Do Chanel Bags Go On Sale? + Does Chanel have sales?

Can You Buy A Chanel Bag On Sale?

Do Chanel Bags Go On Sale?

Mu friends! You’ve, asked, so I’m answering, this is the age old question of Do Chanel Bags Go On Sale?? Today I’m going to break it down and tell you everything I know! We discuss sample sales, seasonal sales, airport shopping, annual price rises, duty free and even, is it cheaper to buy a Chanel bag in paris! We get into it and chat everything chanel sale related!

Does Chanel have sales?

This is a tricky one, technically, yes, Chanel do have a small sale twice a year and there are a very limited amount of bags in the sale. But from what I’ve always seen, the discount is very low and the bags which are reduced tend to be heavily embellished seasonal items meaning that even though the bags are on sale, they are still a similar price to what you would pay for a classic collection Chanel bag. I’ve personally never bought one as they are the same price as the Iconic bags I would rather buy and because they feature more embellishments like sequins and lace, they tend to be more fragile too. However, if you are a collector of rare Chanel bags and you like to keep them pristine rather than use them regularly, you might find the sales amazing as you can get more limited pieces for lower prices. Just be aware that very few handbags go on sale, so if you see something you love, see it as a stroke of good luck!

The Chanel Chain Tote Handbag At Auction blue metallic bag vintage

Do Chanel Have Sample Sales?

Years ago, Chanel usedto hold sample sales! No Joke!!! I know so people who have been and I will never not feel jealous of them! They were very hard to get into, mainly just staff and magazine editors, but they were apparently amazing. There was also a limit on how much you could buy per person. They no longer host these sample sales, so if you hear rumours of one, or someone tries to sell you a bag they bought at ‘last years sample sale’. Do some checking, it might not be legit! They stopped doing sample sales a good few years, maybe five years ago and there’s no such thing as a Chanel outlet store at Bicester or similar.

Do you know you can Buy Chanel Bags Duty Free?

Yep! This is not a drill!!! You can get 20% off some Chanel bags at the airport. Of course you have to be flying long haul, and not every airport has a Chanel store. Also, only the seasonal bags are in the airport stores, so there are restrictions, but for the most part, you can get Chanel bags at Chanel long haul duty free! Like I said though, it’s only seasonal bags, so you won’t be able to get a black caviar classic flap bag, but you will be able to get styles like the Boy Bag or Wallet On Chain bag, and that’s pretty cool!

Do Chanel Employees Get A Discount?

Yes, Chanel Employees get a 30% staff discount and they also get invited to the sample sales. There are limits on how many items they are able to buy with their staff discounts as well as at the staff sample sales. Each employee is only allowed to buy two bags each at the staff sample sales.

Is It Cheaper To Buy A Chanel Bag In Paris?

This really does depend, right now, the pound is VERY weak, so if you are in the UK, no it’s not cheaper to buy a Chanel Bag in Paris. In fact, it might be more expensive! However, if you are based in the US or the Middle or Far East, then yes, often it is cheaper to buy a Chanel Bag in Paris. However, it might also be worth price comparing the prices of the bags in Paris to the prices in London as like I said, the pound is very weak right now and it might be cheaper to buy it here, especially since we have tax free shopping and you can claim 20% of the price back!

chanel classic flap handbag green colour color transfer results gold hardware

Have You Looked On Vestiaire Collective?

Honestly Vestiaire Collective is the most amazing pre-loved and designer vintage resale online store. They have sooooo many amazing pieces at great prices, and every single item sold is intercepted by Vestiaire Collective themselves so you are always guaranteed authenticity and there will be no nasty surprises in. Terms of condition, age or general wear & tear. I always suggest shopping for pre-loved and vintage Chanel at Vestiaire Collective because every single item is thoroughly checked and authenticated so you are guaranteed your Chanel is the real thing. The way it works is the seller uploads the item, and when the product sells, the seller ships it to VC who check it against the photos to make sure it’s in the exact condition stated and there’s nothing further which should have been declared and they also authenticate every item before it’s shipped to the seller. If they feel the condition is less than has been stated in the listing, they will speak to the buyer and the seller and try to negotiate a lower price which both parties are happy with, and if they are not 100% sure the item is authentic, then they will refuse the sale, send the item back to the seller and refund the buyer. It’s a great service which you don’t get with platforms like eBay, gumtree or Craigslist.

Have you Considered Buying A Chanel Bag At A Handbag Auction?

I have done this a few times and I am proud to say I have scored three amazing (and of course authentic) Chanel bag at a specialist handbag auction. I bought two via Chiswick Auctions and one from Bonhams. Both have been amazing and the blue Chanel tote you can see in one of these photos cost £1000 and the black vintage 1990’s flap bag you see in the image above cost £1000. I’m SO happy with both and both were amazing bargains!!!

chanel boy bag review what you need to know price authenticity how to authenticate black chevron leather lambskin antique silver metal hardwear hardware

Can You Buy A Chanel Bag On eBay?

This is a tricky one, you technically can, but there are a LOT of fakes on there and REALLY good fakes which could catch you out if you don’t know what you are doing. I have quite a few authentic Chanel bags and I know a lot about authenticating them but I’m not even confident enough to buy one on eBay. Because here’s the thing, no one is authenticating then for you, you have to do it yourself or pay someone else to do it, which means you’re taking a gamble. If that gamble pays off, sure you’ve saved a couple of hundred pounds, but if your gamble fails and the bag is FAKE, then you’ve just spent a fortune on a worthless bag. Which is going to be hard to sell on for anywhere near what you paid for it. Which much like the handbag you have bought, is rubbish.

Do You Know There’s A The Real Real Discount Code?

