What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? & Is Chanel Jumbo heavy?

What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? gold hardware

What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? & A Few Things You Need To Know Before You Invest In This Classic Handbag

Hello my friends! Today we are going to chat about the Chanel Jumbo bag (also known as the chanel classic flap large bag) and a few things you should know before you invest in this classic handbag. Also… Is Chanel Jumbo heavy? YES! But we will get into that in a moment!  As well as chatting about the price, quality, practicality and so much more!

But before we start, I want to tell you about my handbag story. For me, the Chanel classic flap bag in the larger / jumbo size was always THE DREAM BAG. Like, the dreammmmmm! I was always like, that’s the dream, thats the bag I’ll get when I’ve made it, that’s the bag I want… one day! I really felt like I had to get ‘there’ to own this bag and quite frankly, when everyone else was lusting over Celine trapeze’s and LV speedy’s I wanted this bad boy. I can remember saying to my friend in Selfridges ‘I love the classic size, but if I got the bigger one, I could put my lunch in it!’. And my friend was like ‘Seriously, you would put your lunch in that bag?!’. Lol! They had a point and in case you are wondering, no, I’ve never put a sandwich anywhere near this bad boy!

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So, one day, we were in Chanel and my boyfriend was clearly in the mood to SPEND! I was looking at another bag, a cheaper bag and then I said ‘Can I see the classic flap, in the larger size’ and I HONESTLY just wanted to look at it. I explained, that was the bag I wanted when I was grown up and it was the dream. So, I was looking at it and admiring it and then I put it down to look at the other bag and my boyfriend said ‘Hang on, why are you looking at that bag when you REALLY want the other bag?!’ and the next thing I knew he was convincing ME that he should buy me the Classic flap in large. I refused, of course and then he told me ‘It’s February, it’s probably going to go up in price in April’ and I honestly couldn’t argue with that if I’m honest. Ching ching! We went off to pay for it!

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Chanel Jumbo Bag Price?

I got my Chanel Jumbo bag a few years ago now and since then, it has gone up in price. in fact, it went up in price two months after we bought it, just as my boyfriend said it would – he knows his stuff!!! And that is something you should be aware of, if it’s March and you are thinking about buying one, then do it now, not in April – funds permitting of course! Right now, the Chanel jumbo bag is £5,100, which is a lot, I admit, it was less when I got mine, it was still a lot, but it was less. And when the prices go up, it’s often by a few hundred, so it’s worth getting it sooner rather than later. Especially if you want to buy it brand new from a Chanel boutique. However, if you are buying this exact same bag on the preloved market, you could get the same bag in great, if not mint condition for around £3,000 – £4,000. Oh and when you shop at therealreal.com, you can get 20% off with the code ‘REAL’. So it’s WELL worth considering! And yes, everything at therealreal.com is ALWAYS authentic!

What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? shoulder bag

Chanel Large Flap Bag Dimensions

Now before we start discussing what fits inside the Chanel Large flap bag, I wan to chat to you about the dimensions. This bag measures 19.5cm tall by 30 wide across the front and has a depth of 10 cm. However, it is worth noting that this bag is incredibly high quality and it’s beautifully made. It’s also very thick and structured AND has a double flap… you know what that means?! It’s BULKY on the inside and out and it’s really important to note that this bag is not quite as big on the inside as you might think. That leather lining takes up a lot of the interior space, as does the classic flap, so whilst you can fit a lot in it, it’s not quite as big on the inside as you might think from the outside. So just a reminder, the Chanel large flap bag dimensions are 19.5 cm x 30cm x 10cm deep.

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What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? review

What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag?

So, what fits in a Chanel Jumbo bag? So as I mentioned above, the dimensions are 19.5 cm x 30cm x 10cm deep and it’s a very sturdy bag with good structure and leather lining, so the inside of the bag is not quite as big as you might expect from the outside. However, that being said, it’s a nice side. I personally can carry my small compact camera in it, a spare lens, some make-up, purse, phone, keys, a cereal bar. It’s a nice size! I’ve also put an iPad in it in the past, although I did manage to crack the screen because i didn’t put it in a case which was dumb! and I’ve also been known to put a bottle of water in this bag too, again, along with the usual purse / phone / keys / make up combo. So for me, I would say it fits in everything I need, but i can’t over stuff it. I generally have to choose between the iPad, camera and bottle of water and generally i go for the camera. HOWEVER, I need to tell you this… if you put too much in this bag, it gets REALLY heavy! Like I said, it’s beautifully made, but it’s got a lot of heavy chain, leather and hardware and it gets SO heavy fast. so please be aware, if you are a major bag lady, you need to think about the weight. Alternatively, it might be worth searching for a seasonal version of this bag on the preloved market which doesn’t have the double flap. it’s the double flap which will take the weight down slightly.

What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? review

Finally, Does Chanel Ever Go On sale?

I actually wrote a full blog post about this… and the answer is yes, but it’s not worth waiting for it! Maybe if you want a pair of shoes, or maybe a piece of jewellery, but not if you want a bag! Anyway, go read the post, it’s a good one. You can find it here: Can you buy a chanel bag on sale? If you are looking for a Chanel bag bargain, or to at least save a few pounds on it, I would say head over to therealreal.com and enter the discount code ‘REAL’ for 20% off and it will be way better than any discount you find at a Chanel boutique.

Is Chanel Jumbo heavy?

I have to be honest, the Chanel Jumbo bag is REALLY heavy! Between the thick, heavy chain and the double flap and heavy leather, it’s a really heavy bag. I thought I would use this bag more because it fits so much inside, but actually, I wear it less because I can’t fit much in before it gets wildly heavy. A fabric version of this bag will be less heavy, or the Deauville Tote bag is a lovely larger size bag which is less heavy too.

What is the most affordable Chanel bag?

The most affordable Chanel bag is the Chanel Wallet on Chair (WOC) which retails in the UK for around £1800. It’s really wearable, it fits more inside than you might expect and you will use it often. Aside from that, the most affordable Chanel bag is a preloved Chanel bag, I have a few which I have picked up for around £1000 which is a BARGAIN!

What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? review

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What Fits In A Chanel Jumbo Bag? review

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