How To Authenticate Chanel Jewellery!

fashion for lunch chanel jewellery collection brooch necklace

How To Authenticate Chanel Jewellery!

I LOVE buying Chanel jewellery and over the years I’ve managed to acquire a fair few pieces. From a hairclip, my first ever piece, to brooches, necklaces and more, it’s a true delight to wear and own. I recently organised some of my pieces into a Stackers jewellery box and I’m planning on doing the rest soon. Anyway, today I thought I would discuss a few quick tips on how to authenticate Chanel jewellery. There is a bit of a misconception that there’s only fake bags out there, but believe me, there’s a bit ol’ market of faux Chanel jewellery too! And even jewellery made from upcycled Chanel clasps and buttons… Let’s discuss!!

Chanel Signings

Over the years, Chanel have signed their jewellery in a number of ways, according to The Real Real, the pieces dating back earlier than 1950 were not signed, but after that period, they were signed. It’s very rare to find pieces from this era, so don’t assume you’ve gotten lucky, it’s more likely it’s faux. Sure the signings are great, however, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of Chanel jewellery, it’s far more important to look a the finer details when thinking about Chanel jewellery; weight, metal quality, quality of manufacturing. However, if you are looking at signings, post 1983, which is the most likely time frame you will find Chanel jewellery, the signing will be on an oval plate, usually soldered on (but not always) and will be marked with both Chanel and the interlocking C’s, there will usually be ‘A’ or a ‘P’ (P for spring, A for fall) on the right of the interlocking C’s. On the left of the interlocking C’s there is the digits of the year and along the bottom of the oval it should say where the item is produced, usually France or Italy, originally all the jewellery was made in France, but many more pieces are made in Italy now, so don’t let that put you off. The oval will be VERY small and almost impossible to read without a magnifier. The markings will vary massively though between seasons, but they are the general things to look for, also, you should just generally look for a clear print, albeit small print and also the Chanel logos and interlocking C’s should look just as perfectly formed and the correct fonts that they would on any other bag, scarf or piece of branding.



fashion for lunch chanel jewellery collection brooch necklace


This is a really tricky one to talk about as every brooch will weigh a different amount, but generally, if the jewellery feels weighty, then that’s a good sign. From my hair clips to brooches, everything feels heavy for the size. The only thing I have that doesn’t feel partially weighty, is my Chanel candy necklace which is made of a resin and that feels fairly light but that’s the nature of the materials, the metals will feel heavy though, as will the pearls on the iconic pearl necklaces.

How To Authenticate Your Chanel Jewellery… For FREE!

If you take your items into Chanel to authenticate, then it’s a tricky situation. They aren’t there as authenticators. However, if you want your item ‘Fixed’, ‘Serviced’ or ‘Cleaned’, then the sales assistants will generally look at the item and they are VERY well trained. If the item isn’t authentic they will say discretely, ‘This isn’t one of ours’ or ‘We can only fix items from Chanel’. Technically they are within their rights to dispose of the item, but they rarely do. Instead they will politely let you know it’s not Chanel and you will know. Alternatively, you could take your item to a specialist auction house, like Bonhams or Chiswick Auctions and say that you are interested in selling your piece, the specialist auctioneer will take a look at the pieces to value for you and if they are not authentic, they will let you know as they never sell fakes. Their specialists are highly trained and in my experience, very nice, shout out to Meg Randall at Bonhams! You never know, you might love the price and think it’s a good time to sell your item!

fashion for lunch chanel jewellery collection brooch necklace

Look Out For Upcycled ‘Chanel’ Jewellery

This has been a trend on eBay and etsy for a while and you might be into it, or you might not, but it’s worth mentioning because I wouldn’t want you to get caught out by clever wording. There are sellers, who rightly or wrongly, take authentic Chanel buttons and up-cycle them into brooches, necklaces, rings etc. They knock off the button back and stick a brooch bag on. Admittedly, the Chanel button is more often authentic, but it was never intended to be a brooch or a necklace and from what I can see, these items are often being sold for upwards of £100, which is a nice price for a brooch, but a pretty dreadful price for an upcycled button. It will be in the description, but you have to read the wording carefully. There is a similar trend for adding chain straps to Chanel make up bags or pouches too, again nothing wrong with it if that’s what yo want to buy, but don’t overpay for it or buy it assuming you are getting a piece of jewellery or a bag which was created fully by Chanel for one of their collections. I’ve seen these items go for hundreds of pounds and whilst some of the components are from Chanel, you don’t want to overpay for a make-up bag with a chain, or a button fashioned into a cocktail ring! Also, if you do knowingly buy one of these items, Chanel will not fix it for you as it’s technically not one of theirs and if you try to resell the item, you may struggle, or end up loosing quite a lot of money in the process. So please be aware and if my opinion is worth anything to you, I would avoid buying one of these items. Like I said, it should make reference to it in the description, but you need to read it, not just look at the photos!

Go Shopping!

Anyway! That’s my post! I hope it’s of help! If  you have any questions for me, please do let me know if you are a Chanel jewellery addict, lemme know, we can chat!! Oh and if you want to read my posts on chanel bags, there are plenty including why you should buy a Chanel WOC and Can you buy a Chanel bag online.

fashion for lunch chanel jewellery collection brooch necklace stackers jewellery box


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