Best Jo Malone Candles, Perfumes & Fragrance Combinations

Jo Malone London 'Lime Basil Mandarin'  perfume fragrance review summer 2019 50ml bottle

Best Jo Malone Candles, Perfumes & Fragrance Combinations

My friends! Today I want to chat about the best Jo Malone Candles, perfumes and fragrance combinations. I also wanted to share some of my top tips for buying Jo Malone as a gift! As you might have guessed, I’m a HUGE Jo Malone fan and nothing thrills me more than discussing the best items in the collection… shall we do this?!

Jo Malone London White Lilac & Rhubarb Charity Candle

Best Jo Malone Candles

Candles are perfect for soothing the soul, amplifying bath time, creating a dinner time mood and generally just making you feel luxe-y and upgrading your every day life. Jo Malone have some wonderful candles for every occasion and below I share ten of the best!

Personally, If I want something uplifting for the day time I love Lime Basil & Mandarin, it’s also perfect for the office. If I want something a little more evening-time and soothing, I love Oud & Bergamot. The Peony & Moss Charity Candle is a wonderful gift as it’s in a special pot and a huge portion of the money goes to charity. Also, shout out to Green Tomato Leaf which is a limited edition candle, which isn’t always available, but it’s SO good when it is! As for the christmas period, it’s a tough decision, but Roasted Chestnut is really special!

Lime Basil & Mandarin

Pomegranate Noir

Velvet Rose & Oud

Oud & Bergamot

Peony & Moss Charity Candle

Dark Amber & Gingerlily

Blackberry & Bay

Green Tomato Leaf – Limited Edition

Pine & Eucalyptus – Christmas Limited Edition

Roasted Chestnut – Christmas Limited Edition

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Best Jo Malone Perfumes

OK! Let’s chat perfumes! For me, I love wearing Red Roses, I think that’s my all time favourite for it’s luxe-y velvety yet fresh roses. I also adore Pomegranate Noir for something a little more unisex and evening time. Whilst I never wear Wood Sage & Sea Salt alone, it’s a great combiner for making your fragrance a little more coastal and salty. It literally goes with every fragrance and smells divine! As for the cologne intense collection, Oud & Bergamot and Dark Amber & Gingerlily are my two favourites! Both are fabulous! I also adore Poppy & Barley for it’s dry, grassy, earthy floral accords.

Lime Basil & Mandarin

Pomegranate Noir

Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Dark Amber & Gingerlily

Red Roses

English Pear & Freesia

Oud & Bergamot

Myrrh & Tonka

Poppy & Barley

Wild Fig & Cassis

jo malone london 'Bronze Wood & Leather' Cologne

Best Jo Malone Gifts

I LOVE buying Jo Malone as a gift, it’s really such a treat for everyone! If I’m looking for a cute stocking filler or token gift, a soap is wonderful as it smells amazing and it comes in a cute paper wrapper and costs around £12. The candles are an amazing gift and feel REALLY special. And the bath & body items make really lovely gifts too as they are less personal than a cologne. However, if I am choosing a cologne as a gift, I generally play it safe with a universally loved fragrance like English Pear & Freesia or Peony & Blush Suede. I feel like I can be more adventurous when I choose bath & body gifts rather than cologne gifts… is that just me?

English Pear & Freesia Cologne – Best Joyful Fragrance

Lime Basil & Mandarin Soap – Most Affordable

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne – For Men

Pomegranate Noir Candle – Best For Home

Peony & Blush Suede Cologne – For Younger Women

Red Roses Bath Oil – Most Luxurious

Earl Grey & Cucumber Hand & Body Wash – Best For Cooks

Blackberry & Bay Shower Oil – Affordable & Joyful

Orange Blossom Cologne – Best For Brides

Oud & Bergamot Candle – Stunning For Home

PS. Don’t forget that candles and colognes can be personalised!

Perfume Jo Malone London White Moss & Snowdrop christmas 2018 fragrance review

Jo Malone Best For Brides

I’m going to do a big post on this soon, but here are my top 10 JML fragrances for brides. I’ve picked out fragrances which feel really special, and of course, uplifting, floral and a touch sensual. Personally I love Red Roses because it’s so joyful and also romantic, but to make it a little more special, I might combine it with Wild Bluebells, so it doesn’t feel like my usual perfume, but a twist on my usual. But also fragrances like Orange Blossom, Vintage Gardenia and Dark Amber & Gingerlily are all super special and stunning worn alone or layered up with other fragrances from the collection. Again, to keep things simple, you could combine all three with Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

Orange Blossom

English Pear & Freesia

Velvet Rose & Oud

Red Roses

Dark Amber & Gingerlily

Vintage Gardenia

Wild Bluebell

Honeysuckle & Davana

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold

Peony & Blush Suede

Jo Malone London ‘Wild flowers & Weeds’ Collection

Jo Malone Best For Men

I wrote a full Best Jo Malone For Men Fragrance Post a few weeks ago, which I would encourage you to read. My boyfriend LOVES Pomegranate Noir for it’s dark fruity joy, Wild Fig & Cassis is also stunning for the men and Wood Sage & Sea Salt is amazing for men who like something a little more aquatic.


Pomegranate Noir

Amber & Lavender

Wild Fig & Cassis

Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Myrrh & Tonka

Whisky & Cedarwood


Black Cedarwood & Juniper

Amber & Patchouli

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Jo Malone London 'Blossoms Collection'  'Frangipani Flower' Collection perfume 2019 new release fragrance review

Best Jo Malone Fragrance Combinations

Finally, I would love to chat about Fragrance Combining! I LOVE playing perfumer and the best thing about Jo Malone is that pretty much all the fragrances in the collection work with each other. I’m yet to find a combination which doesn’t combine well! I love being creative with perfume, it’s so much fun, but also, it can make a fragrance a little deeper, richer, warmer, fresher, long lasting… whatever you fancy!

Also, if you are a lover of one of the more popular Jo Malone fragrances and you want to make it a little more unique for you, combining it with another fragrance in the collection is a great way to do that. For instance, I love Lime Basil Mandarin but it’s SUCH an obvious fragrance that I worry it’s too well known, so I like to combine it with grapefruit, Wood Sage & Sea Salt or Blackberry & Bay to make it a little more bespoke to me! It’s just a really fun way to be creative with your perfume! Anyway, here are some great fragrance combinations! Create your own Fragrance Combination.

Opulent: Mimosa & Cardamom + Peony & Blush Suede

Tantalising:  Lime Basil & Mandarin + Pomegranate Noir

Warm: Wood Sage & Sea Salt + Dark Amber & Ginger Lily

Zesty: Lime Basil Mandarin + Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Spicy Floral: Red Roses + Mimosa & Cardamom

Lively: Grapefruit + Beil & Neroli

Coastal Wildflowers:  Poppy & Barley + Wood Sage & Sea Salt

For Men: Amber & Lavender + Oud & Bergamot

Fruity: Blackberry & Bay + Lime Basil Mandarin

Sensual: Velvet Rose & Oud + Pomegranate Noir

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My friends! There we have it! I hope this post was of help! these are the best Best Jo Malone Candles, fragrances, gifts and fragrance combinations! I hope it’s of help and if you have any questions, please do let me know! Also, this post combines some gifts and some affilate links.

Go Shopping!


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