I’m returning Kurt Geiger Kensington Bag (Review)

Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington Bag Review rainbow review colourful shoulder bag

Kurt Geiger Kensington Bag Review

When this Kurt Geiger Kensington bag first launched it was all over my Instagram feed and quite honestly, I have been obsessed with it ever since!! I spotted it in the bright pastel colour way first, I was instantly drawn to the rainbow colours, the metallic finish leather and just its general glitzy rainbow joy! I was obsessed!!! Over the next few years they released more items from the same range including shoes, trainers and even a water bottle holder bag. However as much as I loved the collection, I never bought it, but I also never forgot about the bag. However, I’ve been very aware of how many bags I own and I have honestly been trying really hard to cut down my handbag shopping and instead focus on buying things I actually need… bras… tights… walking clothes… pyjamas… y’know, the kind of things that you wear ALL the time and often don’t replace. EVER! Plus because the Kurt Geiger Kensington bag was not a seasonal item, I figured I didn’t have to rush to buy it as it isn’t being discontinued any time soon. I was able to bide my time! OK, it’s time for a Kurt Geiger Kensington Bag Review!

Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington Bag Review rainbow review sale promo code

Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington Bag Review rainbow review

Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington Bag Review

A few weeks ago I was browsing the ASOS sale and I saw the Kurt Geiger mini Kensington bag on SALE! On sale!!! This never happens! But there was a catch, it wasn’t in the iconic bright rainbow shades, it was more of a muted, darker rainbow with a black stripe and black crystals on the eagle head. Also, instead of the light bright shades, it was darker tones of a rainbow. But it was a great price! Put-it-in-your-basket-right-now! It was a no brainer and it wasn’t quite the dream, but it was still super nice. I figured I would buy it, have a look at it and maybe I could live with the slightly different style of rainbow for the saving. A few days later, my ASOS delivery man came and I got the bag out and sat it on the side for about a week. I kept going back to look at it and even though I kept telling myself it was ‘almost’ my dream rainbow bag, it was still nice and it was a GREAT price. Maybe the colours were better for winter? Maybe it was a little less intense? Maybe it was a little more wearable? And again, it was on sale so it was a great price!

Eventually I realised the main thing I liked about the Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington bag in darker colourway you see in the photos, is the price. I also realised I actually I wanted the classic size and not the mini, mainly because I commute into London and a lot and need more bag space. So, my friends, I’ve decided, I’m sending it back. I’m returning the mini and I’m putting the classic sized Kurt Geiger Kensington bag on my wishlist. The larger size is WAY more practical for my life style and I LOVE the rainbow eagle head it has and of course, the colours are simply splendid!!! What can I say, for me, the classic colours are the best and sometimes it’s not worth buying the cheaper / sale version of the dream when you should just buy… THE DREAM! Also, if you do have the bag featured in this post, please, please don’t be offended by my words, it’s a beautiful bag, it’s just not my dream bag and the classic is the bag I have been dreaming of for literally years!!!

Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington Bag Review rainbow review metallic review

Kurt Geiger Kensington Bag Review 

Kurt Geiger Kensington Bag Review

As gutted as I am to send this bag back, I am super excited to know that I will be soon buying the Kurt Geiger Kensington bag in the rainbow design (see below in the shopping links) in the larger size. However, it was a good exercise in reminding me that cheap doesn’t mean best and sometimes you have to save for the things you want! Also, whilst I had this bag in my possession, it was great being able to inspect it for it’s quality and craftsmanship and I have to say, it’s a stunning bag, lovely leather, lovely hardware and the finish is generally perfect. So, I can feel confident shopping for the bag online! I hope this post is of help and I just wanted to remind you, hold out for the things you REALLY want, I know if I had kept this bag I would have always wished I had put the money towards the bag I really wanted and also I might have ended up buying the other bag as well at some point. My boyfriend always says to me ‘buy cheap buy twice’ and I have to say… I think he’s right in this case! So as beautiful as this bag is… it’s going back to ASOS and I’m going to put the money towards the classic colour rainbow kensington bag and I’ll be getting it in the larger size!

Is Kurt Geiger good quality?

Kurt Geiger is good quality for the price you pay and for a ‘high street’ bag. If you compare it to Topshop, it is good quality, if you compare it to Coach, it is a far lesser quality, however, it’s also a far lesser price.

Is Kurt Geiger a luxury brand?

Kurt Geiger is not a luxury brand, they are the top end of the British High Street, similar to Boden or Whistles. They do great bags and shoes which are fun and wearable designs, however, when compared to luxury brands like Coach, Chanel, Louis Vuitton or MCM Worldwide, they cannot compete. Also Kurt Geiger bags are made in China which is not a sign of a luxury brand.

Are Kurt Geiger shoes made in China?

Yes, Kurt Geiger shoes and bags are all made in China.

Are Kurt Geiger shoes true to size?

Yes, Kurt Geiger shoes are true to size. I usually take a size 7 shoe and I always need a size 7 in Kurt Geiger. They also have a true to size width.

Have you seen the Moda In Pelle Rainbow Bag?

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper version of the Kurt Geiger Rainbow bag, then you should have a look at the Moda In Pelle Rainbow bag, it’s £89, made from striped rainbow metallic leather and pretty cute. But personally, I still prefer the Kurt Geiger Rainbow metallic Kensington bag!

Is Kurt Geiger Carvela?

Yes, Kurt Geiger and Carvella are the same brand. They merged in 1978. KG by Kurt Geiger is their younger range, aimed at the teenage and early 20’s market, Kurt Geiger is aimed at the 20’s and 30’s market and Carvella is for a slightly older 40+ market. They are all the same company and same brand.

Does Kurt Geiger do NHS discount?

Yes, Kurt Geiger offer NHS workers a 20% discount, you can access it at the website.

Does Kurt Geiger do student discount?

No, Kurt Geiger does not currently offer a student discount, however you can get 10% off by signing up to their mailing list on their website.

Does Kurt Geiger do free delivery?

Yes, spend over £100 on their website and get free delivery. Don’t forget to sign up to their mailing list to get 10% of your first order too!

Does Kurt Geiger have sales?

Yes, Kurt Geiger have great sales, they currently have up to 40% off their shoes and bags. It’s also worth visiting one of their outlet stores – they have one at Ashford Designer Outlet. You can also find their bags and shoes heavily discounted at TK Maxx too!

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Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington Bag Review rainbow review metallic review

Kurt Geiger Mini Kensington Bag Review rainbow review eagle head metallic

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