Let’s Talk About The Chanel Camera Bag… (+Tips For Saving Money On Vintage Chanel Bags)

vintage chanel camera bag black lambskin leather review thick strap

Chanel Camera Bag Review

Today I’m here to talk about the Chanel Camera bag review!! I got this bag YEARS ago, I bought it second hand and it was one of my first Chanel bags. EVER. It was actually really cheap because of the damage and if I’m honest, it’s one I rarely use now as it’s pretty crippled, but I’m so glad I have it and I thought it was time I did a post about the Chanel Camera bags and my thoughts on it in terms of price, size, quality, practicality and SO more more. So strap in, I think it’s going to be a fun one! This Chanel bag is an unsung collection of the Chanel collection and it might possibly be a great one for you to add to your collection… or ever buy as your first ever Chanel bag! Who knows!!

Best First Chanel Bag?

I’m gonna throw this one out there… I think the Chanel Camera Bag is a GREAT option as a first ever Chanel bag. It’s a lot more affordable than the classic flap bag, yet it fits more inside than the Chanel WOC. Plus the easy silhouette makes suitable for the office (if you travel light) and also for the weekend, it’s also a great travel bag, hello frequent flyers! It’s the perfect mid-size bag for most days and most occasions. It’s also a really practical bag as it has a long shoulder strap, which just makes it easy. Y’know? Oh and if you are petite, you might be able to get away with wearing it crossbody. For me it’s a little to short for crossbody, but I have seen other people wearing it crossbody which is really handy! Generally, it’s just an easy, practical, good sized bag which is more affordable than other similar sized bags… it’s worth considering!!

vintage chanel camera bag black lambskin leather review 80's preloved

What’s The Chanel Camera Bag Price?

Ok, so what he Chanel camera bag price? Right now on the Chanel website there is a great Chanel camera bag for around £3,200, admittedly, it’s not cheap, but it is it worth noting a Chanel classic flap bag is around £4,600 (correct at time of publishing). However, if you are looking for a second hand or preloved Chanel bag, you can pick up a Chanel Camera bag for around £1,000 to £1500, sometimes much less. Where as a Chanel WOC on the preloved market is often around £1300-£1700. Which is super interesting as the Chanel WOC actually holds it’s price better than the Chanel Camera bag. Not great if you are a seller, but brilliant if you are buying! Personally I think the reason for this is that most people want to buy the Chanel Classic Flap and the WOC is seen as a smaller, cheaper version, where as the Chanel Camera bag is often overlooked. Which is a shame as the Chanel camera bag is actually very cool, practical and super wearable. It’s got a much more casual, easy vibe and like I mentioned, it fits a good amount inside!!

vintage chanel camera bag black lambskin leather review where to buy price

What Fits Inside The Chanel Camera Bag?

SO! What does the Chanel Camera bag fit inside? Well, quite a lot actually, in fact, I would say mine fits around the same amount inside as my Chanel classic flap. I’ve spoken about this before, but as beautiful as the classic flap is, it’s actually deceptively small on the inside because it’s leather lined and it has the second flap on the inside and the compartments, which REALLY limits the interior space, so whilst the Chanel Classic flap bag LOOKS bigger and IS bigger on the outside, on the inside, I think there’s a similar amount of space! Inside my Chanel Camera bag I can fit a compact camera (obvs!!) a small-medium size purse, lipstick, phone, powder compact, portable phone charger, lightning cable, keys, more make up, a cereal bar… and still have some space spare!!! It’s a handy little bag. For me, it’s the perfect size!

vintage chanel camera bag black lambskin leather review thick strap

Tips For Saving Money On Chanel Bags

When it comes to buying Chanel bags, there are some great tips for saving cash. However, I NEED TO SAY THIS>>> BE CAREFUL! There are some amazing fake chanel bags out there and you don’t want to be stung with an expensive fake. Sure, if you are in a charity shop and you see a possible Chanel for a fiver, buy it and figure out if it’s real later, but if you are spending £400 on a fake Chanel bag, that’s basically £400 down the drain. Y’know? So unless you are an expert, I always say to avoid anywhere like Ebay, Etsy, gumtree, etc. because you really are taking a gamble. Instead, I always say to stick to places where you spend a little more but it’s guaranteed authentic. Personally, I love Chiswick Auctions, The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective. I also love Airport shopping…

vintage chanel camera bag black lambskin leather review price where to buy

Do You know About The Real Real Discount Code?

I LOVE The Real Real website because EVERYTHING on there is guaranteed authentic and generally it’s also a really fair price. There’s constantly new stock being uploaded and it’s got some incredible finds on there. For me, I have to KNOW that the Chanel I’m buying is authentic as otherwise, it’s just a HUGE waste of money. So sites like The Real Real and Vestiarie Collective are PERFECT for grabbing a bargain and doing it safely! ALSO, did you know you can get 20% off at The Real Real with the promo / discount code ‘REAL’. No joke! It can save you an absolute fortune!!!

Can You Buy Chanel Tax Free At The Airport?

Hell yes you can!!!! There are a few things you need to know though, if you are based in the UK, you need to be flying long haul to get tax free shopping, so I generally pop in when I am at the Chanel at Heathrow airport when I’m heading off to America. It’s also worth doing your research before you go in; what bags do you like? What are the prices? What colours and leathers are you interested in? You only have a REALLY limited time between checking in and your flight to make your decision so you need to be ARMED with information to make a great decision on the spot – because even though you are saving 20%, it’s still a big spend, especially at the start of your holiday! Also, it’s really important to remember that classic Chanel bags are not in the airport stores, so you won’t bag yourself a classic flap in black caviar at the airport, as it’s a classic style, however, you will get yourself a Boy Bag or a seasonal shade of a classic bag.

vintage chanel camera bag black lambskin leather review preloved where to buy the real real

Other Chanel Bags You Might Like

If I haven’t convinced you that the Chanel Camera Bag is pretty awesome, then let me point you in the direction of a few other posts you might like about some other Chanel bags. Firstly, I LOVE the Chanel boy bag, so this post on that bag might be of help. If buying a Chanel bag and paying in instalments might help your cashflow, you might want to read this post on chanel bags, buy now pay later. It might also be worth reading this post about the Chanel WOC bag, which is a big favourite of mine! Oh and finally, if you like a bigger tote bag, then the Chanel Deauville bag is awesome!

Go Shopping!

Ta Da!!! And that’s EVERYTHING! I hope this blog post is of help and as always, if you have any questions, please do let me know! Also, this Chanel camera bag review post contains affiliate links.