March Favourites… Things I Feel Super Grateful For Right Now!

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March Favourites… Things I Feel Super Grateful For Right Now!

This month has been crazy. We started the month off pretty normally and we are ending it in lockdown; our days are now planned around watching the news and waiting for our daily dog walk, in line with the government advice we have only been taking one walk too, which has been hard, but I’m grateful we have been able to do that. Anyway, this month has made me feel SO grateful for so many things… our home, our health, family, Gordon, dog walks, outside space… anyway, this month, I wanted to share some things I am really grateful for! Also, I hope this month makes you consider the things you are grateful for too.


Podcasts have been a lifeline right now and my favourite shows feel like a friend checking in on me… is that lame!? I have been SO grateful that so many of my favourite podcasts have continued making great content, including Heavyweight, Filling the Void, Sinisterhood, Reply All and Criminal have created a new show, Phoebe Reads A Mystery, which is Phoebe Judge reading a chapter a day of Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair At Styles…. just to help us through this difficult time. It’s really generous and I appreciate it!

desenio prints stay up all night


I don’t know if you know this about me, but I don’t actually watch much TV these days. I’m not really sure why, although I can tell you we don’t actually have a TV so we have to watch everything on Netflix. I really liked the Aaron Hernandez and Surviving R Kelly documentaries. My boyfriend has been hooked on the Tiger / Joe Exotic show, but I’ve missed some episodes, so I kinda need to start at the beginning and figure out what the fuss is about! Let’s be honest… I have time on my hands!! I also want to make sure the things I watch from here on in lift me up, rather than drag me down.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream rose jasmine citrus

Hand Cream

What a bloody life saver right now!! With all this excessive hand washing, my hands are SO dry and I have been layering on the hand cream, pretty much everything and anything, but as always, my go-to hand creams are Soap & Glory, Jurlique‘s Rose and I’ve also been loving the Soaper Duper hand cream too, which I got in this months Latest In Beauty box.

miller harris perfume forage wander fragrance

Miller Harris ‘Wander Through The Park’ Perfume

I know some people will have put their perfumes away for the moment as they see them as a ‘waste’ to wear whilst they are self isolating, but me, I’ve seen more value in perfume at this time than ever. It’s such a mood elevator and I am so grateful to be able to feel a lot happier / calmer / uplifted / brighter with just a few mists. This month, amongst others, I have been loving easing myself into spring with the dreamy Miller Harris ‘Wander Through The Park’ Perfume, it’s wonderfully green, bright and earthy and since I can’t spend much time in parks right now, this is really lifting my spirits!

Aromatherapy Associates Treats deep relax

Aromatherapy Associates ‘Revive’ Bath Soak

I’m FOREVER a huge fan of Aromatherapy Associates and just before we went into lockdown I sent my mum a bottle of the Deep Relax bath soak – she loves it and I thought she would need it whilst we all self isolated! As for me, I have been using the ‘Revive’ Bath Soak, which is a little more… well, reviving!! I LOVE Aromatherapy Associates with all my heart and I need self care more than ever right now! Also, right now, they are doing weekly offers on their hero products to help people get through this crazy time. Right now, they have 15% off their sleep blends, but keep an eye on their website as I think there’s a different offer every week right now. Anyway, I’m grateful for Aromatherapy Associates and their wonderful bath soaks. They truly are the best and I can’t recommend them enough!

leopard figurines blue hallway victorian fashion for lunch home blog

Cosy Corners & Coal Fires

This month we have had a bit of a shift around of the furniture. We have moved some arm chairs into the kitchen and moved the sofa from the kitchen into the hallway. Does it look as good… not really, but is it much cosier in the evening with a coal fire, totally! I’m so grateful we have plenty of logs, coal & kindling and we are able to have such lovely fires on cold evenings.

bread baking lockdown

Bread Baking

This month has been so weird because we have been in lockdown. I have been trying to make the best of things by doing lots of home cooking and that has included bread baking. I’ve been using my beautiful kitchenAid and honestly, it’s been SO much fun and so rewarding!! It’s time consuming, mainly because of waiting for the bread to rise, but I don’t think it helps that our house is really cold. But either way, it’s been a lot of fun and I just wanted to shout out bread baking! Oh and it’s getting harder and harder to actually buy bread flour, so here’s hoping my new found hobby can continue into April!

