Let’s Discuss The Aspinal Of London Lottie Bag!

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Let’s Discuss The Aspinal Of London Lottie Bag!

My friends! Today I thought it was the perfect time to discuss the beautiful and iconic Aspinal of London, Lottie handbag. I have had this bag for a few years now and whilst I use it less than I would like to… hello commuter life! It’s still a bag I absolute adore, I mean, will you take a look at that dreamy metallic fabric? It’s just stunning! Today we are going to get into how to where, where to wear, design options, price and so much more!!! Make yourself a cup of tea and let’s discuss the Aspinal of London Lottie bag!

Design Options

The Aspinal of london Lottie bag comes in three sizes, classic, micro (which I have) and a large size. There is also a waist bag, which convertible into a micro Lottie bag, which is really cool, I wouldn’t normally recommend a waist bag as they are such a trend, but because this one is a regular micro lottie with a little conversion to make it into a belt, it’s quite a fun option. But that’s just my opinion! The Lottie bags are sold every season but they do vary in fabrics and colours, this season there is a stunning rose gold metallic leather which I adore! And there’s an adorable quilted mustard velvet which is SO CUTE and currently on sale! So it’s always worth checking back to see what they release each season.

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What Fits Inside The Aspinal of London Lottie Bag?

As I mentioned, the Lottie bag comes in three sizes, but I can only really comment on what fits in my micro Lottie bag. Personally I can fit a small compact camera, card holder, phone, lipstick and keys inside. Perfect for a lunch date or night out! The Lottie micro bag measures 4.5 inches tall by 7.5 inches wide.  Lordy! I LOVE this bag!

Two Ways To Wear

The genius of the Lottie bag is that it can be worn with the strap doubled over so it sits under your arm, just above waist height, or you can wear it as a shoulder bag. With just the single chain strap. It’s beautiful either way, but it’s SO nice to have options! Also there are similarities with the Mulberry Lily bag, but in my opinion, I find the Lily quite heavy because of all the bulky hardware, so by the time you put your bits ‘n’ bobs in and hang it off your shoulder on a single chain strap, the Lily isn’t that comfortable to wear. Where as the Aspinal of London Lottie bag doesn’t have such bulky hardware so I find it a lot more comfortable to carry because of the weight, especially in comparison to the Lily. If I’m honest, I’ve also had some really bad experiences with Mulberry customer service on a bag which broke and I no longer trust their quality. But that’s a story for another day!

aspinal of london lottie handbag lizard

Lottie Bag Price

The Aspinal of London Lottie Bags in this smaller size are generally around £450, however there are season colours and fabrics currently on sale for around £200 which is an absolute steal, I personally love the mustard velvet Lottie, which is in the sale! It’s a dream! As for the larger size Lottie bags, they are around the £450 and then the bigger Lottie’s are around £650. But again, look out for them on sale, as you might find yourself a sweet deal! I REALLY love this Lottie which is on sale!

Quality: Is Aspinal Of London A Luxury Brand?

Anyway! Let’s talk about the Aspinal of London Lottie bag quality! So this is a tricky one because I have the iridescent lizard effect, which is not your standard leather and possibly fragile then the pebble leather. However, I find my Lottie flawless quality! I adore the lizard effect, the shimmer is perfection, also I have worn it a fair bit and it still looks great, I am careful with it, but it’s showing no sign of damage!

The hardware is a nice subtle size which keeps the weight of the bag down, but it’s still got a lovely weight and hi-shine finish. The stitching is perfect, the lining is beautiful (grosgrain style cloth) and generally the entire look and feel of the bag is really premium. Aspinal of london are a fairly new brand and people often ask if they are a luxury brand and I say yes! Of course! They use premium leathers, make most of their bags in Italy (feel free to check your individual style before purchase as manufacturers can always change or vary between styles) and quality wise they are on a par with every other luxury brand. So yes! They are a luxury brand! Oh and the Lottie bag is presented in a soft felt dust bag and branded Aspinal of London box.

aspinal of london handbag shoulder bag lizard


The Aspinal of London Lottie bag can be personalised on the shield shaped leather of the clasp. I chose not to get mine monogrammed as I felt there was already a LOT going on with my bag thanks to the leather effect, but if you want to get yours done, you can add up to two initials in gold lettering for £15.

Final thoughts….

The Aspinal of London Lottie bag is a classic luxury flap bag which won’t go amiss in any wardrobe! I love the two ways to wear, the price is reasonable and I love the seasonal colour ways. Whilst the price is fair full price, there is often an amazing bargain to be had at the end of a sale, so I would worth keeping an eye out for the sales (there’s one on right now!) however, as ever, if the black pebble is your dream, then don’t buy an orange lizard just because it’s on sale!

Want to save money and hear about new products?

However, it might be worth signing up to the mailing list as they do occasionally send flash discounts or offers to mailing list subscribers! But even without a sneaky discount, the Aspinal of London Lottie bag is still an absolute joy and worthy of your wardrobe space, I just always want to save you money and give you hints and tips where I can!

Go Shopping!

I hope this Aspinal of London Lottie bag review is of help! I absolutely love this bag and I’m sooooo pleased to share it with you all! Also this post contains affiliate links. It also might be worth reading this post which is an Aspinal of London Madison bag review and this post, which is an Aspinal of London Mayfair bag review.