Everything You Need To Know About The Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag!


Everything You Need To Know About The Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag!

Hello friends! Today I want to share a few thoughts and a review of the Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag, otherwise know as my first EVER Chanel bag! This Classic Chanel bag is one of the cheapest handbags in the Chanel collection which makes it a great first Chanel bag for any future collector, it’s also a wonderful gift for a VERY special occasion and it’s a bag which never goes out on style! But before we start the Chanel clutch with chain bag review, I thought I would tell you my personal story of this bag!

My Chanel Clutch with Chain Bag Story…

As I mentioned, this bag was my FIRST EVER Chanel bag! I was SO proud of it (and still am!) I got it for Christmas from my boyfriend. He phoned me up a few days before Christmas and I could hear he was in a shop and he said to me ‘If I was to buy you a handbag, would you want gold or silver hardware?’. Subtle right?! I quickly answered ‘Gold’, hung up the phone and took a LOT of deep breathes. I remember feeling a mix of ‘OMG!!! Could it really be a Chanel bag?!’ as well as ‘OMG! What if it’s a style I don’t like?!’ to just ‘OMG! I can’t even think about this!!’. A few days later, I was presented with a glorious black box, containing my first EVER Chanel bag! And the rest is history! I wore this bag for years and I was so in love with it, it’s super cute in the day time and stunning as an evening dinner clutch bag. I have had mine for 8 years now and I’m so happy to be able to give you a thorough review of it… who knows? Maybe it will be your first Chanel bag too?!


Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag Size & Dimensions

Firstly, I would like to mention, not all Chanel Clutches with Chains are the same size as there are seasonal variations, however, i think mine is pretty standard compared to the ones I have seen online / instore and mine measures 27cm wide 18cm tall, with a depth of around 4-6cm depending on how much you put in the bag and a strap length of 59cm. The strap is not adjustable, however, it can be tucked inside the bag to be worn as a clutch. Also, there is a back slip pocket inside slip pocket. I can fit a fairly good amount inside mine; a small amount of make up, card holder, lipstick, keys, phone. maybe even a portable charger and cable, although I try not to overstuff this bag as I don’t like it looking to bulge-y. However, that being said, for an evening clutch, or a small daytime bag, you can get a nice amount of stuff inside and a little more than you can fit inside the WOC.

Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag Price

Ok, so this is going to be a real stinger and really test my memory, but to my recollection, my boyfriend paid around £1,100 for my Chanel clutch bag, it felt like a LOT at the time, but actually, these bags are around £1,900 these days and that’s when you can get them. Because they are a more ‘entry level’ price, they often sell out. I truly wish I had bought a boatload of Chanel bags back when I got this as they would be worth a fortune now, however, take this as a reminder that if you do buy a Chanel bag, it will only go up in price as time goes on, so you may as well buy it now, rather than in 5 years time… as long as you have the spare cash! #ShopResponsibly! However, there is another option, it’s always worth looking out for Chanel on the preloved market. If you buy it via places like Vestiaire Collective, you can pick up a real treasure, not only will it be cheaper than retail price, but you might be able to find seasonal variations you like even more! I will link some below!

Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag Black Lambskin

Something I would like to mention both the Chanel Clutch bag is that I have never seen it in caviar leather, only lambskin. Which is fine, in fact, more than fine because the lambskin is stunning, but if you are a caviar leather fan, then you might be disappointed to find out that this bag mainly comes in the lambskin. The main difference between the two is that the lambskin is super soft and buttery beautiful to touch, but it is more fragile, where as the caviar has a tougher, grainier finish and it’s far more hardwearing, If you were buying this bag for every day use, you might want to reconsider it and go for something in a caviar leather instead, like the Classic flap bag or the Chanel WOC bag instead.

Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag On Sale?

Chanel don’t tend to have many sales and when they do, they aren’t really the best. They usually only take 30% off items and when it comes to bags there are very few on sale and they tend to be more expensive and embellished seasonal options, like bright colours and unusual fabrics and prints. Something like the Chanel Clutch with Chain sell out way before the sales happen and because it’s a pretty classic bag in black, it’s pretty much impossible to find it on sale. You would have way more luck finding one at the airport and buying it tax free. That’s right, if you buy a Chanel bag at the airport (so long as you are travelling long haul) you can get 20% off as part of tax free shopping. Of course, not every airport has a Chanel, so look out for the ones that do. Heathrow Terminal 5 do for sure! Other than that, it might be worth looking on the Chanel preloved / vintage market. If you buy through somewhere like Vestiaire Collective, the item will be guaranteed authentic and you can sometimes get a bit of a bargain too. I’m an avid Vestiaire Collective shopper. I LOVE it!


Chanel Clutch With Chain Review

So, there we have it, I think a pretty comprehensive review of the Chanel Clutch with Chain bag. I really love this bag, it’s a cute little bag as an evening clutch with the chain tucked inside, but it’s also a cute little day bag with the chain out, you can wear it over your shoulder or in your hand. It’s a handy little bag, great for travel and a nice size for the day and dinner. I really love mine and the only reason I don’t wear mine a huge amount, is because I have other Chanel bags which are bigger like the Deauville tote and the Boy Bag, plus I also don’t go out for dinner very much any more. However, I still wear it once in a while and I still love it! I keep it in it’s original dust bag and box so it’s nice and safe, I could sell it, but to be honest, I may as well keep it as it’s more likely to add value, rather than drop value! If you are looking for an evening Chanel, this is a wonderful bag, similarly, if you are looking for a first Chanel bag then this or the Chanel WOC are both great options depending on if you want a slightly bigger bag with a shorter chain, or a smaller bag with a longer chain. Although I will say this, I think the Chanel Clutch with chain is a slightly less obvious choice, but that’s just my opinion. Either way, it’s a great Chanel bag which still looks great after 7 years (wow! I can’t believe it’s been SO long!!!!) and it’s a great classic silhouette which will never go out of style!

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Everything You Need To Know About The Chanel Clutch With Chain Bag!


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