Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Review! Why This Bag Is My favourite Crossbody Handbag!

 Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Review

Hello friends! Today I thought it was about time I shared a few thoughts and a bit of an in-depth review of my beloved Anya Hindmarch camera bag, this little cutie has been in my wardrobe for a few years now, three, if i remember correctly and I’m pleased to say, I’ve used it a lot and it’s given me a lot of joy over the years. Today I want to discuss size, quality, weight, function, how to wear it and SO much more! Let’s deep dive!!

My Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Story

Before we start, I want to tell you about how I came across this bag. I had been a fan of the sticker collection as soon as  it launched. I mean, it was perfect! It’s fun, cute, colourful and just seemed like the collection I needed in my life. However, price wise, it wasn’t really something I could do at the time. We had just bought our house and ALL my money was going on paint, sandpaper, stud walls, wood… I was on a spending ban for every shop except B&Q! Anyway, I eyed it up for about a year and thought it was never going to happen and then… a miracle happened! I got an email about the Anya Hindmarch Sample sale and it was being held THE SAME DAY I WAS ALREADY IN LONDON! So I got a slightly earlier train and headed to the sample sale! I had been to an Anya Hindmarch Sample sale before and I knew they were good, but this time… it was amazing! There was SO much goodness there, but the creme de la creme, was a small table filled with these amazing sticker camera bags! The dream! And they were SO cheap! They had just been reduced, I can’t remember exactly how much to, but I want to say it was around £150! Incredible! I grabbed one from the table in disbelief, found a few other things I needed and made my payment, a little shell shocked at my find!!

Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Review crossbody bag handbag stickers

Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Size & Interior Space

This bag measures around 20cm across and around 15cm tall. It has a depth of around 6cm. As for the inside of the bag, is has just one large pocket and a small slip stick card holder pocket on the inside. Literally enough for three credit cards. On the back of the bag, on the outside, there is a small slip pocket which has a zip fastening. I find this really handy for housing my train tickets. The interior space is pretty perfect, it’s big enough to get some good junk inside, but it’s not restricted by having a bundle of different pockets in there taking up space. It can easily fit inside a phone, small compact camera, small purse, keys and a little make up. Which is the perfect amount if you ask me! Oh and weight wise, it’s a quality bag, so it’s not light and flimsy, but it’s definitely not overly heavy, the strap is strong but fairly thin, which keeps the weight down, the heaviest part of the bag seems to be the tassel. This bag won’t drag you down!

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Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Quality

OK! So I got my bag a the sample sale, I have inspected it over and over again and I don’t think it’s a second, I think it’s just excess stock because soon after I bought this bag, it sold out online and was discontinued. I can’t see any dodgy printing, faulty leather or anything, I think they were just clearing out excess stock as it was a discontinued style. Fine by me! Anyway, the print quality is stunning, the leather still looks and feels beautiful. The tassel is chunky and great quality and the hardware is shiny gold metal which still looks great! In short. The quality is wonderful, also I’ve worn this bag quite a lot and it’s holding it wonderfully well. It looks beautiful and the print and colours of the stickers still look brilliant too! Even after three years of fairly regular wear! Quality check: Approved!

Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Review handbag

How To Wear The Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag

This bag is iconic and I feel like EVERYONE instantly recognises it when they see it! It’s so cool! It’s also super versatile! I’ve worn this bag with super casual dresses in the day as well as a cuter dress and a blazer in the evening. It looks great with black as well as a full colour outfit and it’s kinda one of those bags which goes with everything! In the day time I tend to wear it as a cross body bag for a more casual look and in the evening I tend to wear it over my shoulder as it makes it look and feel a little more… evening-y! From jeans in the day to a cute dress for dinner, this is a bit of a ‘where anywhere’ bag, as long as your style is a little more playful! Plus size wise, it is small enough to look cute in the evening and big enough to just about get away with for the day!

Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Review handbag crossbody shoulder

Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Review sticker print black

Anya Hindmarch Camera Price

Finally… let’s chat price! Like I said, this bag was a REAL steal! I literally paid a fraction of the retail price and it was a bag i would have happily paid full price for, but I just didn’t have the funds at the time. I truly still consider myself SO luck to have found this at the sample sale! However, full price, it would have been around £800. Which is a lot, but i do adore it. And actually, they have the same bag but in silver on sale right now for a steal of a price at £239, which is well worth it if you ask me! Personally, I would say it’s worth £800 as it’s just as good quality, if not better than other brands selling similar style bags, however, if you were to buy it on sale, then for me, it’s a no brainer! Other similar bags include the smiley bag on sale for £330 and Neeson bag which is still full price and if i’m honest, I like less! It’s also well worth checking Vestiaire Collective as they have some amazing Anya bags at great prices as they are all preloved!

So that’s my post! I hope you like my bag and you enjoyed reading about it! Let me know if you have any questions, I will always try to help and if you love Anya, let me know which bags you own, or would like to own!

Go Shopping!

…And there we have it! I hope you like this Anya Hindmarch Camera Bag Review! Also, I bought this bag with my own cash, but this post does contains affiliate links.



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    Oh wow I absolutely love this! Now I’m browsing all there bags online…..

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