FIVE Reasons Why You Should Buy A Preloved Chanel Bag!

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FIVE Reasons You Should Buy A Chanel Preloved Bag!

My friends, today I want to enable you… just a little! I want to discuss FIVE Reasons Why You Should Buy A Preloved Chanel Bag! I have both new and preloved Chanel bags and I am a huge fan of buying them at both places, however, it wasn’t for a long old time I felt comfortable buying second hand Chanel bags. Partly because I was worried about the authenticity and partly because I was nervous about spending so much sight-unseen. So today I want to chat about five reasons why you should buy a Chanel preloved bag and hopefully make you feel a little less nervous because my friends…it’s a great way to buy your Chanel bags!!

Preloved Chanel Bags Are Generally Cheaper

Whilst you can spend more on super-rare Chanel bags on the pre-loved market, generally, they are way cheaper second hand / preloved than they are in-store. And let’s be honest, when you are spending between £2,000-£5,000 on a Chanel handbag, if you can get some money off, it’s worth having!! If you buy your preloved Chanel from places like Chiswick Auctions or Vestiarie Collective, each bag will be graded condition-wise by a specialist so you know exactly what condition it is in, in fact it’s often better condition than the grade they give it because they are super cautious and notice things that you and I would not. Just to give you an idea, I bought a Chanel Deauville Bag preloved for around £1,100 and It would have cost around £3,000 new at the time and I bought a Chanel Modern Chain Tote bag for £1,000 at auction which would have cost around £3,000 new too and with both bags I have been incredibly impressed with the condition and price! As for buying these bags sight unseen, it is a little scary, I must be honest, so when you look at the photos, REALLY look at them, REALLY read the description and REALLY take notice of the condition report. Feel free to ask questions, feel free to ask for more images and also, I find it super helpful to get our a tape measure and actually look at the measurements of the item with the tape measure in front of me so I really know the size and dimensions of the bag I’m considering. And if the worst comes to the worst… you could always resell it!!

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If You Buy From The Right Places, You Can Guarantee Authenticity

I am a big fan of shopping at specialist auctions and stores like Chiswick Auctions or Vestiarie Collective because every single item is guaranteed authentic. They have specialists checking each and every item and you will never ever be caught out when you shop through them. I would avoid anywhere like Ebay, Etsy, Gumtree or Craigs List, and if you DO buy through anywhere like that I would be extremely careful and pay for an authentication afterwards. If you are buying from somewhere like Ebay or Etsy you should be able to return the item if you find it’s not authentic, but generally it’s easier and cheaper to avoid places which don’t guarantee authenticity for you. Remember, it is important as without authenticity, you are just overpaying for a fake which you can never resell! Personally, I always head to Vestiarie Collective. I also wrote this post about shopping for Chanel online.

A Little Wear & Tear Is Good For The Soul

Ok, so on the preloved market, you can buy Chanel bags which are in pristine condition. I’m talking about bags that have NEVER SEEN DAYLIGHT! But generally, preloved bags are anything from well-loved and vintage, to a season or two old with the odd sign of use or wear and tear. Whatever your look, there’s a pre-loved Chanel bag for you! However, one thing I will say, is that a little wear and tear is good for the soul. It can be utterly terrifying taking your brand new £4,000 handbag out for the first time. You are aware of everything, everyone and terrified of ruining it. However, if you buy your Chanel on the preloved market and it costs you half the price but there’s the odd sign of wear to it, it’s actually quite liberating. You are less terrified of ruining it because it feels a little less scary. The initial pristine-ness of it has gone and it cost you less, so you can just get on and enjoy it and live your best life with your new handbag!

chanel preloved handbag review

Choose Between Vintage & More Recent Styles On The Preloved Market

I mentioned this above, but there is a bit of a misconception that on the preloved market you will ONLY find vintage Chanel bags, and this just isn’t the case. Some bags will of course be vintage, but many will be just a season or two old. Alternately if you are looking for a classic style like the WOC or the classic flap bag which is always in stock, you can get these styles too. So if you are looking for the graffiti backpack, you will find it preloved, or if you are looking for a black caviar classic flap bag with gold hardware in nearly new condition, you will find that preloved too. There truly is something for everyone on the preloved market! It might also be worth reading this post on Chanel lambskin bags.

You Get MORE Choice On The Preloved Market

This is similar to the point above, but I really want to mention it here as it is different and it’s really important. So, say you decide you want to a Chanel WOC bag, if you went in store there might be 5 different designs to choose from. Great right?! However, if you looked on the preloved market, you will have SO many more choices!!! From patent leathers, to extra embellishments to colours and fabrics. There will be SO many different options and you might just spy one that you fell in love with 3 years ago but couldn’t afford back then! Similarly, I was obsessed with the Chanel GST and I never bought it when it was in store. Then it got discontinued and I was SO SAD. I looked on the preloved market and ta-da! I got one!!

Go Shopping!

And there we have it… just a little enabling and hopefully a few questions answered! Please do let me know if there is anything you want help with and honestly, if you considering buying a Chanel bag, then I can assure you a preloved Chanel is a great idea and if you shop at the right places, you don’t have to worry about authenticity either. Also, this post contains bags I have bought with my own money and affiliate links.