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Home Video: A Tour Of My Super Kitsch Pink Office

A Tour Of My Super Kitsch Pink Office

My friends!!!!! I finally did it!!! I made a video tour of my super-kitsch pink-AF office!!! I have been working on the office for MONTHS, if not YEARS and I’m SO happy it’s finally done! I almost can’t believe it! This room has been one of the hardest to do because it’s a really big room and I have a LOT of stuff in here. I spent most of my Christmas and New Year working on it, so it’s a real thrill to finally finish it! I’ll probably keep making changes to it as I go along, but I’m feeling pretty good about it to be honest! Anyway, I made a quick video about it, so press play and have a watch below…


Favourite Things…

I think one of the things I LOVE most abut the office is the oodles of windows. We have a total of SEVEN windows in here! Five in the turret – yes, there’s a turret, and two large windows against one wall. It gives the room SO much light which is perfect for taking photos, but also, for just great for keeping me awake! Aside from the windows, I quickly realised this room needed a LOT of storage; I am a major hoarder and I refuse to get rid of things, I also have a lot of camera equipment, books, perfumes, beauty products, props, odds and sodas and so much more! So a LOT of storage is super important to me. I have two vintage sideboards I got from my local British Heart Foundations stores – I think both of them cost less than £50 each! I also have a couple of sets of drawers too, one of which I Upcycled which you can read about here. Aside from that, I’m all about the trinkets, vintage and colourful treats. I think it make the room feel really fun!

Where’s It All From?

Matalan Nova Geo Rug

Matalan Plant

Matalan Basket

Chanel Bags (get 20% off with the Code REAL)

Vintage Pink Chair (bought on Ebay for £1.20!)

Fornasetti Face Candles

Desenio Prints

VQ Radio

Furniture from BHF

So there it is… my pink office! Let me know what you think! I would love to hear your thoughts!


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