It’s January 2020!! Let’s Chat About Our Monthly Favourites!

Oliver Bonas Prints i came to boogie

Holy bloody Smokes! How Is It February!?!

I honestly don’t know, so here are my monthly faves… enjoy!

Oliver Bonas Prints

This month I FINALLY hung these beautiful Oliver Bonas prints!  I had a few different places I could have put them in the house, but eventually I went for the hall as I really felt this area needed something on the wall and not only that, but it’s a nice prominent space in the house too! I still can’t decide which one is my fave, in fact, I’m thinking about buying some more to add to the collection! If you want to check out more of the amazing prints at Oliver Bonas, then click here! They are THE BEST PRINTS!

pink drawers upcycling project pink door london pink office


This month I have been loving the ‘A Beautiful Mess’ podcast, it’s new and great and I’m just really into it! I particularly loved their episode about their App story. In case you don’t know, they made some really cool apps and it was a great interesting and honest insight into how and why they create them and what it takes. So good!! I’ve also just started listening to season 3 of ‘Accused’, which I’m loving and super pleased that the new season of ‘We Need To Talk About Britney’ is back. Oh I’m also loving the new series of ‘The Dream’, which is super interesting. I’m not going to tell you TOO much about each podcast, so go subscribe and give them a listen!

pink drawers upcycling project pink door london face furniture

Upcycling Project

This month I FINALLY did an upcycling project which I have been meaning to do forever and I have to admit, it worked out even better than I expected!!! I bought an old set of drawers from my local British Heart Foundation store last year and I always intended to paint them but I was being lazy and kept delaying it. This month, I felt the urge to do it and I painted it pink using some Valspar Paint I had left over from this pink door project I did (the pink shade was created especially for the Pink Ribbon Foundation) and then I gave it a little playful twist inspired by one of my favourite doors in London!

Matalan Zebra Cushion

Matalan Zebra Cushion

I found this zebra-shaped cushion in the Matalan children’s section, but quite frankly, I think it’s super adorable and suitable for fun-loving grown ups as well as children!! I’ve got it in my airbnb next to my watermelon and donut cushion! Isn’t it adorable?

matalan face cushion

More Matalan Cushions

Haha! I couldn’t limit myself to just one new cushion, I also got this amazing face cushion and this colour block cushion too! Both awesome quality and both from Matalan! Seriously, what would I do without Matalan?!!?

vintage trinket dishes trucks

Charity Shop Treats

This month I found these super kitsch trinket pots / herb pots in my local charity shop and honestly… I nearly didn’t buy them, but I KEPT going in to look at them and eventually I said to myself ‘FFS! Just buy them!’ So I did and I don’t care how silly and kitsch they are, I just think they are adorable!!! £4 well spent if you ask me!

ren jelly oil cleanser review

Ren ‘Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser’

This new REN cleanser has only just launched an already everyone, including me, is very, very, very excited about it!!!!! I love the oily, jelly, almost slime consistency and it encourages you to give your skin a good facial massage before you rinse off and say goodbye to make up, dirt, spf and even pollution. Apply to dry skin and personally I double cleanse so this is my current first step and I truly love it!!!

IMAGE Skin Care Facial at privet body salon

IMAGE Skin Care Facial At Privet Body

This month I had the MOST AMAZING facial at Privet Body Salon in Ladbrook Grove, London. Michelle assessed my skin and gave me a gentle peel on my cheeks which are the most sensitive part of my face and gave me more of an intense peel on my jawline and T-zone. She also gave me a full prescription of products I should be using to combat my main issues. It was SO good to have an amazing facial and even better to have an expert prescribe me exactly what I need going forward. It’s so rare we have the luxury of an expert telling us exactly what we need rather than us guessing what is best for us and trying and testing endless products. I’m SO excited to get into my new skincare routine now! Also a huge thank you to Michelle, IMAGE Skin Care and Privet for the amazing facial! Also, the salon was stunning, this cactus wall is just the start of it!

Hallway Tour

Also, I finally shared a hallway tour on my YouTube Channel, but I thought you might like to see it here too, so just click above and have a watch!  Also, it’s not actually finished yet, but this is the work In progress and I just wanted to document it and share it as it is right now! I hope you like!


My KitchenAid Dreams Have Come True!

This month my KitchenAid dreams came true! I honestly cant stop looking at it!!! I haven’t even used it properly yet because my mum is going to come and teach me everything I need to know – she uses hers every day and tbh, for a week or two, I just want to admire it, because it’s SO incredibly beautiful!! I got it from who’s customer service is always FLAWLESS And I honestly couldn’t be happier with it!!! And yes, as tempting as a bright colour was, I went for black because it’s stunning in my kitchen!

sashajuan haircare review

Sachajuan Hair Care

This stuff is truly the best! My mum and I are both obsessed! I was SO happy when the new Sachajuan Anti-pollution shampoo & conditioner dropped through my door and so far, I’m loving them!!! Why are more people not talking about this brand???

glamglow eye cream

 GlamGlow ‘Bright Eyes’ Eye Cream

Another new release and I wanted to share it because Glamglow Bright Eyes is just a great all round eye cream. I’m always impressed with Glamglow and this eye cream is no exception. It’s silky, light, fragrance-free and glides over the eye area, whilst still giving a nice hit of hydration. With the cold weather and central heating my eyes have been dry in the mornings and this is really combatting my dry skin.

Ta daaaaa!!! And there we have it… my monthly faves!! I hope you like and thank you SO much for reading as always!!! Also, this post contains some gifts and affiliate links!


  1. Erin
    February 3, 2020 / 5:01 pm

    Your home is just SO beautiful! I love all the colours – and that plant in your kitchen is SO pretty!!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • fashionforlunch
      February 3, 2020 / 6:25 pm

      Thank you so so so much!!! you really are the best!!! Thank you for being forever so nice and kind!!! xxxxx

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