Diptyque ‘Eau Capitale’ Review… A Perfume Inspired by Paris!

Diptyque 'Eau Capitale' perfume review Diptyque 'Eau Capitale' Review

Diptyque ‘Eau Capitale’ Inspiration

My friends, today I want to introduce you to the brand new fragrance from the iconic Parisian Perfumery, welcome to my Diptyque ‘Eau Capitale’ review!

“For diptyque, only chypre, a lively fragrance with its roots deep in one of the first and most famous perfumeries in the world, can fully embody the essence of the city with a thousand faces. An excess of lush roses precedes the freshness of bergamot notes, accented by bright pink berries. Its undertone is patchouli, bringing together a fragrance at once defiant and free.”


Rose, Bergamot, Patchouli, Pink peppercorns

Diptyque 'Eau Capitale' perfume review 2020

Diptyque ‘Eau Capitale’ Review

My friends! I’m SO excited to tell you about the new Diptyque ‘Eau Capitale’ perfume! I have been wearing this fragrance for the past few days and I am smitten with it, it’s divine! In case you don’t already know, I’m a huge Diptyque fan and one of my favourite fragrance accords is rose, so the fact that this Diptyque perfume is heavily inspired by Paris and has a dominant rose accord, fills me with joy! The rose is dark, velvety and mysterious, the patchouli is both earthy and powdery, the pink peppercorn adds a touch of spice and sparkle and the bergamot is more smoky than citrus and gives almost a slight oud accord to the perfume, as well as a hint of freshness. Diptyque ‘Eau Capitale’ has a feeling of splendour and nostalgia, it’s wonderfully floral, rich and classic, it has an air of cobbled streets, dance halls, theatres, old bars, dust, brandy and dried roses. If you love roses, romance and classic fragrances, then you need to try this one! It’s divine! Where Eau Rose is wonderfully fresh, green and almost aquatic, Eau Capitale is more deep, dark, woodsy and nostalgic. Both are stunning, both are essential for rose lovers, but I wanted to mention Eau Rose as it’s a favourite of mine, and whilst they are both very rose-heavy, they are also very different! Well done Diptyque, you did Paris proud!

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Why is Diptyque So Expensive?

Diptyque is a luxury brand which uses the highest quality ingredients, so it is an expensive brand. However, their candles and fragrances are beautiful and personally I think they are totally worth it.

Does diptyque ever go on sale?

No, Diptyque never go on sale and it’s very rare for them to put discontinued items on sale. They generally just sell through until they are out of stock. The best way to get a discount on Diptyque products is by buying them during black friday sales or similar flash sale and discount weekends. Sometimes stockists will reduce the Christmas candles in the new year if there is stock left, but this is rare as they usually sell out before Christmas, but it’s work keeping an eye on the Space NK website after christmas if you are hoping to get a Christmas candle on sale!

Are Diptyque candles worth the money?

Yes, Diptyque candles are worth the money. The scent fills the room very quickly and the fragrance blends are beautiful.

Diptyque ‘Eau Capitale’ is out now and available at Diptyque, John Lewis and Selfridges. It is priced at £120 for a 75ml bottle. This Diptyque ‘Eau Capitale’ Review contains press samples and affiliate links.

Diptyque 'Eau Capitale' perfume review

Diptyque 'Eau Capitale' perfume review 2020 rose paris review Diptyque 'Eau Capitale' Review


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  1. May 6, 2020 / 3:53 pm

    I can’t blind buy fragrances but I 100% need to try this when I can! x