How To Sell Coach Bags (+The BEST Places To BUY Preloved Coach Handbags At GREAT Prices!)

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How To Sell Coach Bags

My friends!! Today I want to have a quick chat about How To Sell Coach Bags! Now, you might already know I’m a big fan of Coach bags, I love the quality, designs and the prices, however, once in a blue moon we impulse buy something which isn’t quite our style. Or maybe it’s just not right for our lives, for instance, you might have bought a super cute Callie Foldover Chain Clutch and then had twins and need something a LOT bigger to carry the nappies around in! OR maybe you bought a Parker to wear to the office and then you changed jobs and now have a remote contract where you don’t need to go into an office and when you do go for a meeting, you need a much bigger bag to carry your laptop in… life happens and sometimes you need to change your handbags with your life! So today, we are chatting about How To Sell Coach Bags!

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Sell It To A Friend…

Before social media this would have been the MOST embarrassing thing to do, ‘ermmm, Hi Clare, you know that Coach bag you always admired, do you want to buy it off me?!’. Now all you have to do is hang the bag on the back of a door or take a cute picture of it on a chair, or maybe even share a throw back photo of you holding it and share it on social media. Write a caption to the tune of ‘I’m thinking about selling this bag, DM me if you want first dibs on it!’. Keep it casual and make sure it’s a cute photo! If no-one’s interested, it won’t be embarrassing because you asked them to DM you rather than comment below. No tumbleweed over here!

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Can You Sell Coach Bags On Ebay?

Ok, so it’s TOTALLY obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that you CAN sell Coach bags on Ebay and you CAN get a good price for them. HOWEVER, there is a few things I would like to mention that you need to bear in mind. First up, you need to be really thorough with your photos and descriptions, any unmentioned marks, damage, stains, etc. will be noticed by the buyer and they will potentially want to return the bag for a refund (and you will be lumbered with the return shipping costs) or they will want a partial refund AND on top of that they will probably leave you bad feedback. So if you are selling on Ebay, be very very careful to be incredibly thorough with your description of the bag and show high quality images of the bag as well as close ups of any stains, marks or damage. In short, don’t oversell your bag!! Also, I want to mention that Ebay is well known for having fakes listed on there, sure, there’s a LOT of authentic bargains too, but Ebay buyers are cautious, so if you are selling a Coach bag on Ebay, try to give the buyers as much proof and authenticity as you can. From packaging, till receipts, information cards, dust bag, box, whatever you can give in terms of extras – do it! Also if you can give a little background on the bag, maybe when and where you bought it, and maybe even why you are selling it, that can help buyers bid with confidence. Also, it’s worth noting here, that rare and limited edition Coach bags can sell for good money, so don’t worry that your £300 Coach bag will sell for 99p, just start the bag at a price you would be willing to sell it for, you only need one bidder! Also, when you are selling higher priced items like designer handbags, it’s worth looking out for a weekend where Ebay send you a offer to sell your items with a maximum listing fee of £1, this can save you a stack of cash in sellers commission, which is usually around 10% of the sale price. So if you bag sells for £150, you would usually pay around £15 commission to Ebay, but if you take advantage of one of these deals, you could pay just £1 commission to Ebay which is more money in your pocket!! PS. Don’t forget PayPal will also take a small percentage fee off you too! Oh and make sure you send your items with tracked delivery! Phew! That was a LOT of information!

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Take It Into A Local Consignment Store

If you have a local designer consignment store, pop in with it and see if they would be interested in selling it on your behalf. If they say yes, ask them what their fees are and how long they think it will take to sell and how much they will be able to sell it for. They should issue you with a contract with outlines all the details and if you are happy, leave it with them. If you are not sure, just let them know ‘Thank you and I’ll have a think about it’. You could always mention that you have more items to clear out and you will bring everything in together and this was just an example of what you have. Who knows, maybe you will! But local consignment stores are a great option for the non-tech-savvy out there! It’s also worth knowing that you item could sell fast or it could take a few months, so if you are needing the money fast, this might not be a great option for you, something like Ebay could be much faster!

Some Consignment Stores Give You A Cash Option

If you are needing to sell your bag fast and you would like to get cash for your bag rather than selling it via consignment, SOME, not all, but some consignment stores will buy your items off you rather than paying you once the item sells. You will have to google consignment stores in your area and maybe pop in or phone them up to ask if it is an option, but it’s worth considering. The only thing you need to be aware of is that usually consignment stores will give you a much better rate if they sell it on your behalf rather than buying the item of you. But it’s worth finding out how much they will buy it off you for today compared to how much you will get for it if they sell it on your behalf and they give you the money after the item has sold. Does that make sense?!

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Can You Sell Coach Bags On Vestiaire Collective?

YES! Whilst Vestiaire Collective is famed for selling preloved Chanel, Hermes, and other top designers, they also sell some really amazing luxury brands like Coach and I have to say, the prices are fantastic… Personally I would recommend buying Coach from Vestiaire Collective more than I would selling. Only because the prices are really competitive and coupled with the seller commission, I would worry that you might not end up getting a great final price for your beloved Coach. However, as a buyer, there are some amazing bags for brilliant prices! So go check it out!

Can You Sell Coach Bags On Rebelle?

Again! YES!! However, I have to say, I had a look and from what I can see, the prices are slightly higher on Rebelle than they are on Vestiaire Collective, so personally would consider selling your Coach on Rebelle rather than Vestiaire Collective, maybe the Rebelle customers appreciate Coach more than the VC customer, but if I was selling my Coach bags, I would feel much happier with the prices on Rebelle than I would with the prices on VC. Saying that though, items on VC might sell faster if you need the cash pronto!

Don’t Forget About The Real Real!

Finally, don’t forget about The Real Real who have some great Coach bags to buy and sell and if you use the discount code ‘REAL’, you get 20% off when you buy!

And there we have it, I hope this post is of help! Let me know if you have any questions! Also this post contains affiliate links!