Let’s Do A Monica Vinader Review! + 20% Discount Code!

monica vinader bracelets rainbow colours beach string
Monica Vinader Review!

My friends, this is a post I have been meaning to write for SO long! I have been buying and some may say, collecting, Monica Vinader bracelets for a fair few years now and I truly love them, but I realised I have never done a Monica Vinader Bracelet Review. So with lockdown in FULL SWING, I thought it was time!! Also, there are lots of styles of Monica Vinader bracelets, but I’m going to be focusing on the Friendship / adjustable style string bracelets. I hope that’s ok!

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monica vinader bracelets rainbow colours

Monica Vinader Quality Review

So first of all, let’s chat quality! There are a lot of these string style bracelets on the market, but the trend really starts and ends with Monica Vinader, these are the ones you want and they are the best quality and the best looking. Not all things are made equal and that includes friendship bracelets! No Really! Monica Vinader friendship bracelets have perfectly finished 925 silver which are softly rounded so they are super comfortable and also the string is held tight in the fastener so they don’t fall off. Once they are on there, they are secure all day (and all night if you sleep in them) and you can’t say that for every brand. Other brands bracelets have a tendency to slip loose and Monica Vinader friendship bracelets do not.

Also, because every component is made from silver, you never have to worry about the metal irritating your skin or getting that super gross ‘wet metallic’ smell. You know what I mean?! Also, the cord part is nice and soft, but also sturdy. If you look at the photos, you can see I am wearing all the cord bracelets and these are my favourites, however, you can get Monica Vinader bracelets with a chain or metallic cord and I HATE these, I find the metallic cords SO uncomfortable to wear, they just aren’t soft enough and they seem to use irritate my skin and annoy me. I’m sure over time they would get softer, but i’ve never managed to wear them long enough for that. The metallic cord bracelets are not my friend! Similarly, I don’t mind the chain bracelets, but I much prefer the soft fabric cord bracelets.

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monica vinader bracelets rainbow colours beach

Monica Vinader Bracelets: Cord & Chain Options

When it comes to the Monica Vinader bracelets, there are three main choices for the bracelet part; cord, metallic cord and chain. As I mentioned, I prefer the classic cord, these are the softest to wear and the most comfortable. I also think they age really nicely and look super cute and beachy. I like both the neutral colours and the pops of colours, but for me, I like the classic cord bracelets the best and I like the mix up the designs of the hardware. However, that being said, the Monica Vinader bracelets with the chain bracelets do look super chic and elegant, they have a far less casual beachy vibe and a much more boujee look. But for me, the metallic cords are a little bit ‘no mans land’, not chic enough and not quite casual enough, also as I mentioned, I find them SO uncomfortable to wear! However, that’s just my opinion, maybe you don’t mind the metallic, but I find they sit badly on my skin and kind of irritate!

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Hardware Options

There are soooooo many different hardware options to choose from, but the most important thing to remember is that every single part of a Monica Vinader bracelet is made from 925 silver and so completely nickel free, skin safe and suitable for every day wear. The gold or rose gold toned bracelets are also 925 silver, but they have an 18ct vermeil coating which is a good, thick coating rather than a flash plating. So if you are worried the gold will rub off, don’t be nervous, it would take a LOT of wear for this to happen! Monica Vinader Bracelets are built to last!

Monica Vinader Price

Ok, I’m not going to beat around the bush here, Monica Vinader is a luxury brand and their bracelets reflect that. However, I would like to mention that they are well made, super comfortable and made using top quality materials. So if you are buying a Monica Vinader bracelet as a long term fashion item, which you plan on wearing every day, you will get plenty of wear out of it and it will feel like great value, but if you don’t really care about it and you plan to only wear it once or twice, girl, this isn’t the store for you! Alternatively, Monica Vinader Bracelets make a GREAT gift, especially since they can be personalised. To get 20% off your full priced Monica Vinader Jewellery, use the code: MVINSIDER19-666E 

Monica Vinader Discount Code

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Is Monica Vinader A Luxury Brand?

