Cartier Love Ring: With Or Without Diamonds?!

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price white gold bracelet

Cartier Love Ring: With Or Without Diamonds?!

Hello friends, today I thought I would do a quick post about the Cartier Love Ring and which is best… With Or Without Diamonds?! Now before I get started, I have the classic Cartier Love ring which is with the screw design going around the ring and no diamonds, however, there is versions of this ring where instead of screws, you get diamonds. You can get one diamond in place of one of the screws, three diamonds in place of three screws or diamonds in place of all the screws, or you can have the screws visible and diamonds in the band. There are options!

My Cartier Love Ring Story… Without Diamonds

I had been eyeing up the Cartier Love ring for AGES before I finally took then plunge and if truth be told, I didn’t actually take the plunge myself. My boyfriend did, we went into the store together, just before my birthday and he bought it for me for the occasion. It was £1,100 and it was probably one of the most exciting shopping trips of my life because shopping in Cartier feels REALLY special! Even though my Chanel bags cost more, as did my engagement ring (which I also helped choose!) there was something about shopping in Cartier which felt SO special! Anyway! It’s been 6 years of owning this ring now and I thought it was time to share a few more posts on it, as it is something I am asked about often! When I chose my Cartier Love ring months before we bought it, I never even considered getting a diamond in it. It wasn’t about the price, in fact, I didn’t even ask how much it cost with a diamond, I just preferred the look of the Love ring without diamonds. I loved the screws and I didn’t want to cover a screw with a diamond. I also felt like the Love ring was designed with screws and not diamonds and I wanted to stay true to the original design.

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price

My Cartier Love Ring Price

As I mentioned above, the price we paid for my Cartier love ring six years ago was £1,100, and it now retails for £1,480, so you can hopefully see that a Cartier Love ring is actually a pretty solid investment. I actually wrote a piece here on five reasons you should buy the Cartier Love ring, as it is such a good investment. Anyway, If you buy a Cartier Love ring, with or without the diamonds, it’s still a good investment, in my humble opinion, so if you feel the urge to splash the cash on diamonds, good for you, if you went for the screws and no diamonds like I did… also good for you!

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Do Love Rings Scratch Easily?

As I mentioned, I have had my Love Ring for around 6 years and I have worn it pretty much every day during that time. I have no dents in the gold but there are a few small surface scratches, but the kind that would be polished out. As for the shape of the ring is has not bent or changed shape at all, it’s still a perfect circle. The gold band is thick, so it’s a nice strong ring and the gold is quite a hard gold, despite being a high Carat.

Can You Shower With The Cartier Love Ring?

Yes, you can shower with the Cartier Love Ring. I never take mine off to bath or shower. However, I would recommend taking it off if you are swimming in the sea.

Is Cartier Better Than Tiffany?

Whilst a lot of people prefer Tiffany, I personally think Cartier is better than Tiffany. The shopping experience is far nicer and for me it feels more of a luxury brand. I explored both stores when looking for an engagement ring too and whilst the Tiffany stores felt very busy and ‘hard sell’, Cartier felt a lot more exclusive and special. Also, Tiffany have a lot of ‘entry level’ pieces of jewellery, which Cartier do not.

Are Cartier Love Rings Unisex?

Yes, Cartier Love rings are unisex and they look great on a mans hand. The gold is fairly chunky and the screws are a beautiful unisex design.

Cartier Love Ring With Diamond Prices

However, It’s my opinion that knowing the prices and knowing what you love, is the most important factor here! Anyway, just to give you a rough guide on the prices, the Cartier Love ring with 6 diamonds inlaid (all diamonds totalling around 0.46 carats) costs £4,700. Whilst it doesn’t say the cut and clarity of these diamonds, it is worth noting that Cartier only deal in the very top tier of diamond quality. And the Cartier Love wedding band with the diamonds set into the band / paved, rather than the screws cost around £5,950, these rings have 88 diamonds inlaid into them which total around 0.31 carats. It’s also worth noting that these bands are the ‘wedding band’ thickness rather than the classic Love ring thickness.

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price uk

A Few Thoughts On The Cartier Love Wedding Rings

The wedding bands are thinner by around 1.9mm, as the wedding bands measure 3.6mm and the classic love rings measure 5.5mm. It’s just a small change but the wedding bands are much more dainty on the fingers. Personally, I prefer the classic 5.5mm thickness, but it really does depend on if you want to stack your love ring, your finger shape and length and of course budget. The if your budget is on the lower side, the cheapest Cartier Love Ring is the wedding band style (measuring 3.6mm wide) with no diamonds, in yellow gold or rose gold it will cost you £950 and in platinum it will cost £1,020.

Cartier LOVE Ring YELLOW GOLD review investment price uk

Cartier Love Ring Review

Finally, I just wanted to do a quick Cartier Love Ring Review, I have had mine for 6 years and I’m SO happy we got it!!! It’s been on my finger pretty much every day since I got it, I only really take it off in the summer as it gets uncomfortable in the heat when my fingers swell, I take off my engagement ring then too, just so you know. The gold hasn’t bent, warped and tarnished. There’s a few surface scratches and it could do with a clean, but it’s in really great shape! Also, it’s really good to know that if I hadn’t bought it then and bought it 6 years on, I would be paying a lot more for it. And whilst it might be frustrating for you, if you are thinking about buying one that you are paying so much more for it now than back then, just know that 6 year before I bought mine it was probably a lot cheaper than I paid and if you were to wait 6 years, I’m sure you would find the price tag had gone up significantly too! I honestly don’t have a single complaint with my Cartier Love ring. I’m glad I got it in the classic thickness rather than the wedding band thickness, I’m also happy I didn’t get a diamond or the pave style band. No complaints over here! I love it!

The Cartier Love Ring is something I hope I will have forever and I see it as one of my true fashion investments! I hope this post is of help to you and if you have any questions, please do let me know! Also, this post contains products I bought myself and affiliate links.

Go Shopping!

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