A Little Look At My Vintage Crockery Collection… (It’s More Fun Than It Sounds, I Promise!)

vintage crockery collection anthropologie my little pony holly hobbie plate

A Little Look At My Vintage Crockery Collection

My friends! Hello! I am back for a super quick blog post and today I wanted to share a little video I made and a few snaps I took of my vintage crockery collection! No really… and I swear, it’s more fun than it sounds because I have some seriously cute plates here!! Most of them are vintage, but I do have a handful from Anthropologie (one of my favourite stores!) and a couple I found elsewhere on the high street over he past 5 years, but most of them are vintage… and seriously cute! Which is why I really wanted to show them to you, I hope that’s ok!

Why TF Do I Have All These Plates?!

When I was living in London I went to LOADS of car boot sales and charity shops because I was broke. All. The. Time, so I couldn’t really afford to buy nice things, hell, I couldn’t really even afford high street stores. I had a ‘good’ job, working for an independent fashion brand, but I was being paid WAY below the London living wage so truly, I didn’t even have enough money for H&M home, so I used to buy as much as I could from Charity shops and car boot sales. Luckily for me, I LOVE vintage and I LOVE rummaging, so it was kind of a hobby for me, as well as a necessity! Anyway, I used to love buying cute vintage plates and after a VERY thorough washing, I used to use them to eat dinner off. Sure they were mis-matching, but they were also cute as hell and I loved them!

vintage crockery collection anthropologie my little pony

The Loft Project

However, when we moved house, we packed everything up and put it all into storage whilst we renovated. I’m talking clothes, kitchen stuff, handbags, books, jewellery… everything! And it basically stayed there for about 4 years. We put nearly everything in the loft and over time we ended up finding it was easier to rebuy things, rather than search 40 boxes to find our dusty old things, because believe me, after all that renovating, EVERYTHING was dusty. If you have ever renovated, I’m sure you’ll understand! Anyway, during lockdown, I gave myself a slightly unrealistic task of sorting out the loft and one of the first boxes I found was filled with all my vintage crockery and OMG! What a joy it was to see it all again!

vintage crockery collection anthropologie my little pony rainbow glass plates bowls

A Few Favourites…

As I mentioned, there’s a couple of plates in here which I bought from Anthroplogie, I think they were on sale a few years ago, but aside from that, it’s pretty much all old. The plates with the ivy around the edge belonged to my grandparents, I used to have the whole dinner service, but over the years they were broken / lost, so I only have one plate left, but it’s still really special to me. The black and white Woolworths Homemaker plate actually belonged to my boyfriends’ grandparents, he rescued them from a charity shop bag years ago when his parents were clearing out because he knew I would love them!

There’s also some cute Holly Hobbie plates I bought for a song from a car boot sale years ago, which I used to use for my morning toast when I lived in London and I always loved eating hangover oven chips off the 80’s plates with the giant rose printed on one side. However, I think it’s the My Little Pony plate I love the most, it’s so old school and I remember being SO excited when I found it all those years ago! If I remember rightly, I didn’t like my flatmates using this one in case they accidentally broke it. Yes, I was a nightmare to live with!

Anyway, I just wanted to share a few snaps and a little video with you of my vintage crockery collection, I think it’s really pretty and when I shared it on instagam it got a lot of love and stirred up a lot of lovely memories for people, so I thought I would share it here too! Enjoy!


Go Shopping!

This post contains plates I bought myself and affiliate links. Also, if you want to see some super dreamy plates displayed on a wall, check out Lucy’s Cosy and Colourful Bedroom!

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