Five Reasons Why I Love Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

Five Reasons Why I Love Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

My friends, it’s March 28th and we are in the full throws of Covid 19 lockdown, which means a lot of self-isolation and a lot of hand washing. I’m handling the self-isolation fine… but the handwashing is getting to me. Those 20 seconds feel tedious and my hands are SO flippin’ dry all the times, so today, I thought I would share a bit of a guilty pleasure which is getting me through the day… Jurlique Rose Hand Cream! It’s been a favourite of mine for YEARS, but right now, it’s giving me more joy than pretty much anything else. So today, I thought I would share five reasons why I love Jurlique Rose Hand Cream, because sometimes, it’s the small things in life which really matter!

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream rose jasmine citrus

Super Hydrating

First and foremost, this is the most rich, thick, velvety, fast absorbing, non-greasy hand cream ever! It’s so hydrating, it literally sorts my dry, sore hands out in a matter of minutes and delivers long lasting hydration. Sure it smells lovely, but forget the scent, forget the packaging… at the core of this product is one overriding fact; it’s a super hydrating and super-hardworking hand cream!

Balancing & Soothing

Rose is naturally balancing and soothing for the soul and quite frankly, I need that more than ever! In a world of chaos, a moment of calm is needed more than ever at the moment. And if that comes from my rose hand cream, then I’m here for it! Particularly lovely just before bed as a calming ritual and to let it work it’s magic overnight. They also have a Lavender hand cream (lavender is also grown on their farm), which is also wonderfully relaxing before bed.

Dry & Sensitive Skin Friendly

Thanks to Jurliques commitment to organic farming and natural ingredients, their skincare is great for those of us who have super dry and sensitive skin. I suffer with a lot of dryness and redness, especially in the winter and Jurlique is always a go-to brand for me. If you are also plagued with dry and / or sensitive skin, it’s worth trying out their ranges, especially the ones which have been specifically designed for dry and sensitive skin like the Calendula range. My family have a lot of eczema and Jurlique is one of the few brands which help soothe flare ups!

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream rose jasmine citrus lavender review

Jurlique Have Their Own Rose Farm

A fact that I will never tire of! It’s located in the hills of Southern Australia and they use organic farming techniques to avoid using synthetic pesticides and herbicides, which is not only better for the planet, but better for your skin. Jurlique are as committed to sustainability, as they are to creating the most naturally beautiful products possible. As well as Roses, Jurlique also grown lavender, yarrow, marshmallow, chamomile and pansies. They also use solar energy to help power their farm, contribute zero waste from their farm to landfill and have planted 12,000 trees as part of their sustainability mission. They also donated a vast amount of cash to charity during the bushfires earlier this year.

Treats When You Buy…

Finally, it’s always worth looking out for deals & discounts on Jurlique. Right now, if you spend £75 or more, you will receive a full size Radiant Skin Foaming Cleanser, which I can assure you, is a wonderful cleanser, I often use it as the second part of my double cleanse and I love it! So natural and so lovely, also, it’s great if you have dry or sensitive skin as it’s really gentle. They also send free samples with their orders and offer free delivery with most orders.

So there we have it, a few reasons why Jurlique’s Rose Hand Cream is bringing me a lot of happiness in this crazy, crazy time. Thanks for reading and remember, self care is important! This post contains press samples and affiliate links.

Jurlique Rose Hand Cream handcream review


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  1. April 10, 2020 / 9:03 pm

    I honestly think it’s the best! I think I started using it around 10 years ago when it was the metal packaging x