Oh Lordy! Can You Believe It’s Time To Chat April Faves?!

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Oh Lordy! Can You Believe It’s Time To Chat April Faves?!

OK! So we are in FULL LOCKDOWN! It took me a while to get into the swing of it and for it to feel ‘normal’, but now I’m here, it’s ok. Weird? Sure, but ok nether-the-less. Today I’m going to talk about my April faves, obviously, I’ve not been anywhere or done much outside these four walls and tiny garden…. but here we go! Oh and yes, the days have 100% merged into each other!!

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Baking Bread

I spoke about this last month, but honestly, baking bread has been SO much fun! I have been mixing it in my kitchenAid, letting it rise and then knocking it back, putting it in the bread tin and then letting it rise again before baking. I’m sure in some peoples’ house this doesn’t take as long, but our house is pretty chilly and if I’m honest, it’s a lengthy process which feels really rewarding. The bread tastes delicious and it’s actually wayyyyy cheaper than buying a loaf in the shop, especially since we used to buy out bread from a local indie bakers. When lockdown is over, I will be going back to the bakers, but I will try and keep on baking bread long beyond lockdown!

fashion for lunch home made soup


Aside from the bread baking, I’ve also been making a LOT of soup. I have a soup maker and tomato soup is truthfully one of the few things I can make well! So please admire my casual lunch set up above! Anyway, aside from soup and bread, I’ve recently discovered the joys of REAL napkins!!! I got these from Matalan just before Christmas and I feel like our consumption of kitchen towels has dropped MASSIVELY because of them!! I pop them in my white wash and they clean up a treat, even though I’m forever eating tomato-based foods!! Note to self, buy more napkins… or make my own!

bose headphones


This month I have been LOVING the Jessica Simpson autobiography, ‘Open Book’. Now before you judge me, I need to tell you I done even know a JS song or been invested in her career, but this book is SO good! It was the basic brain candy I needed and it’s just a great book to get lost in. Especially at a time like this! I listened to it on Audible, which is the best, as Jessica reads it herself and you can hear her getting emotional at parts which just adds to it.

ecooking skincare natural face balm

ECOOKING Multibalm

Because we are in lockdown, I’m less about the make-up and more about the skincare and hydration. This month I have been loving ECOOKING’s Multibalm, it gives intense hydration and it’s a really nice thick balm consistency which is thick enough to give that thick, protective layer of hydration, but also doesn’t drag over skin or need warming between fingers if you live in a colder climate.

amara fornasetti candle review

Amara Project

I’m so happy, this month I worked with Amara on a small Instagram project and it really was the BEST collaboration EVER! I love shopping on Amara and I adore Fornasetti, so it was a true joy to work with them!!! I couldn’t resist sharing the snaps here too, because I’m so proud to have worked with them and these candles are a bit of a vice for me, over the years I have spent a fortune on them!! I love them so much!!!

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Blossom In My Garden

Since we are in lockdown, I feel like I’ve missed out on the cherry blossoms and wisteria, however, I have been able to enjoy the blossom in our garden and I just wanted to give a little shout out to it! It’s just white blossom, but it’s still a treat!

skin care pastel rainbow laura lou make up instagram

A Blog I LOVE: Laura Lou Make-up

Just a little shout out for a blog I love, Laura Lou Make-up, her blog is filled with charm, make up, skincare, wit, lifestyle and tutorials. If you want to know how to do soap brows (life changing!) or make mint cornflake cakes (porncakes! Also life changing) then look no further! Add it to your bookmarks and follow her on Instagram! Oh and if my words haven’t convinced you, then maybe this pastel rainbow skincare photo she took (and Kindly let me share!) will convince you!

cadburys caramel spread

Cadbury’s Caramel Spread

I know I’ve banged on about this stuff before, but man oh man, I LOVE Cadbury’s Caramel Spread on toast in the morning! It’s truly the best way to wake up… with a good ol’ sugar rush, chased with a shot of caffeine! I usually get mine from Asda, although there seems to be a rush on it at the moment and it’s getting harder and harder to get, I guess everyone is getting through their lockdown day with a little caramel spread on toast!

matalan Ahola Planter

Ahola Planter

OMG! How cute is this Ahola planter? Another treat from Matalan – seriously, they have the BEST stuff!!!! I still haven’t figured out exactly where this planter should go in the house, it looks good in SO many places! I love it!

fashion for lunch home kitchen

Tiding up…

I have been trying SO hard to get the house nice and tidy during lockdown, it’s HARD! Especially with all the baking we have been doing! I swear, as soon as I clean up, I make bread and then there’s flour everywhere! ARGH!!!! Anyway! I’m trying and it’s so nice seeing rooms look like they did in my head! Here’s the kitchen, but there’s plenty more rooms on my Instagram too!

oliver bonas phases of the moon print

Hanging Art…

I get SO nervous about hanging art on the walls, partly because I don’t want to mess up the newly plastered walls and partly because I am a bit of a art snob. I know, I know, but I studied fine art at university and whilst I never expect anyone to care as much as I do, it really hurts (and confuses) me when people have stunning interiors and terrible art. Y’know what I’m saying?! Nothing kiss me more than bad clip frames with a Jack Vettriano print inside. I don’t care if you love modern art, old masters paintings, inspirational quotes, colour block prints, splatter paintings, family photos… whatever, just love it and frame it nicely, it doesn’t have to be expensive, but do the job properly or not at all! Anyway, I LOVE this new print I have, it’s from Oliver Bonas and it shows the phases of the moon. I love the symmetry of the moons, the dimensions for the space and the chunky black frame. It’s taken me years to find something for above the bed and I was happy with it bare, but as soon as I saw this print, I knew it would be perfect and guess what… it is! Also, the cushions are from Oliver Bonas too, man I love that shop!

Diptyque 'Eau Capital' perfume review

Diptyque ‘Eau Capital’

Inspired by Paris, Diptyque’s Eau Capital has been making me VERY happy this month! It’s a stunning blend of rose, berries, bergamot and patchouli. It’s fresh, floral, elegant and filled with vintage Parisian vibes! In my opinion, this is one of the best Diptyque fragrances ever created, it’s up there with 34, Eau de Sens and Figuier. If you love Eau Rose, but you fancy a little extra oh-la-la, then this is pure perfection! Also, I’ve been wearing a LOT of perfume in lockdown, it’s a real mood lifter and I’m urging everyone to wear perfume every day because it makes us feel good!

harvey jones kitchen navy blue fashion for lunch blog kitchen gordon the dog kitchen floor


Forgive me for the throwback photo, but Gordon is ALWAYS my favourite and our dog walks have truly helped to keep me sane! I love him so much!!!

And there we have it, my monthly favourites of alllll the things which have brought me joy. I hope you like and please do stay safe and well in this lockdown. And as always, if you are bored, lonely and want to chat, please do DM me on instagram for chats, you can find me @labelsforlunch. Also, this post contains both press samples and affiliate links.


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  1. May 4, 2020 / 12:25 pm

    Thanks so much for including me! How did I only just notice?! (I haven’t been on Twitter in days perhaps?!). Also, we all need a Gordon in our lives! x