shea moisture coconut and hibiscus illuminating body lotion

Shea Moisture ‘Coconut & Hibiscus’ Illuminating Body Lotion

Just as I was running out of hand cream, I got a knock at the door and to my surprise, I got a package of Shea Moisture goodies. Their products are lovely, in particular their super hydrating and nourishing Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Body Lotion which is rich and lovely enough to use as a silky hand lotion. Plus it smells sweet and tropical! Thank you so much, I’m so grateful for this surprise which came just at the right time!

Space & Completed Renovations

We don’t live in the biggest house here in Margate, but after years of living in London, I’m so incredibly grateful not to be in a tiny, tiny flat. As much as I loved living in East London, our Bethnal Green flat was miniscule. We had barely any kitchen storage, no space to work, not even a kitchen table. It was tiny, cramped and quite frankly, FULL. Y’all know I’m a hoarder, so I feel SO grateful to have space in our place here in Margate, both indoor and outdoor and truly, I’m SO grateful for it. As much as commuting into London is a pain in the ar*e most of the time, right now, I feel so lucky to be away from the crowds and have space during this time. Also, after years of intense renovations, I’m SO grateful this happened once we had finished rather than when we were mid-build, because for a long time we literally were living in a building site. As dreadful as this time is, there’s a lot I feel so grateful for house wise.

Emma Hardie X Look Good Feel Better

Emma Hardie X Look Good Feel Better

This month sees Emma Hardie team up with Look Good Feel Better. They are donating profits from every unit of their iconic cleansing balm sold to the charity, and this year they are hoping to raise £100,000… which is amazing! Also, I LOVE this cleansing balm, it’s SO good and if you are needing a new cleansing balm, this is a winner and it’s a wonderful charity! I love seeing brands being so incredibly generous to great causes and this is one of my favourite cleansers EVER!

French Sole Shoes grey metallic shoes pumps ballet slippers

French Sole Shoes

This month I was kindly gifted a pair of French Sole shoes from my friends at FS. I’m SO grateful, they are so cute for around the house and roaming around the garden and going to the garage. They are as comfortable as slippers, but make me feel a little less… slipper-y and a little more human, which I really need right now! In this time of lockdown I need to feel comfortable, but also not like a total disaster zone and these shoes put a HUGE smile on my face this month! Plus they will be wonderfully worn in by the summer when I will be able to wear them *shock horror!* in real life!

Outside Space… & Gordon!

Admittedly, this isn’t our garden, as we would never have Gordon on the lead in the garden, but we do have a tiny bit of outside space and we are SO grateful for it!!! it’s just a small raised decking area and a few flagstones, but I’m SO grateful for it, especially right now. Oh and I’m ALWAYS grateful for Gordon!

I hope this month has been treating you kindly, sending so much love! Also, this post contains some press samples and some affilate links!



  1. Jill Thompson
    April 3, 2020 / 4:30 pm

    I love your blog & YouTube videos – you always seem so happy and your giggle makes me smile.
    Like you, I’m a fan of ‘Latest in Beauty’ boxes. Today, I received my choices from their latest collaboration with the Sunday Times – which are absolutely wonderful and I can’t wait to play with them.
    Take good care of yourself and thank you for your interesting, upbeat postings.

    • fashionforlunch
      April 6, 2020 / 3:04 pm

      Thank you SO much for watching Jill! You are so kind!! Thank you!
      I can’t wait to get the Style Boxes, I ordered both so i will unbox both when I get them!!! Thank you for being so kind and supportive, i hope you are getting on ok at this time? If you ever want to chat, I’m on Instagram and you are always welcome to dm me! xxxxx

  2. April 10, 2020 / 9:02 pm

    I definitely need to listen to some new podcasts, I’m running out of episodes on all of mine! I’m also loving the AA Revive bath oil – it’s also really good mixed in with a body cream in the AM x

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