FIVE Reasons Why I’m No Longer Buying Chanel Lambskin Bags (Wear & Tear Review!)

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FIVE Reasons Why I’m No Longer Buying Chanel Lambskin Bags

Hello my friends! I hope you are well! Today I am sitting in my ivory tower… well, my turret. Yes, my house has a very tiny turret and I want to tell you my FIVE reasons why I’m no longer buying Chanel lambskin bags. Now, before I get started, I need to tell you, I have four Chanel Lambskin bags and I think they are stunning. The leather is buttery soft and I think they look and feel far more special than the caviar bags, however, they are much more fragile and I’m a clumsy-ass girl! So please understand that I do love Chanel lambskin bags and this is no shade to the lambskin beauties, however, I’m personally trying to make a responsible shopping decision and not buy any more! Also, It is worth noting that bags like the Chanel boy bag ONLY come in lambskin and not caviar leather, so for some bags, this isn’t a decision you can make and if another amazing bag comes along which ONLY comes in lambskin, I will of course reconsider my decision, never say never and all that. But for the time being, I’m trying to be responsible and set a good intention… no more Chanel lambskin bags! OK! Let me explain why….

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What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? review

Colour Transfer

I wrote a big blog post about the colour transfer I experienced with my Green Chanel Classic flap bag and honestly, I LOVE that bag but it also makes me feel really sad as I am a little nervous to use it. It’s such a beautiful bag, but the colour transfer on the bag happened so fast and it makes me feel SO SAD! They do warn you of colour transfer when you buy a pale coloured Chanel lambskin bag, but you don’t really realise it’s going to happen until it actually does. They might warn you to wear white every day, but let’s be honest, I’m not gonna. So let me remind you of this, if you buy a bright or pale coloured Chanel lambskin bag, please be aware of the fact that colour transfer WILL happen and it will happen FAST if you wear your bag next to denim. A black lambskin bag is a much more sensible lambskin option, but a pale coloured lambskin bag is to be seriously considered. Read this post if you want to know more about my Chanel Colour transfer experience here and here.

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Not Suitable For Every Day Use – Wear & Tear

When you buy a Chanel lambskin bag they do warn you that it’s not for every day use, it’s more of a sometimes or an occasion bag. I clearly have more than one bag and I never use the same bag every day, but now that I have a collection of around four lambskin Chanel bags, I think I’m done. I love them and they are stunning, but from here on in, I think I need bags I can use every day as my life just isn’t that fancy these days! I have no weddings on the horizon and nor do I have any dinner dates, however, I do have a few trips to the garden centre and supermarket planned and I would like to wear a Chanel bag both places! ‘Get in caviar, we’re going shopping!’ #TenuousMeanGirlsQuote

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I Don’t Want To ‘Baby’ My Bag

I love designer and luxury handbags, I truly do, however, I want to be able to use them and I don’t want to have to ‘Baby’ them. I don’t want to get caught in the rain and be more interested in keeping my bag dry than my feet. I don’t want to worry my nails will take a chunk out of the leather as I fumble for my bus pass and I don’t want to fear seagulls pooping on me every time I leave the house. I live by the sea and trust me, there are a lot of seagulls around and you know those little b*****s are always on the look out to cause trouble! Anyway, my point is, I don’t want to baby my bag and Chanel lambskin leather is PERFECT! It’s buttery soft and super wonderful, but that comes at a price which is fragility and my friends, I live by the sea and I’m clumsy. I gotta be careful and I don’t want to baby any more of my handbags!

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I Want To Retain My Chanel Bags Resale Value

Don’t get my wrong, I buy my Chanel bags to use and love, HOWEVER, I am a gal that changes my mind once in a while and I don’t have a hefty trust fund to fall back on. I have to be real and admit that I might fall out of love with a bag, or need to sell it on to pay my mortgage. Which is why I need to consider the resale value of my Chanel bags. As beautiful as Chanel lambskin bags are, and trust me, they are stunning, if I ever came to resell any of them, I know the caviar bags would retail their value far better than the lambskin bags would, purely because even after a lot of wear, the caviar bags still look amazing… whereas the lambskin bags are lovely, but look a little more worn and lived in. Especially if they are a lighter colour. The leather creases easier, colour transfer can happen and surface scratches are far more obvious. So while I haven’t bought my bags to keep pristine and sell on, resale value has to be considered. And yes. I would cry if I sold any of my Chanel bags! BTW, If you are looking to sell a Chanel Bag, I can recommend Vestiarie Collective and I wrote a post about buying and selling from Vestiarie Collective here.

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I Don’t Want To Feel Guilty Every Time I Walk Into A Wall

Finally, I’m a clumsy so-and-so and if I walk into a wall, I should feel stupid and sore. However, if I was wearing a Chanel Lambskin bag and I walked into a wall and scraped the leather I would feel more guilt, panic and ‘OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE!’ rather than stupid and sore. And believe me, walking into a wall hurts, I’ve done it many times! My point is, accident happen, food gets spilled, walls are walked into and bags are put onto seemingly clean floors and chairs and end up coated in something kinds gross. I’m clumsy and I need to realise that Chanel lambskin bags are stunning, but maybe a bit too stunning for someone like me and I need something a little more… hardwearing and Chanel Lambskin bags are stunning, but not as hardcore as I need… now obviously if something Uber-special comes along which ONLY comes in lambskin, I will reconsider my stance, but for now, I’m a caviar girl from here on in!

Go Shopping!

I hope this post is of help, please let me know if you have any questions! Also, all bags were bought by me, but this post does contain affiliate links!



  1. May 11, 2020 / 4:36 pm

    You have a nice collection of bags….

  2. May 12, 2020 / 9:46 am

    I feel like you are a certified Chanel handbag queen! One day I dream of owning one x