Fragrance: Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ Review

Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ Review

Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ Review

‘Born from the heart of Sybaris, a true paradise of freshness and laughing deep greenery, a delightful solitude where one feels unique, phenomenal and on its own.’

Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ Review water based perfume

About Maison Sybarite 

Maison Sybarite are the first brand to create water based fine fragrances. They are made in France and created with the worlds top perfumers. They are free from alcohol, chemical solvents, texturising agents, crusty free and eco conscious. They have four fragrances in their collection; Bed Of Roses, Opulent Wood, 720 and Spicy Calabria. Their fragrances are also vegan and cruelty free. OK! Let’s do a Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ Review!


Bergamot, Ginger, Limette, Wormwood, Orris, Oud, Black Pepper, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Labdanum

Created by Master Perfumer: Laure Santantoni

Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ Review fashion for lunch blog

In Review…

My friends, I’m so excited to share Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ with you! Maison Sybarite are the worlds’ first luxury perfumery to use water based fragrance and quite honestly, it makes me wonder why everyone else isn’t using the same process. Not only is it safer for skin, especially for summer, but it’s better for the environment (read more about the science here), and in terms of quality and pleasure to wear, it’s perfection! 

Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ is an earthy, leathery fragrance and perfect for someone, like me, who loves a fairly unisex, opulent fragrance which a touch of spice and resinous accords. ‘Spicy Calabria’  opens with fresh, spicy notes of Bergamot, Ginger, Black Pepper and lime, which is wonderfully exhilarating. After about an hour the woodsy, amber-y more opulent notes become more dominant and mix with the spicy accords. 

Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ is out now and available from Maison Sybarite and Bloom Perfumery. It is priced at £160 per 75ml bottle. This post contains press samples and affiliate links.

  Maison Sybarite ‘Spicy Calabria’ Review perfume water based fragrance

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  1. April 16, 2020 / 1:23 pm

    I love my moody unisex scents so I think this would be up my street – also love that packaging it looks very luxe x

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