Five Reasons You Should Buy The Cartier LOVE Ring

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price uk

Five Reasons You Should Buy The Cartier LOVE Ring

My friends! Today I want to share a fun post with you about Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Yourself The Cartier LOVE Ring. I have had my Cartier LOVE Ring for 6 years now and I truly do love it. So today I thought I would share a few thoughts on it and also if you have a little spare cash and you want the nudge to finally make the purchase, I am gonna give it to you! Also, please do shop responsibly!

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Gold Is A Great Investment… So Is Cartier!

OK! First things first, the Cartier LOVE ring is a big purchase, it’s currently listed on the Cartier website for £1,480. That’s a lot right? Sure, but gold is expensive and at the time of writing this post, it is at a 2 year high and as we all know, gold is the foundation of the economy and investing in gold is always a good thing to do. So, Hellooooooo 18kt Cartier Gold! I kidding, of course, but only kind of. Because at the end of the day, the Cartier LOVE ring is made of 18kt gold and the Cartier is a brand that will always keep it’s value. I got my Cartier LOVE ring 6 years ago now and you know how much I paid for it? £1,100. Which is literally proof that it might be a super hip, super luxe piece of jewellery, but actually, it’s still be a pretty solid investment and I have had 6 years of enjoying wearing it! As for the Cartier LOVE Bracelet, when I bought my ring 6 years ago, the bracelet was priced at £4,400 and now it’s £5,600. Let’s be honest here, where as an ISA will pay you 0.5% interest per year, my Cartier Love ring has increased in value 34.5% in 6 years… a return any shroud lady should be proud of!

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment gold screw design

The Cartier Love Ring Will Only Go Up In Price

Admittedly, this is kind of the same as what I was saying above, but from a slightly different point of view. If you plan on buying it, but you feel guilty about spending the money, the chances are you will probably feel guilty in 6 or 12 months time too and that’s just something you need to get over. If you have the cash, you plan on buying it at some point, then why not now?! Because quite frankly, it’s only going to go up in price, so why spend £100 more then when you could just buy it now and then feel smug about your £100 saving in 6, 12 or 24 months!? Oh and if you do wait and it goes up in price, then you will have also had 6, 12 or 24 months of not wearing it and not enjoying it. And if you live by the cost-per-wear rule, then you should really just go for it now… providing you have the cash obvs!!!

You Can Get Cartier LOVE Ring Engraved For FREE

Wanna make your Cartier LOVE ring a little more special? Then get it engraved for free! You can do this on the Cartier website, personally, I didn’t get this done as I’m not really into engraving and it wasn’t an option when I got mine, but it’s a cute touch, especially if you are buying it as a gift or buying it for yourself for a milestone in your life!

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price

‘Just For Now’ or ‘Just Do It’?

I have spoken about this before, but before I got my Cartier LOVE ring, I was forever spending anywhere from £20-200 on cute little rings from other stores. And they were super nice and all, but I was kind of doing it because I really wanted the Cartier Love ring and I thought it was too much money, so instead I bought oodles of other rings which I loved, but didn’t love as much as my Love ring. As soon as I did get my love ring, I don’t think I bought another ‘fashion’ ring, because I was so happy with my Love ring that I didn’t want to take it off to wear any others and I generally only wear a couple of rings at a time rather than stack up oodles of rings on each finger. Anyway, my point is, if you love the Cartier Love ring and it’s the ‘ultimate’ ring, but you find yourself buying lots of ‘filler‘ or ‘just for now’ rings, then ask yourself if you had your dream ring, would you still be handing over your debit card?! If the answer is no, walk away and buy the one you want, or start a savings account to buy the one you want!

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price white gold bracelet

It’s Elegant & Timeless

Finally, the Cartier Love ring is elegant and timeless. It was designed in the 70’s and it’s still cool, still relevant, still iconic and still timeless. If you are worried you are buying the love ring because it’s a ‘fashion’ piece which you will be bored of in a years time, just know that this beauty, much like the Chanel Classic flap has been around for longer than most of us and it will probably be relevant long after us. So much like you can feel confidence in your Birkin purchase, you can feel confident with your Love ring purchase too! Also, you might want to read this post about the Cartier Love Ring Diamond edition where I discuss the Love ring with Diamonds and Diamond Paved.

Go Shopping!

…And there we have it, my Cartier LOVE Ring review. I hope this post is of help and was kinda fun to read! Obviously only buy one if you can afford it, but if you do have the spare cash and you have been lusting after it for years and keep buying yourself ‘filler’ pieces of jewellery in the short term, then maybe it’s time to make the investment! Please shop responsibly!

    Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price uk