Sustainable & Special: The New Miller Harris Bath & Body Collection Is A JOY!

miller harris soap on a rope

The New Miller Harris Bath & Body Collection Is a JOY!

My friends, I’m so happy to be able to share the new Miller Harris Bath & Body Collection with you all! It smells stunning, it feels super luxe and MH have worked super hard to make it as sustainable as possible, and even more so in the future. Fans of the brand might know that they have had bath & body products for years and it’s always been beautiful, but over the past few months, they have released new products and reworked old products to make them a little more earth friendly. They admit it’s not 100% perfectly sustainable, but it’s 80% there and let’s be honest, we all try our best in this world and if my whole life was 80% sustainable, I would be pretty proud of myself. We do what we can, y’know? Anyway! Let’s discuss further!

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Miller Harris’s Sustainability: In More Detail

As I mentioned, Miller Harris’s Bath & Body range isn’t yet 100% sustainable, but it’s on the right tracks, which is amazing. First up all their plastic bottle are made from recycled post-consumer product, which is fully recyclable after use, including the caps and pumps. If you are unsure if your area can recycle them, then feel free to drop them inshore where they will recycle them for you. They have also removed all shrink wraps, even on the soaps which are housed in recycled paper. They are doing their best to eliminate any unnecessary additional and unnecessary further product. Y’know, the pretty tissues and extra boxes, cute but not essential. All their products are vegan, free from phthalates, paragons and artificial colours. All their glass bottles are also made from recycled glass and are fully recyclable after use too. Whilst Miller Harris know that 80% isn’t 100%, they are way ahead of the game compared to other brands and they are doing their best every step of the way to improve on their good work, whenever and wherever they can! My friends, I’m here for it!

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Miller Harris Bath & Body Collection

The Miller Harris Bath & Body Collection includes body washes, soaps, body lotions, hand creams, body creams and hair mist, featuring a variety of their most loved fragrances, as well as a few new fragrances inspired by their most loved fragranced. Highlights include their Scherzo’ fragrance available as a hand cream, hair mist, body wash and body cream. I’m also desperate to try the ‘Nettles’ body wash which is inspired by the fragrance ‘Wander’, a favourite of mine! The ‘Rhubarb and Peony’ body wash also sounds divine, which is inspired by the fragrance ‘Lost’, which I also adore! And I will never tire of ‘Rose Silence’ which is available as a body cream, hand cream and body wash, it’s one of my favourite ever Rose fragrances and possibly my favourite fragrance MH have ever done. As for the soaps, they are truly wonderful, rich, luxurious, non-drying and of course, 100% plastic free! The soaps are currently out of stock as they have donated every last bar to charity. Aren’t they kind? 

…And there we have it, the Miller Harris Bath & Body Collection, are you tempted to indulge and if so, what in? Also, let Miller Harris be a lesson to us all, 80% sustainability now, is better than 100% sustainability in the future. Do your bit now and together we can make a difference! PS. This post contains press samples.

miller harris soap on a rope honey lime rose silence


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  1. April 16, 2020 / 1:24 pm

    I do love a soap on a rope and it looks really classic and pretty as the same time as being functional ! Need to try one next time I run out of wash x