Katie Mullally Jewellery Review! Luxury Charm Necklaces (Made In England)


Katie Mullally Jewellery Review

Hello friends, today I want to share a little Katie Mullally Jewellery review with you all. These charm necklaces are a wardrobe staple of mine and I’m so happy to share some more photos with you all as well as some in-depth information and a little more about the brand. Each piece has been designed and made in the UK. The designs take inspiration from the past and each piece features a heavy hallmark of the makers name. Today I want to share my favourite designs as well as some more information! Let’s Go!

katie-mullally-jewellery-review-wish-bone necklace

The Best Katie Mullally Charm Designs


Double Coin Necklace

Irish Shilling


Yes / No Spinner


Hallmarking Silver Circle

katie-mullally-jewellery-review-wish-bone necklace

Independent Jewellery Designers To Invest In

Each piece of Katie Mullally jewellery has been designed and made in the UK. In the UK it is only necessary to hallmark silver if it weighs over 7.78g. However, all Katie Mullally Charms are sent to the prestigious Goldsmiths Company Assay Office in London for hallmarking. Here, they test the silver for purity and only then is it hallmarked. So you know you have not just a piece of silver, but a high quality piece of silver which will forever be able to be traced back to the maker, year, assay office and of course, the material. Between this seal of approval and the beautiful, timeless designs, this makes it an independent jewellery designer to invest in. Oh and the gold plating is super thick, I have had my pieces for years and worn them loads and the gold still hasn’t worn off!


About Katie Mullally

After leaving school, Katie Mullally worked in her grandmas antique business in the Old Grays Antique Market in South Molton Street, London. It was here she leant about vintage and antique jewellery and of course, the art and information behind the hallmark stamp. With an Irish heritage and a love of the British Countryside, Katie’s jewellery can be worn and treasured.


Five Great Independent Jewellery Designers To Invest In

Alex Monroe

Katie Mullally

Edge Of Ember 


Monica Vinader

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