Podcast Episodes Which Spark Joy!

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Podcasts Which Spark Joy!

My friends, today I ant to share some podcasts with you which I think spark joy! This is a true crime free zone right now, instead we are focusing on fun and happy podcasts to warm your soul during these dark days… shall we crack on?

Filling The Void

A super fun podcast all about hobbies, otherwise known as how you fill the void. Every episode a guest discusses their holidays, from roller coasters to table scaping, knitting to holidays, birds to painting. It’s a great podcast, look out for the episode with Diablo Cody discussing rollercoasters and Lena Dunham on painting. But TBH, every episode is kinda brilliant and I’m always happy when it pops up in my podcast feed!

Lizard People: Conspiracies &  Comedy

Another podcast I LOVE, but I have to be honest, for us Brits, some of these conspiracies don’t land as we just don’t understand the ins and outs of US politics… or at least I don’t! Listen out for the episode; Vampires are Real, Sexual Abuse and Nickelodeon. I know it sounds less joyful than it is, but it’s actually really fun!

Mystery Show

Every episode is joyful and perfect, but start with the episode called ‘Belt Buckle’. You won’t regret it!

We Need To Talk About Britney

I LOVE this podcast and I’m not even a Britney fan… sorry Jen! But she is a fascinating muse and the podcast is joyful, nostalgic and quite frankly brilliant. Listen out for episodes on Britney’s Hair, Alient, Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman and You Drive Me (Crazy). Before you know it, you’ll be looking up Britney’s Best Dance Moves on YouTube too!

This Is Love

From the makers of Criminal (another brilliant podcast) comes This Is Love, unsurprisingly themed around love, rather than crime. Start with Nothing Compares To You and work your way through all the episodes.

Reply All

A podcast which varies a lot between human interest and cool stories from the internet and super techy geeky stuff. Listen out for A Stranger Says I Love You, The Case Of The Missing Hit and Shine On You Crazy Goldman.

Sweet Teen Club

A now defunct podcast I love, each episode they chat about a different Sweet Valley High book, over wine, of course! As well as other 90’s treats. If you love nostalgia, you’re gonna love this one!

…And there we have it, enjoy my friends! Stay safe and if you get bored, DM me on instagram and we’ll have a chat!

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