Let’s Talk About The Aspinal Of London Mayfair Bag!

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review navy and white

Let’s Talk About The Aspinal Of London Mayfair Bag!

My friends!!! Today I want to chat with you about the iconic and beautiful, Aspinal of London Mayfair bag!! Just to give you a bit of background, I got my Aspinal of London Mayfair bag a few years ago now and I kind of fell in love with it for it’s tricolour chicness, it’s multiple ways to wear and it’s modern-classic vibe. Plus the price point hits a sweet spot, enough to put it into the luxury category where it’s beautifully made and designed, but not enough to make me scared to use it. Y’know? So today we are going to get into it, how to style it, price, quality, design, ways to wear, the interior and SO much more! Are you ready to dive in to the Aspinal of London Mayfair bag?

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review clasp

Ways To Wear

The first thing I want to mention about the Aspinal of London Mayfair bag is that it has three ways to wear. Firstly, as a top handle bag with the detachable strap removed. However, it can also be worn as a long shoulder bag, as well as a crossbody bag. It’s also worth noting that the detachable strap is adjustable with a good margin, so it can be worn at several different lengths and crossbody, no matter how tall or petite you are Personally, I like to wear it as a top handle bag. I just think it’s SO cute worn this way.

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review navy

On The Inside

On the inside of the bag, it is fabric lined, which I quite like as it’s a nice thick, high quality fabric lining and it has two main sections as well as a middle zip section and a back slip pocket. Also, a really cute detail is that this bag comes with a small Aspinal of London mirror which matches and slips into the back pocket. HOW ADORABLE!

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review back view


I’ve been trying to think how long I’ve had this bag and how many times I’ve used it and honestly, I think it’s been about three years and a more of an ‘occasion’ bag. I think I wore it to a few meetings, a wedding, lunch, those kinds of days because it has always felt like quite a dressy and ‘special’ bag. I store it carefully, in it’s dustbag and box (did I mention it comes beautifully presented?!) Anyway, on this base of this bag there is studs, which I love as it’s white leather, the top of the bag is super soft lambskin where as the back and base is a patent mock croc, which is nice as the upper which you touch the most is nice and soft, where as the parts which get naturally more wear are more hardwearing. The bag is fabric lined with lovely thick cloth, the hardware is perfect and beautifully finished and stamped and the stitching is flawless. If truth be told, it’s a perfectly made handbag. I also think it’s a really fairly priced luxury handbag too!

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review white navy

Design Options

Firstly, I have to address the elephant in the room, my Aspinal of London Mayfair bag was from a summer collection a few years ago so it is now out of stock. However, the winter collection has lots of amazing colour ways, which I have picture-linked below. Personally, I LOVE the maroon or the black, but if you do want something a little more colourful, it might be worth waiting for the spring to see what’s new! There’s also a Mini Mayfair now, which is adorable and didn’t exist when I got mine and there’s a really elegant purse too, which I am kind of obsessed with!!! Also, you can personalise your Aspinal of London Mayfair bag!

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review strap

How To style The Aspinal of London Mayfair Bag

I’ve always worn my Aspinal of London Mayfair bag with a cute little dress, I think one of my favourite combos was this outfit and I often find myself wearing it with a trench coat. I’m not sure why, but it just looks great with a classic trench. It would also be adorable with a vintage red double breasted blazer and jeans. For me it’s cute and fairly smart bag. I love the classiness of it and in the colour way I have, it feels very Rivera! Which I’m obvs into because my look these days seems to be boujie oldie!

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review strap navy white

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review


So! Personalisation! Let’s discuss!! Now, I’m gonna be honest here, I’m funny about personalisation, I think because I don’t love my name and also because I’m engaged and one day we will set a date, so in the mean time, I’m never sure what initials to get! Anyway, the thing I really like about the Aspinal of London personalisation is that for this bag, it’s one on the strap, so if you decide you don’t like it or change your name, you can take the strap off and buy a new one and no-one will ever know! It won’t ‘ruin’ the bag and if you want to resell the bag, you can too. Let’s be honest here ladies, we’ve all sold a bag to pay the rent, am I right?! To get your initials added on to the strap, it’s £15 and to get your full name it’s £20. You have the choice between a gold embossing or ‘blind’ which I think is black.

aspinal of london mayfair handbag bag review back

Aspinal Of London Mayfair Bag Review

OK! So final thoughts and full review! So I personally LOVE my colour way of the Aspinal of London Mayfair bag and I’m SO sorry it no longer exists, however, there are other versions and if I’m honest, the other versions are more practical. I think one of the reasons I’ve not worn mine day-to-day is because of the white leather, I’ve always been way too scared to make it my ‘daily’ bag and instead I’ve always used it for more ‘occasions’. However, I have to say, if I had the maroon or black, I would have probably used it WAY more. After all, it’s a great size, beautiful design and really practical. I love the multiple ways to wear it and I love the chicness of it. I would recommend not getting a white bag if you want to use it every day, however, if you are using it for occasions, go wild as even though mine is years old, I’ve looked after it and it still looks great! The quality is perfect, the price is brilliant and even though I haven’t had mine monogrammed, it is a nice extra touch. I adore the Shield clasp too, it’s easy to use and it just looks really stylish and it’s quite unusual. It reminds me of a vintage handbag in a lot of ways. On the inside, the compartments are REALLY handy, the larger sections are big enough to slip a compact camera inside, where as the zipper section is perfect for keys, tampons and anything that you want to tuck away. Also, the little mirror on the inside is a really cute touch! Personally, I think the Aspinal of London Mayfair bag is one of the most beautiful styles they do, it’s a great mid-sized bag, super stylish and classic and I love wearing it. What can I say, it’s a winner and there’s nothing like it out there! I think if I was to buy one this season…. I would have to go for the mustard of the evergreen… both are stunners!

Go Shopping!

Thank you SO much for reading! This Aspinal of London bag is a real favourite of mine and I hope you liked learning more about it! Also, this post contains affiliate links.



  1. January 30, 2020 / 8:17 pm

    I actually really love the green ya know! It’s my colour of the moment x

    • fashionforlunch
      January 30, 2020 / 8:52 pm

      ohhh I can see you in the green!!!!!