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How To Post To LikeToKnow.It

Hello friends, today I want to share a quick post with you on How To Post To LikeToKnow.It. Back when RewardStyle launched LikeToKnow.It, it was a tool to help monetise your Instagram. You would post a picture to Instagram, tag the products via LikeToKnow.It. and then when your followers would ‘Like’ the Instagram picture, they would get an email to their inbox with the ready-to-shop links for the products you had posted about (providing they had signed up to receive the notifications of course!). Fast forward a couple of years and Instagram disabled the ability to do this and so RewardStyle created the LikeToKnow.It app so you could follow your favourite influencers on the app and shop their looks via a new app. It was easier than ever to use! However, I have found a lot of bloggers I know have struggled to figure out how to post to LikeToKnow.It, now that it’s all changed. So today, I thought I would explain and do a step-by-step guide to How To Post On LikeToKnow.It. I hope you enjoy this RewardStyle tutorial and make sure you subscribe for more!

Sign Up To RewardStyle, Download The LikeToKnow.It App

First things first, you can only post to LikeToKnow.It if you are an influencer and a member of reward style. So head over to the RewardStyle website and register to be an influencer. If you need referring, let me know and I will refer you – feel free to DM me on instagram, I’m @labelsforlunch. Also, you might want to read this post.

If you are already a member of RewardStyle, then make sure you have both the LikeToKnow.It and the RewardStyle apps downloaded onto your phone. These are BOTH essential for posting to LikeToKnow.It. Done it? Ok, now here’s how to post to LikeToKnow.It!

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LikeToKnow.It Tutorial

Now that you have the LikeToKnow.It and RewardStyle apps, you need to edit your photo exactly how you want to share it.

On the RewardStyle App, find your product(s) that you want to share and save them into a favourites folder.

On the RewardStyle App, tap the middle icon which features the heart.

Select ‘Enable A New Image’ and select the pre-edited image you want to share.

Select pre-saved shopping icon in your favourites folder and click ‘add’.

Click the green tick in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Click ‘Next’, again in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Write a caption and try to naturally fit in a few key words.

Then click the ‘Enabled link’, ‘#Liketkit’ and ‘@liketoknowit’ boxes below the caption box.

Click the ‘#’ box and select up to three relevant hashtags

Click the ‘@’ box and select any relevant @’s

Click the final box to include a pre-written call-to-action in your caption.

Click ‘Next’ in the top right hand corner.

Click ‘Enable’ Image on the bottom right hand corner of the screen and YOU ARE DONE!

Head over to the LikeToKnow.It app (make sure you are following yourself!) and you should be able to see your newly posted LikeToKnow.It post!

Congratulations! You just posted to LikeToKnow.It! 

I hope this post was of help! If you have any questions for me, please do let me know and if you would like to watch my video with screen grabs inserted, so you can do it with me step-by-step, just click play below!! Also, whilst I have your attention, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more LikeToKnow.It tutorials and videos!

Press PLAY!

How do I find my products on RewardStyle?

The search function on the RewardStyle website can be really tricky, but there is a MUCH easier way to find your products to share your affiliate links. That’s with Link Ninja. Simply download the plug in onto your browser tool bar and as you find an item you link online, click the link ninja button and the link will magically appear where you can copy it. I posted a tutorial on YouTube, press play below!

How many followers do you need for like to know it?

Honestly, RewardStyle and are less focused on your follower numbers and more interested in your quality of content and constancy. I have referred users who have less than 5,000 followers on instagram but they have stunning content and they have been instantly accepted. They do ask that your audience is growing, your imagery is strong and you have been posting consistently good content for at least 4 months.

Is Amazon on RewardStyle?

Yes, you can get your Amazon links via RewardStyle, however, you won’t be able to access Amazon links until a few weeks after you sign up to Rewardstyle. Also Amazon have a shorter cookie period than the other brands listed on RewardStyle.



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