Yes! Monica Vinader is a luxury brand. They do entry level items like these bracelets as well as higher end items encrusted with diamonds and set in platinum. Monica Vinader jewellery is loved by celebrities around the world, as well as Royalty – that’s right! Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are both fans!!

Do Monica Vinader do Sample Sales?

Yes they do!!! Obviously because of COVID-19, there might not be one in 2020, but do have a look out for them and keep googling them (or maybe set up an alert!) but they are GREAT and well worth going to if you can make it. It’s also worth keeping an eye on their website to look out for deals and discounts! You never know when you are going to get lucky!

What Are the Best Sellers for Gifts?!

If you are shopping for Monica Vinader as a gift, I would say anything which can be engraved is always a winner! You can either choose the engraving yourself OR you can buy it without engraving and let your friend know you were going to get it engraved, but you wanted to give them the option of choosing their exact preference. Aside from the engraved pieces, the friendship bracelets are always a good choice as well as the pendant necklaces. The rings are beautiful, but unless you know your friends ring size, that can always be a little more difficult to get right!

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Do Monica Vinader Engrave Jewellery?

Yes they do! In Monica Vinader stores they can engrave pieces there and then for you which is REALLY special! Also, if you order online, you can add personalisation. The personalisation is free on most item and makes every piece a little more special! However, it is worth noting, that if you are buying as a gift, personalised gifts cannot be returned for an exchange or refund, so you could always buy an item and let your friend know that if they want to return it for a different item, they can and if they wish, it can be personalised for free too! Personally, I don’t usually personalise my jewellery when I buy it for myself, but I know for a lot of people, this is a big advantage and also it does make a gift extra special. Also the fact that the engraving is free is SO nice, you can usually expect to pay at least £15 for an engraving service and MV always engrave beautifully!

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Is Monica Vinader Jewellery Worth It?

Yes, I think Monica Vinader Jewellery is worth it, it is the kind of jewellery you buy for a special occasion or as a special treat and find yourself wearing and loving every day. They do beautiful bracelets, pendants and rings and there really is something for every budget. It’s a wonderful keepsake gift if you are shopping for a friend, it’s hardwearing, great quality and lasts for years.

What Are The Best Products From Monica Vinader?

Monica Vinader started as more of a bracelet brand, but over the years, they have branched out and become more famous for their huggie earrings, their stackable rings and pearl and diamond pieces. Their jewellery looks amazing as simple pieces worn alone, but also, there has been a big shift towards stacking up pieces and layering them up. See the Tezza Edit for plenty of this too!

Do Monica vinader rings tarnish?

In my experience, Monica vinader rings do not tarnish. However, like all jewellery, if you wear it day in and day out and wear it whilst you clean using harsh chemicals or spray perfume near it, then it will tarnish over time. Personally, I don’t mind a little tarnishing as their jewellery has a little bit of an heirloom and worn in vibe, so a little patina just adds to that! That being said, I have lots of Monica Vinader jewellery and it still looks good after all these years, but I am careful not to wear it when I clean and I keep it away from perfume too.

Monica Vinader Jewellery: Does the gold wear off?

Monica Vinader jewellery is made of recycled 925 sterling silver and heavily plated in 18kt gold. I know gold plating has a reputation for wearing off, but gold vermeil is the strongest and most durable version of gold plating, It’s around five times thicker than most gold plating so it lasts longer than any other plating. It’s the gold look at silver prices for the best quality possible!

…And there we have it! My Monica Vinader Review! I’m so glad I finally got round to posting this, I have been meaning to do it for ages! Also, this post contains some affiliate links and some gifted items. Also make sure you check out the Monica Vinader Diamond Disco collection and the Monica Vinader X Diona collection.

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Go Shopping!




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