Just A Little Gordon Update… & A Reminder For All The Pet Mama’s!

jon kirsty gordon fashion for lunch right move margate hallwayJust A Little Gordon Update

It’s been a ROLLER COASTER of a week and if I’m honest, I feel like I’m still on the roller coaster with sooooo much more going on behind the scenes in our lives. Little Gordon was vomiting for about 3/4 days straight and wasn’t holding much down at all, even water, so as you can imagine, we were worried. We took him to the vets – a few times and they booked him in for x-rays. Whilst he was still sedated, they said they wanted to operate as they could see ‘Something’, they didn’t know what and they thought they should go in and have a look. He also has had blood tests and a biopsy. He’s only young, so I’m sure that he’ll be fine, but it’s been rough. We have been sleeping on floor in the hallway (on the mattress of course!) so we can be with him and the house looks a little like a squat / drug den from a bad movie. But he’s doing well and that’s all that matters.

& A Reminder For All The Pet Mama’s

HOWEVER, I need to take a minute to remind you that if you have a pet, PLEASE make sure you have pet insurance. It doesn’t matter how young your animal is, or how little you think they need it, the fact is, you DO NEED IT. This week would have cost us £2,000 (and counting) if we hadn’t had insurance and quite frankly, not everyone has that spare at a moments notice, so you need to have insurance in place if the worst does happen. Literally, this time last week, he was running around the woods and he was seemingly fine! If you can afford a pet, you can afford pet insurance. And if you have already got insurance, make sure it’s a good policy and it hasn’t lapsed.

That’s kinda my post, just a little update on Gordon and a reminder that pet insurance is important and will probably end up saving money in the long run… and if you never end up using it, consider yourself lucky. Photo taken by Joe Woodhouse as part of the shoot we did with Rightmove.


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  1. March 4, 2020 / 1:35 pm

    So very important! Hilda cost us nearly 5k last year and that was all our baby savings gone :-/ We did have insurance but just a really low excess so we’ve upped it all ! x