Inside Jo Malone Regent Street & Exclusive Perfume Collection

Jo Malone regent street storeJo Malone Regent Street

Hello friends, today I want to show you around Jo Malone Regent Street store. This is the flagship store and it’s located on 101 Regent Street in London, which is the Piccadilly Circus end of the road. It’s a stunning store, big and beautiful with their iconic boxes and bottles everywhere, as well as the Jo Malone Regent Street Collection, as well as the Rare Teas Collection and even ‘The Artisan’s Studio’ where you can get your bottles engraved and your boxes embossed. It’s pretty amazing! So today I want to tell you a little about the store and I even have a little video so you can look around with me… are you ready?

Jo Malone Regent Street Collection

The Jo Malone Regent Street store has a VERY special collection which is only available in this very store. These fragrances are not available online, nor are they available anywhere in the world. Which is both special and frustrating as a fan! These fragrance are all fan favourites which were either limited edition and have been rereleased for the store, or they are past fragrances which were discontinued, either way, they are back and only available in this special flagship store. There is a big beautiful display of them where they can all be sampled and they can be bought as 100ml bottles. The fragrances include:

Rain & Angelica
Tobacco & Mandarin
Sweet Lemon
Peony & Moss
Elderflower & Gooseberry
Ginger Biscuit
Tudor Rose & Amber
Geranium & Verbena
Leather & Artemisia
Lavender & Coriander

Watch The Regent Street Collection Video!

The Artisan’s Studio

At the Regent street store there is a really special Artisan’s Studio. Here you can customise your perfume with metallic lids (this costs £4 per lid), available in all the colours of the rainbow and you can only find these special lids in this store. If you want to see them, I managed to capture how beautiful they are in the video. You can also add your initials or a playful symbol to your Jo Malone London gift box, again, I think you can see this in the video (this service is free). And finally, you can get your perfume bottle lid or candle lid engraved. You can get up to 3 letters on the perfume and up to 15 letters on the candle lid and it’s £15 per item, which makes for a really beautiful gift!

Jo Malone Regent Street: Step Inside!


Finally, the whole shop is just a treat for the senses, the sales assistants were so kind and knowledgable, the store was stunning and there was so much to try it’s just a lovely shopping experience. Also, they had the mens Huntsmen collection in this store which I haven’t tried before as well as the Rare Teas Collection which was really exciting! As for me, my favourite fragrances are Red Roses, Poppy & Barley, Dark Amber & Gingerlily and Wild Fig & Cassis… You didn’t think I’d pick just one did you?!

I hope this video was of help to you and I hope you enjoyed watching my video of the Jo Malone Regent Street Store! This post contains affiliate links

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