Coach Camera Bag Review!

Coach Camera Bag handbag red leather quilted review

Let’s Talk About The Coach Camera Bag…

Hello friends! Today I thought it was about time I discussed Coach Camera Bag. I’ve had this bag for a while now and I honestly can’t believe I have never talked in depth about it, somehow it slipped through the net! So I’m sorry about that, but I’m here now and I’m ready to chat about this vintage inspired little cutie! 

Coach Camera Bag handbag red leather quilted review

Colour, Print & Design Options 

One of the things I love most about the Coach camera bag is that there is something for everyone. If you style is very simple and pared back, then you can opt for a chic minimalist Coach Camera bag, maybe in a simple black or white leather or maybe in a signature print canvas, like this one, the overall look is simplistic, but the signature print coated canvas adds a little ‘something something’ to the bag and gives it a slightly more retro feel. Alternatively, if you are wanting a slightly more luxe feel to your bag, then this leather signature print bag is perfect. It’s completely black leather, but it’s almost a stamped quilted effect which is really cool!  On the flip side, if you want something a little more flashy and colourful, then there’s some really fun colours and prints to choose from. These ones are fun and they are currently on sale, alternatively, these new bags for spring 2020 are so cool, I’m already obsessed with the rainbow one! 

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Coach Camera Bag handbag red leather quilted review fashion for lunch

The Coach Kat Camera Bag 

This season sees the launch of the brand new Coach Kat Camera Bag and what can I say, I am living for it! I love the horse & cart printed canvas, the block colour detailing, the big horse & cart buckle. It’s like a pimped up camera bag, but it’s also cute as a button! It’s fair to say, the Coach Kat camera bag with the orange is totally going on my wish list! 

Best FIRST Coach Bag?

The Coach camera bag makes a GREAT first Coach bag if you are new to the Coach family. The Coach camera bag is a simple and easy to wear style of bag, it’s also really affordable, especially in comparison to other bags in the range. It’s bigger than the Coach Callie bag, which I LOVE, but it doesn’t fit as much inside and it’s less of a ‘big purchase’ than the Coach Rogue or Top Handle Riley, which are both AMAZING, but a little spendier and you might want to test the waters with a smaller Coach bag first to see how you get on!

Coach Camera Bag handbag red leather quilted review

Leather & Material 

The Coach Camera bag comes in a variety of leathers, including lamb skin like I have, as well as more treated leathers like the polished pebble leather (great idea you are looking for a super hard wearing every day handbag) and of course, the signature print coated canvas. All are great, but I have to say, mine is quilted lambskin so I’m very careful with it and if I had the signature coated canvas or the polished pebble leather, I would probably use it more and have to worry about it less. As much as I love the lambskin leather for its softness and luxeness, it is more delicate and therefore I’m more careful with it. I would also say the camera bag is the kind of bag you could wear every day and it’s not best suited to a coach leather bag! I see the coach camera bag as a very every day, useful bag and if the soft leather puts you off using it every day, then go for a harder wearing coach canvas bag or a tebble leather! 

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Coach Camera Bag handbag red leather quilted review leather strap

Overall Quality Of The Coach Camera Bag 

As always, I’m so impressed by the quality of Coach bags, it’s way above the quality of Michael Kors and Kate Spade, in fact, it’s even above Gucci quality – yes! I went there! The quality of the leather is stunning, the stitching is perfection and it’s just generally wonderful quality and especially amazing for the price of the bag. As always, Coach serve double the quality for half the price of other luxury brands! 

Coach Camera Bag handbag red leather quilted review strap hardwear price


I love the strap on the Coach camera bag, you get a little chain for some extra detail, but the main bulk of the bag is soft, easy to wear leather which is way more comfortable than any leather strap. Also the strap is adjustable with a generous margin so you can wear it over your shoulder or crossbody, no matter how tall or petite you are!

Coach Camera Bag handbag red leather quilted review lambskin


The price of the Coach camera bag does vary significantly, for instance there are a few styles on sale now, like these ones which are £165 each. Which I think is amazing! But for the current, full price bags, I would say allow from around £250 to around £295 and £395 for a larger style Kat bag. But to be honest, for £250 you have a great selection to choose from including the new Kat range! 

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Further Reading…

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Go Shopping! 

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please do ask me and this post contains affiliate links.



  1. February 17, 2020 / 9:27 am

    Wow all the styles they do…..I’m very interested! I’ve never thought to purchase coach but I think it could be the next bag ya know x

    • fashionforlunch
      February 18, 2020 / 8:52 am

      I really love their bags! Look out for the pebble leathers and the Rogue is my FAVE bag, but the camera bag might be more ‘YOU!’ as it’s crossbody and super practical! xxxxxx

      • February 21, 2020 / 6:39 pm

        always into a practical cross body! Thanks! x