Well, That Was Fun! Let’s Talk About December Favourites!

December Favourites

Well, That Was Fun! Let’s Talk About December Favourites!

Before I start, I just wanted to say I’m a little later than usual publishing this post and I’m really sorry! What can I say… Christmas left me busy! I lost my voice, I’ve been tiding and prepping for a shoot and generally, it’s just been BUSY AF! So I’m late to the party with my December faves and I hope you don’t all mind a look back at the month for a few minutes. I promise to keep this one brief, but trust me, December was filled with fun, food, decorations and dogs!!!

Ten Podcasts For Freelance Creatives my vq radio


This month I LOVED listening to ‘Drop Out’ if you don’t know it, go listen, it’s all about Elizabeth Holmes and really breaks down exactly what happened there! It was fascinating!!! I am also loving ‘Filling The Void’ which is all about hobbies and I’ve been loving ‘This Is Actually Happening’ and ‘Family Secrets’. Also, I know I have recommended some of these podcasts before, so please, forgive me if you are sick of me talking about them but that’s what I’ve been listening to and loving!


My Christmas Grotto

This year we didn’t have a ‘real’ Christmas tree, instead we had a colourful christmas grotto!!! It was really fun! We had four coloured trees, and lots of fun bits and bobs, mainly to cover the christmas tree stands if I’m honest, but no joke, my colourful christmas grotto gave me so much happiness this month!!!

orvis dog bed memory foam

Dog Bed

This month we were kindly gifted an Orvis dog bed. I love it, Gordon loves it and I’ve already climbed in and had a nap in it… if you follow me on twitter then you might have noticed I often go for a nap in Gordon’s dog bed! lol! We actually have two Orvis dog beds, the first one we bought about 6 months ago and we love it, this second one was a gift from them, both of them are amazing and we are so grateful! If you have a dog and you want a lovely dog bed, I can’t recommend these enough, he has the memory foam bed (which is made from recycled water bottles, amazingly!!!) and he also has the comfort fill couch bed, which is also wonderful!

tonys chocolate

Tony’s Chocolonely

I’ve only just discovered Tony’s Chocolonely and I’m already loving it!! Plus they are a really nice brand doing lots of great things for the world, I bought their chocolate as part of my Ocado shop and I recommend it a LOT!!!!

jo malone london rose and magnolia perfume

Jo Malone London ‘Rose & Magnolia’ Perfume

December saw the launch of a new Jo Malone London perfume, ‘Rose & Magnolia’. It’s super pretty; a very soft, velvety, opulent rose mixed with pretty magnolia, earthy patchouli and warm amber. It’s really lovely; perfect for the colder months as it’s comforting but uplifting and I love the touch of sweetness the amber delivers alongside the opulent roses. It’s a real treat! I also did a video about it on my YouTube channel if you want to have a watch!

festive day in london 2019

Festive Day Trip Into London

I was CRAZY busy in the lead up the Christmas, but I forced myself to take a day out with my friend Danielle and it was SO much fun! London looked absolutely stunning and it was a week day so it wasn’t tooooo busy!!! We had burgers in Covent Garden, chats over coffee and generally just had a lot of fun exploring some of the beautiful christmas sights in London. It’s no joke when people say ‘Christmas looks good on you, London’, it really does!

Festive Day Trip Into London  christmas decorations 2019

Decorations In General…

OK, so here’s another shot from my festive day in London – I couldn’t limit myself to just one photo! But here’s the thing, this year I had SO much fun decorating. I loved my grotto, I loved seeing everyone elses’ christmas decor and generally this year all the festivities really lit me up! PS. The door above is my Inspo for next year! lol!

shesedio lipstick

Shiseido Colorgel Lipbalm

I can’t believe this is the first time that I have talked about this Shiseido Colorgel Lipbalm, but I have been loving this wonderful tinted lip balm lipstick. It’s a lovely nourishing formula, great colour, enough coverage and it’s just been perfect for the winter months. I love a pop of colour but I also love something super hydrating and this has nailed it for me! It’s become a real make-up bag staple!

pink office fashion for lunch blog home

Office Storage

Between Christmas and New Year, I spend a LOT of time in my office, not working, but instead, organising my storage. I cleared out a lot of old junk, we built a new desk AND I moved this vintage sideboard into the room and organised it properly. I was tempted to just cram as much as I could onto the shelves, but instead, I organised it properly and really TRIED! I’ve still got more to do and admittedly I shoved a bunch of stuff into the loft, but it feels SO GOOD just to have organised a little more of the office. This room has been a VERY slow process!!!

…And there we have it! Also, thank you for being so amazing this year! You guys really are the best! Let me know what your December faves were and also, this post does contain some affiliate links and gifts.


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