Spark Joy: I Made A Rainbow In Our Kitchen

I Made A Rainbow In Our Kitchen

Hello friends, today I thought I would share a little something-something which has made me very happy lately… our kitchen fireplace! Up until about a month ago, this corner of our kitchen was looking tasteful. I had a lovely arrangement of antiques, long tapered candles and plants quietly arranged on the shelf. It looked nice. Simple. Chic. Grown up. And then lockdown happened and I needed to have a little more fun! I hope you like this post and please do let me know if you have any fun rainbow kitchen ideas!

Who Needs Tasteful At A Time Like This?!

So, I took pretty much everything off except the candles, fish and green glass tray and I got to work rummaging around our house looking for anything rainbow coloured and in particular, anything which was a coloured glass. I really wanted as much coloured glass as possible as the fireplace Is fairly near two huge windows and I really wanted the light to shine through the glass for a little extra joy. It probably took around 40 minutes to complete and then a few days later I added a few extra items in and shuffled it around a little more. But here is the end result. It’s a mix of new and vintage things, all of which I already had in other places around my house. But I really love the result. It’s cheerful and fun and it’s exactly what I needed to see in my kitchen right now!

Something Old, Something New

If you look closely you might see one of the glass jars is an old diffuser pot from Crabtree, but I turned it the other way around and I thought it looked cute! The little blue glass bottle is an old NYR hand wash bottle, again with the logo facing towards the wall. The orange Le Creuset pot use to house our wooden spoons and the fruit shaped jugs were little treasures I found in the loft because I have been trying to sort out the overstuffed storage recently. Oh and it turns out I have basically no purple in my whole house, so I put a Le Creuset purple mug in the mix. What can I say… we are in lockdown and sometimes you just have to make a rainbow out of whatever you have lying around!

Go Shopping!

Anyway, that’s my post, it’s just a quickie, but I wanted to share this little corner with you all and if you are feeling a bit bored and lacking, I can’t recommend doing something dumb like this to lift your spirits! Have a rummage through your loft, rearrange your shelves and try to spark a little joy wherever you can with whatever you have. Also, I think I was subconsciously inspired by Elsie’s rainbow glass nook, which you can see if you click the link! Also this post contains some affiliate links.


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  1. May 19, 2020 / 10:48 am

    This is just pure JOY!!! I love your kitchen and all your treasures so much!

    Briony xx