Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring

Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring charm necklace

Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring

Hello friends! Today I wanted to share a little styling advice with you, I have four ways to wear the Cartier Love ring which I think will put a new lease of life into your classic jewels. Of course, if you don’t have the Cartier Love ring, you can use this post for any similar piece of jewellery and this is a must-read post if you have a beloved ring which is no long the right size for you too! I have had the classic Cartier Love ring in my wardrobe for 6 years now and as the anniversary approaches, I thought it would be a fun post to share! Are you ready to dive in?

Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring how to style

How To Wear Your Cartier Love Ring The Classic Way…

Super simple and oh-so-classic, but many say the ‘right’ way to wear your Cartier Love ring is on your ring finger on your right hand. Unless you go for the Love Ring in the wedding band style and then you would wear it with your engagement ring on your left hand. Me, however, I generally wear mind on my middle finger on my right hand. What can I say… i like to free style! Sometimes though I do wear it on my ring finger (which is smaller) stacked up with other rings, which is another great way to wear it…

Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring how to style the cartier love ring stacked up

How To Stack Up Your Cartier Love Ring

This is a really fun way to wear your Cartier Love ring and also quite handy hack if you want to wear your Cartier Love ring on a smaller finger in the summer or if your Cartier Love ring is a tiny bit too big and you are worried about it slipping off. Just stack it up with 1 or a couple of other slim and simple rings. It stops your slightly too big ring from slipping off your finger as it’s being anchored on by the other ring(s) and also it gives your Love ring a slightly more edgy look. I don’t have long, slim fingers, so I do have to make sure I wear it this way with really simple thin rings. but if you have longer, slimmer fingers than me you could wear much bigger rings and even more of them. It’s totally up to you, but it’s a really fun way to wear your love ring and really handy if your ring is slightly too big and you want to keep it safely on your finger.

Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring gold necklace review

Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring worn as necklace gold

Wear Your Cartier Love Ring As A Necklace

This is a really simple and chic way to wear a ring, it gives me Carrie Bradshaw vibes which is always fun and not only that but it just gives it kind of a romanic and vintage feel to any look. Looks just as cute worn with a breton and a comfy cardigan as it does with a vintage summer dress. Simply thread it onto a good quality chain and fasten as normal. The only thing I would say, is don’t attempt this with ribbon or string as they could come loose and don’t wear it like this on a cheap chain which could catch and snap or get broken at a festival or similar event. It’s also a brilliant way to wear your favourite rings in the summer when your fingers are swollen in the heat and rings feel either too tight or kinda sweaty… don’t pretend you don’t know how that feels! I have several months EVERY year where I can’t even think about wearing rings!!

Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring worn as a necklace charm necklace

Four Ways To Wear The Cartier Love Ring charm necklace

Wear Your Cartier Love Ring As A Charm Necklace

I LOVE wearing charm necklaces and they look especially lovely in the summer with a cute vintage dress. I like to stack up a few vintage charms or varying shapes and keep the look quite organic and casual. Also, whilst you can mix metals, I personally prefer to wear all gold or all silver toned jewellery like this as otherwise with the varying shapes and colours of the charms it can start to look a little cluttered. So personally I like to keep the shapes feeling really organic and keep the metal colours more uniform. But that’s just me!

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Why Are Cartier Rings So Expensive?

Cartier has always been a very high end luxurious brand. They have historically made jewellery from Kings & Queens and now they are a favourite with the royals and celebrity clients. They jewellery is made using the finest stones and quality metals and the finish is flawless on every piece. Cartier rings may seem expensive, but they are actually a great investment as the pieces retain their value and in many cases, become more sought after as they become less widely available and the prices go up with inflation and gilt prices.

Is Cartier or Tiffany more expensive?

Tiffany have a lot more entry level items for just a few hundred pounds, where as Cartier doesn’t really have any lower priced items and the cheapest piece of jewellery is around £1000. However, at the upper end of the collections, both brands have incredibly special and rare items at very high price points. Both brands have a rich history and known for their luxury and quality. Cartier is a historical French brand, whilst Tiffany is hails from New York.

Do Cartier Rings Hold Their Value?

Yes, Cartier rings hold their value incredibly well. I bought a Gold Love Ring about 5 years ago for £1,100 and that same ring is now retailing for £1,500. If I wanted to sell my love ring now, it’s very likely I would get more for it than I paid for it and I have worn it nearly every day for 5 years! If you include the resale value, then price per wear, the ring is practically free!!

Does Cartier buy back jewelry?

No, they do not buy back their jewellery or offer trade ins. If you want to sell your Cartier jewellery, I would recommend either Vestiarie Collective or selling at auction like Bonhams in their next jewellery sale.

Go Shopping!

Anyway! Here is my post on four different ways to style your Cartier Love ring. I hope this post was of help and gives you a little inspiration on how to mix up your jewellery and reinvent new ways to style old classics. Also, this post contains a ring my boyfriend bought me and affiliate links. Oh and for all those wondering, I paid £1,100 for my ring 6 years ago and the current retail price is £1,480.