Beat The Boredom: 40 Productive & Weirdly Satisfying Things You Can Do Whilst You Hibernate / Self Isolate

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40 Productive & Weirdly Satisfying Things You Can Do Whilst You Hibernate / Self Isolate

My friends, it seems like the whole world is in lockdown! It’s a crazy time right now and it’s easy to go stir crazy. Some people are in lockdown because their government have told them to be, others are in self isolation because they have the virus and some of us, are just hibernating because we don’t want to risk carrying it to those who might be badly effected by it. It’s a scary time! Today I wanted to share a few things you can do whilst you self isolate / hibernate to pass the time, feel productive and give yourself a satisfying feeling of achieving something… be it big or small. Here are my ways to Beat The Coronavirus Boredom!

Clean Your Make Up Brushes

Hand Wash Your Bras

Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Organise Your Accessories

Sell Your Unwanted But Still Awesome Clothes On Ebay

Start A Pension (I did mine at Aviva)

Open An ISA

Upcycle A Piece Of Furniture

Try Out a New Recipe

Flip Your Matress

Prune The Garden

Repaint A Room

Clean The Windows

Listen To An Audiobook

Write A Five Year Plan

Write Your Will (You Can Do it Online at

Start A YouTube Channel (or watch mine!)

Start A Blog

Get Your Inbox Down To ZERO

Listen To A Podcast

Check You Are Up To Date On Your Bills

Transfer Any outstanding Credit Card Debt To A Zero Percent Credit Card & Make A Plan To Pay It Off

Throw Out All Expired Food

Sort Out Any Unwanted Food & Donate It To A Food Bank (When You Are Back To Normal)

Light The Fancy Candle You’ve Been Saving For A Special Occassion

Phone Your Grandparents To Say ‘Hello!’

Clear Out Your Phone Camera Roll

Do The Laundry

Order New Sheets & Duvet Covers

If Your Duvet Is Over 5 Years Old, Order A New One

If You Pillows Are Over 3 Years Old, Order Them Too

Throw Out Your Chipped Mugs

Throw Out Old Recipes

If You Are Self-employed, Organise Your Recipes

Throw Out Your Old Make Up

If Your Mascara Is Over 3 Months Old, Order A New One.

If Your Foundation Is Over 12 Months Old, Order A New One

Unsubscribe From Unwanted Mailing Lists

Cancel Any Subscription Services You No Longer Use

Bake A Cake, Cookies or Crispy Cakes

Text A Friend &  Tell Them You Have Cabin Fever… And Arrange A Day Of Fun For When Things Are Back To Normal!

I hope this is of help and if you have any questions, let me know! Also, if you have cabin fever and you want to DM me for chats, voice notes and cute pictures of Gordon, you are more than welcome! I’m on Instagram and Twitter @labelsforlunch.

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