If you are thinking about buying a Chanel Bag on the preloved / vintage market, then The Real Real is a GREAT online store to buy your Chanel through and if you use the code ‘REAL’ you can get 20% off. NO JOKE!!!!! Shop now!

Can you not buy Chanel online?

You can browse the Chanel collection online, but you cannot buy a Chanel bag online at the Chanel website. It is not an e-commerce website, it is for browsing only. If you want to buy a Chanel bag online, you will have to buy it via a reseller rather than directly from Chanel.

Which is the best Chanel bag to buy?

  • Classic Flap Bag
  • Chanel Wallet on Chain Bag
  • Chanel Boy Bag
  • Chanel 19 Bag
  • Chanel Deauville Bag
  • Chanel Reissue Bag
  • Chanel Flap Bag with Top Handle
  • Chanel Camera Bag

Let’s Talk About The Annual Chanel Price Rises

Although Chanel deny there is an annual price rise, it’s pretty widely known amongst the fans and regular shoppers that Chanel often rise their prices around April every year. Although in 2020, there have been rumours there’s actually been TWO price rises… no joke! Anyway, my point is, if you are reading this post in February / March, it might be worth buying the dream Chanel bag now, rather than in a month, and if you are buying it in April / May, do a little research online and see if there has been a price rise and if you are happy with it. If you aren’t happy with the new prices, consider shopping online. I’m personally a HUGE fan of where you can buy preloved Chanel bags – which are always authentic, some vintage, some almost new! And if you use the code REAL you will get an extra 20% off!

Do Chanel Bags Go On Sale?

The Chanel Shopping Rules…

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is…What can I say, when it comes to Chanel, you rarely get truly lucky. Sorry!

Wait for the one you love…if you have spent the last 10 years dreaming on a black caviar classic flap bag, then why are you buying the Chanel boy bag at duty free it’s because it’s got 20% off? Wait for the one you love, it will be worth it.

They only go up in value…it’s true, if you dream of owning one and you have the money NOW, but it now. Every year they go up in price, so take the plunge and treat yourself. Look after it and it will last you a life time and if you get bored of it, you might be able to sell it on in a few years for what you paid for it!

Do your research…There are so many things to consider when it comes to buying Chanel handbags, so my advice is to do your research, learn by others’ mistakes.

Trust Your Gut… If you have even a glimmer of doubt that the Chanel Bag you are buying at a vintage store, Ebay, wherever isn’t real, then don’t do it! But on the flip side, if you find a Chanel Bag in the dusty corner of a charity shop for a fiver and you have even a glimmer of hope that it mightbe real, even if the sales assistant tells you it’s not real, then buy it and get it authenticated later. I once heard of a youtuber who bought a Hermes bag for $300 dollars on Ebay because even though the seller said they had no idea if it was real or not, he had this weird feeling that it could be and he went for it. And y’know what? IT WAS!!! Similarly, I once found a Hermes scarf in a ‘Fill a bag for a Fiver’ vintage sale. No joke!

Many high street handbags add up to a Chanel Bag… I totally understand Chanel bags are not cheap, but here’s the thing, high street handbags can be up to £70-100 each and often beyond. If you make the decision to buy yourself a Chanel Bag or any other designer bag, you need to remember that every time to you buy a ‘just for now’ bag from the high street, that money could be saved up and spent on your dream handbag later on. So next time you see a cute bag in Zara for £40, walk on by and put that money in a bank account labeled ‘Chanel fund’ and see how fast the cash racks up. At the same time, keep an eye on Vestiaire Collective and think about which bags you love and how much the generally cost. You’ll be shocked how fast you save up enough money, especially if you are buying on the pre-loved market.

Do Chanel Bags Go On Sale?Yes! But you will be better buying a Chanel bag at the airport duty free or buying it preloved. If you wait for the seasonal sale, you will very rarely find a bag you want and you might end up waiting so long that the annual price rise happens!

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In Conclusion: Do Chanel Bags Go On Sale??

Yes, but honestly, don’t wait for the sale as it will probably be a huge disappointment! Instead consider buying your Chanel bag duty free at the airport or buying your Chanel bag preloved. The Chanel sales are always worth looking at for shoes and jewellery, but the bag selection is always very poor. So keep an eye on a preloved Chanel or a duty free Chanel. Also, the annual Chanel price rise usually happens in April, so if you decide to buy one in March, if you waited for the sale in June / July, you could actually end up finding nothing AND discovering the bag you wanted has gone up in price in that time! Also, Classic bags NEVER go on sale, so if you are looking for the classic flap bag in black, you will never find it on sale, but you will find it cheaper on the preloved market.

How Can I Get A Discount On Chanel?

Further Reading

My fourth piece of advice was to ‘Do your research’, so with that in mind, I’m going to suggest some other blog posts I’ve written in the past all about shopping for Chanel. First of all, let me tell you about this guide to buying and selling on Vestiaire Collective, I think you might find it really helpful to understand the authenticity guarantee as well as the costs involved. Also this post on the Chanel Boy bag V the Chanel Classic flap bag might be helpful and also this post about Chanel Colour transfer is really important to know about if you are thinking about a lambskin bag. Finally, if you already have a Chanel Bag, but it’s not the DREAM bag and you are thinking about selling it, this is my guide on how to sell a Chanel Bag. Also this post on Chanel Bag ‘buy now pay later’ might be worth a read too!

And there we have it, Do Chanel Bags Go On Sale? I hope this post is of help, please do let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help!  This post contains affiliate links. 

Go Shopping!



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    Very informative post. I don’t like used anything so the ‘Chanel Find’ bank is a very good idea. I’m not into Chanel even though I do not mind owning one but would apply this same principle to that Marni bag I so much desire.

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      February 10, 2020 / 9:38 am

      oh I love a little Marni!!!! I hope you find your dream bag!!! xxxx

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