, patchouli and suede accords. This is a fragrance for a man who likes a power scent.

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Why Is Jo Malone So Expensive?

This is something I’ve been asked a lot of times and it’s time to chat! As we all know, perfumes are a luxury item and if you make high quality fragrances like Jo Malone do, they usually take years to create and are manufactured using super high quality ingredients. Jo Malone use natural and fresh ingredients which is why your perfumes smell so incredibly wonderful, but these do come at a cost. Compared to some designer brands who use cheaper, synthetic ingredients, with Jo Malone you are actually getting far better value for money than you do with other fragrance brands. I hope that helps!

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Go Shopping!

And there we have it! The 5 best Jo Malone Fragrances for men, I hope this video is of help! If you have any questions, please do let me know, I’m always up for a perfume chat! Also, this post includes affiliate links.


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