12 Ways To Reuse Your Fornasetti Candle Pots

fornasetti candle12 Ways To Reuse Your Fornasetti Candle Pots

My friends, today I want to share a few of my favourite ways to reuse, repurpose and up-cycle your old Fornasetti candle pots. As you might already know by now, I LOVE Fornasetti candles and I ADORE the stunning floral and smokey scents and of course, the pot designs are an absolute dream. I just can’t get enough of them and whilst they are a pretty penny, I do think they are worth it! So today, we are going to discuss all the fun ways we can reuse Fornasetti candle pots once you have burnt the candles down! Ok… Let’s Go!!!!

Store Bath Salts

Not only will it be a beautiful ornament for your bathroom open shelves, but the lid will keep your bath salts nice and steam free!!

Make-up Brush Pot

Pretty obvious, but you know it will look cute AF

Kitchen Storage

If you have a collection of empty Fornasetti pots, you can use them to store you tea, coffee, sugar, rock salt, etc. It’s a dreamy way to spruce up your kitchen and give the space a very boujee feel.

Toothbrush Holder

I used to do this until I was cleaning and dropped it! I cried! But it’s a cute way to store your toothbrushes and toothpaste!

Dipyque giant indoor outdoor candle

Bedside Table Medicine Store Pot

Store away all your pills and necessities, it’s the perfect way to keep things private and pretty…


The resell value on the empty Fornasetti pots is nuts. So if you love the candles but don’t want to keep the pots after, just sell them on eBay and you’ll be shocked at how much you can make!

Store Matches

A cute way to have your candles on the mantlepiece but not in an ugly unsightly box! Put the full box in the pot or put the matches loose with the lighting-strip thing inside with it!

Make You Own Candles

Buy some wax, wicks and essential oils and up-cycle your own candles and pour them into the pots. I can guarantee they won’t smell as good as a Fornasetti candle, but they will still be lovely and it’s a fun project… especially right now!

Desk Tidy

Hide away your lipsticks, lip balms, hair bands, cuticle oils, batteries, usb sticks and so much more in a Fornasetti candle pot. So much cuter and it’s a great way to feel tidy, but also have everything you want close at hand.

Fornasetti 'Fior Di Lina '

Plant Pot

Plant some herbs, cacti or a succulent in an old candle pot for a super luxe home-made-home kinda vibe!

Herbal Tea Cup

Personally, I’m way to scared of doing this, as they are SO fancy and I’m so clumsy, but I have heard of people using their old Fornasetti pots for herbal tea cups. Perfect if you like a giant cup of peppermint tea to last you until lunch!

Shelfie Ornament

Let’s be honest, these beautiful pots don’t need to house a candle or anything, they can just be on a shelf, looking beautiful!

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….And there we have it, lots of fun ways to reuse, repurpose and up-cycle your old Fornasetti Candle pots. For me, the pots are half the fun, so it’s a joy deciding what to do with them once the candle has burnt down! I hope you like this post, if you want to buy a Fornasetti Candle, you can find them at Amara and if you have any questions, please do let me know! Also this post contains press samples and affiliate links. You also might want to read this Fornasetti candle review post!

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    They are so pretty! I use all of my old candle jars, I have so many for makeup storage! x