Jo Malone London: Longest Lasting Perfumes

Jo Malone London: The Three Longest Lasting Perfumes

Longest Lasting Jo Malone Perfumes!

My friends, today I thought I would stop by and tell you the longest lasting Jo Malone London perfumes. I am a long-time fan of Jo Malone colognes, but as a thrifty Northerner, there’s nothing I hate more than a perfume which fades fast. As the day goes on, the fragrance should develop and soften, but I don’t want to it disappear. Some accords naturally soften and disperse faster than others, but I personally like to get the full day out of my fragrances, especially luxury fragrances. So, today, we are going to chat about the longest lasting Jo Malone perfumes, because longevity, is important! Are you ready?

Are Citrus Fragrances Long Lasting?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but generally speaking, citrus fragrances are the least long lasting fragrance family. The tend to open with a pop of sparkle, excitement and freshness and quickly disperse to reveal the heart and base notes with a soft citrus twist. Which is fine if you like softer, more subtle fragrances, but if you are like me and you like your fragrance to pack a punch, then you might want to choose a citrus fragrance which has a dark rich base, so after the citrus notes have lifted, there’s still plenty of fragrance, left in your fragrance. That being said, Jo Malone London’s Lime Basil Mandarin is surprisingly long lasting and keeps it’s fresh, slightly spicy citrus notes well into the afternoon.

Jo Malone London: The Three Longest Lasting Perfumes

What Fragrances Are The Most Long Lasting?

Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule, but generally, woodsy, smoky, leather, oud and amber based fragrances last the longest. Aside from that, florals like Ylang Ylang and tuberose have great staying power, where as florals like violets and peony tend to fade faster. I’m a huge lover of fig fragrances and fig is another accord which fades fast, which is why it’s often blended with other green notes or longer-lasting fruits. Of course, it has a lot to do with the quality of the ingredients and the concentrate of the perfumes too, but generally aquatic and citrus fragrances have less of a life span than ouds, woods and resins. Again, there are exceptions to every rule, but it’s worth thinking about.

The Ten Longest Lasting Jo Malone Perfumes

Red Roses

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily

Pomegranate Noir

Myrrh & Tonka

Oud & Bergamot

Orange Blossom

Whisky & Cedarwood

Amber & Lavender

Tuberose Angelica

Incense & Cedrat

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