Lockdown Goals: Be Kind To Yourself & Stay Safe

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Lockdown Goals

Pretty much the whole world is in lockdown right now and it feels like we are all expected to do something impressive at this time. I keep hearing people refer to this weird period as time as have been ‘given’ to ‘reassess’ and ‘learn’ to make ourselves bigger, better, brighter and achieve something monumental, before we ‘get back to reality’. But here’s the thing, people are dying in their droves and it’s SO hard to concentrate. From keeping an eye on the daily news, to the flurry of tweets, to the constant battle to get a grocery delivery but also doing our best not waste food AND ration toilet paper. There’s a lot to think about right now and personally, my head is not in the game! I’m juggling day-to-day tasks whilst also trying to budget my money until I’m able to re-open my Airbnb or when I might possibly get my next blog / instagram ad (Seriously, who’s sponsoring content right now!?). I’m self-employed and my two streams of income literally dried up overnight and groceries have NEVER been so expensive and what’s scary is… I’M ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES!! Seriously, I have a little pot of savings, my health, a partner, a dog and space, I’m lucky. I spend a lot of time thinking about those who are less so, as I’m sure you do too. We all do. But with all this going on, how are we meant to find the headspace to learn a new language?! 

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Be Kind To Yourself & Stay Safe

That being said: If you are feeling inspired to learn a new language or take an online course to learn a new skill, then THAT’S AMAZING! Go you! However, if you are finding this time hard AF then, girl, same. IT IS HARD! If all you want to do is bake cookies, read chick lit, watch box sets, eat smarties, FaceTime your friends and go for your one daily walk, then you do that. I cannot stress this enough, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRODUCTIVE!!!! All you really have to do is stay home, stay safe and keep going. Be kind to yourself, try and have a good day, but if you have a bad day and you’re finding it hard, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, have a bath, eat some cookies, remind yourself tomorrow is another day and be kind to yourself. As good as intensions are, they really are just intensions and you don’t have to do them, you don’t have to do anything. If you do want to give yourself a task, make it a simple one, like throwing away your chipped mugs, or organising your jewellery box. The novel, the language, the business plan… It can all wait, my advice is to be kind to yourself and stay safe. Sure, learning is good, but so is resting, especially right now. 

Also if you are feeling bored or lonely and you want to chat, DM me on instagram, I’m always up for a chat, I’m @labelsforlunch. Come say hi! 

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  1. April 16, 2020 / 1:25 pm

    I love that your DM’s are always open to all, this is so kind! I don’t think I would have survived this well if it wasn’t for you xx